Perkins Potato Pancakes Recipe: Chef’s Tips

Are you worried about the menu for every meal? Are you looking for a dish with many nutritious ingredients that is quick and straightforward to make? 

If you struggle with the questions above, don’t be too upset. In today’s article, we will introduce you to Perkins Potato Pancakes Recipe with quick and time-saving steps. 

About Perkins Potato Pancakes

Perkins potato pancakes are pretty famous in food streets. The cake is made from milk, spices, potatoes, and flour, so it has a fatty but not too rich taste. 

It is the smartest choice if you don’t know what to choose for breakfast. The time and method are pretty simple, so you can make it yourself home instead of buying it directly at the store. 

Potato pancakes are famous because they are combined with many other accompanying dishes such as apple sauce, sausages, cheese, salads, or bacon. 

With a simple pancake pattern, we created many different flavors to entertain the whole week. Cakes will be gluten-free if you buy flours that don’t have that ingredient. 

So, depending on your health status, you will choose the right type of flour for cooking. 

The amount of nutrients that Perkins Potato Pancakes provides is similar to that of a chocolate cake because it has different ingredients. 

However, chocolate contains chocolate, so the energy loaded into the body will be slightly more than potato pancakes but not too significant. 

Detailed Perkins Potato Pancakes Recipes

As mentioned above, Perkins Potato Pancakes are simple cakes that are easy to make. The ingredients that make them are not fussy, and you can find them at any supermarket or convenience store. 


  • Two beaten eggs, yolks, and whites
  • Fresh milk
  • One bowl of all-purpose flour 
  • Three tablespoons butter
  • Seasoning: pepper and salt to taste (don’t add too much). Herb is okay or not because you will be eating it with sauce or bacon, so it is not necessary. 
  • Two cups of mashed potatoes. 

 Preparation Step

  • Mix dry ingredients (except butter) and eggs.
  • Next, pour the milk into the frothy mixture (the milk needs to be hot to dissolve the ingredients into a paste)
  • Melt the butter in the pan 
  • You should add oil and butter each time you pour the cake into the pan before because this step will help the cake not stick to the pan and not dry.
  • Bake for 2-3 minutes until both sides are golden brown.
  • Place the cake on a plate and add other toppings according to your preference. 

   Tips and tricks

  • Potatoes need to be mashed very well so that when eaten, they are soft and melt in your mouth.
  • It will take about 1 minute to warm up the milk. This process is essential for everything to come together. Cold milk does not affect dissolving the ingredients. 
  • Potato pancakes are thick, so don’t add too much milk to loosen the mixture.
  • Soup at the right time, and avoid turning the cake 3-4 times 
  • Tasty, quality flour is the first step to creating an attractive dish. 
  • Store the cake in the refrigerator for a few days; it needs to be reheated before eating.
  • Sauce and salad are accompanying foods to help potato pancakes not be boring.
  • Cooking requires a lot of oil, so use good quality and healthy fat like olive oil

How to make Perkins Potato Pancakes more attractive?

If the above steps are the standard process for creating Perkins Potato Pancakes, below we will suggest some small but highly effective changes

  • Dried herbs are not only beautiful colors for cakes. but also has an appealing aroma
  • Overcooked minced or minced meat can be mixed with the mixture.
  • The more cheese, the fatter the cake. 
  • For those on a diet, replace all-purpose flour with rye flour or gluten-free flour.

Can you freeze the cake?

Freezing cakes is perfectly reasonable when you cook too much, leading to excess. Stack the cake samples on top of each