Top 20 Upcoming PS Vita Games 2016/2017 (Best PS Vita Games)

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“Back to the vita boys you playstation gamers. Now it s no secret that the the ps vita is without a doubt one of the best consoles to ever freaking with a library of games. So big. If you stack them up near a small child you might scare the poor lad now that library just keeps getting bigger as years roll by with hundreds of new games plan to release today.

Though we re just gonna be taking a look at some of the best in no particular order explore these titles just a little bit so you know what you re getting yourself into. And hey. By the end of this if even a few people pick up a new vita game in 2016. Then by golly gee whiz.

Good sir my work is done here before we get started make sure to enter our massive giveaway of two glacier white playstation vita s and five odd world playstation. 4. And playstation vita codes just click that subscribe button and leave a comment below to be entered once again just click that subscribe button and leave a comment below. Now let s check out the 20s vita games.

You should look forward to in 2016 and 2017 now. I assume that most of your teenagers obsessed with animate to the point of insanity. But don t worry we all have our strange addictions and i have your back with this new upcoming game hats e miku. Project diva x.

It s a very creative looking and fast paced rhythm game created by sega and crypton future media. The game will be released around march 24th. 2016. In japan with a western release coming soon shortly after if you liked any of the music by hatsune miku.

I would definitely suggest picking this one up god eater to rage burst places itself in a game genre similar to monster hunter where you fight giant monsters with transforming weapons and the game includes more customization than a barbie dreamhouse does when it s given to a mentally unstable. Four year old this game is essentially an hd remaster of the old psp title. We all know and love. But with a few added in changes with a better support and control for the vita the game launches very soon on august 30th.

2016. Attack on titan is fairly self explanatory as the gameplay is essentially described in the title. You move around the world in search of giant human like creatures that are destroying cities and eating people. It s your job to take down.

These giant beasts and be the hero while humanity tries his best to stay safe with giant walls around the city your help is still greatly needed if you ve seen the show..

This is a must buy the game releases sometime in august 2016. With the world of dragon quest known as a lifeguard you play as the hero who is tasked at rebuilding the world after it is ravaged by the evil dragon lord if you loved the dragon quest series and games such as minecraft then you ll absolutely love this title the game will be released october 2016. If you ve ever played a final fantasy game or you re completely new to the series. Either way this should be a great game to hop into as it offers encounters with familiar characters from past games.

Will the final fantasy tries to bring in younger players here. While still being an awesome game for veterans. The fact that a new final fantasy game is coming out on the ps vita is a huge deal for owners of the console. Will see the new title in people s hands around october 2016.

During its worldwide. Release. While you ve probably heard the name minecraft before as it s one of the most known titles in the gaming world telltale has made quite the interesting attempt at making a story in the minecraft universe. With very positive feedback from the community as the game has been out for a while on pc and home console.

If you ve been a minecraft lover for a while this might be a great experience to get immersed in the world once again the game will be released sometime in 2016 borderlands 2. Is one of my favorite games of all time but the story doesn t end. There. As telltale has created a whole new ahem spinoff storyline under the license of gearbox software.

Well you play as a brand new protagonist. If you want to feel immersed in borderlands. Again. But you want a more casual experience than this is a game.

I would definitely recommend the game will come out in 2016. This game revolves around you helping seven delinquents break away from their seven deadly sins you battle through a place called the hellfire while learning about each other discovering which sin. They represent and how you can upgrade them for battle. The game is a bit strange.

But it s quirky fun and i m sure a lot of you guys will enjoy. It the title will be launching in north america september 20th. 2016. So online is an amazing popular television show that was later turned into a game.

If you ve ever seen this series..

Then you know that it s about the protagonist kirito who finds himself trapped inside the video game world having to battle giant monsters alongside his friends if you wanted something to get invested in this is a fantastic way to start the game comes out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. Do kidding is another hunter style game. But this time it expands and competes with other titles in a genre by being open world. It ll have you running around the map.

Aimlessly running for things to kill while falling on your face. But don t worry if you do hurt yourself or accidentally injure a bunny. It s just a game. Don t feel too bad.

This will be great for the vita as it can always use another open world title and the graphics. Don t look too far off from its console counterpart considering how much more powerful the ps4 is to get into will be available sometime in 2016. Aki buzzbee is a sequel to the popular game a cubist rip undead and undressed if you played the previous rpgs that you should know the general feel of the game as in the last title. You would roam around a vast city fighting off the undead.

This will be yet another adventure for you to enjoy the game will be coming out a little while after its japanese release of october 13th. 2016. Norville is teaming up with telltale to make a brand new game revolving around the comic universe of superheroes. Only know so far is that the game should be on par with telltale s previous titles.

And that marvel isn t going to be coming out with anything half baked the game comes out sometime in 2017. The longest five minutes begins with battling the demon king. The player forgets all their memories up to that point then they have were stations with various allies. As you fight this beast trying to figure out how the player ended up where they were in this new approach on an adventure game.

If this sounds like something you d be interested in this game comes out sometime in 2017 berserk. Is about testing the values of humanity. Whether or not humans are good or evil. Is something that the game explores with its main character s name guts and griffith.

The game is very graphic. Though so make sure you re old enough to buy this game in the fall of 2016 when it comes out i don t encourage you kids to do this. But when i was younger. I may or may not have been the fourteen year old at gamestop that just always happened to be a teen moving on moon hunters is an adventure game based around solving puzzles.

Mysteries and things from ancient times..

The pixel art style to this game will have most people captivated and with a randomly generated world there s no telling what s next another title coming 2016 with no confirmed release date. Yet hyper light drifter is an 8 bit style game similar to the legend of zelda. This was originally a kickstarter project that just happened to take up and. Succeed the project ended being funded over 600000.

Making it worth more than my existence and with that much dough. It became possible for the game to be worked on by more and more talented people the game will be hitting the ps vita on a later date. But so far the ps4 and pc. Editions have been shown much praised.

We should see a vita copy. Very soon in 2016. This 2d action role playing game has already been released on the ps4 and pc. But the vita version is still soon to come without a specific release date as of yet yes.

I know that was kind of the same story as the last game. But hey what are you gonna do and if you enjoy fast paced action combat. Then you should probably take up kung fu or something why are you watching this video. But if you also like those features in the game.

Then the world is filled with monstrous beasts in a cursed realm of forgotten. Cities and dungeons with an art style. So dope and fresh you ll probably do a double take psychopath mandatory happiness is a game based on a visual novel in a future where someone s personality trace and state of mind can be documented with technology everything that we see feel etc becomes managed by the governments. The game focuses around moral issues and understanding the criminal mind as everything is quantified in this world.

It s a very interesting game with a lot of depth. So if you re looking into something that you really want to dive into and this might be something to take a look at september 13th. 2016. If you re into platformers then shantae is one game.

I would instantly recommend as it is colorful fun and a total classic. You play as a girl with magical powers that help her traverse. Detailed and brilliantly designed levels. If you like something fun.

Upbeat and casual..

Then you should be excited for its release on september 27th. 2016. Near the isengard mountains you aim to save. Both your friends and your country in a terrible war that is happening you set out on a quest with the goal of finding thor s military academy.

So if you love adventurous games that get you invested this should be quite the compelling game for you check it out fall 2016. Now that was quite a few games. We just covered but before we leave today. I just wanted to talk to you guys about our sponsor unibind co limited is bringing you their newest s1 led lcd mind projector.

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You can connect your ps4 and instantly have a killer gaming experience on a hundred and thirty inch screen want to pick up one of these bad boys or learn more click that link in the description below well that has been the 20 upcoming ps vita games. You should be excited for in 2016 and 2017 have any questions make sure to message us in the comment section down below and follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the channel. But other than that thank you guys for watching. And until next time vita boys out yeah.

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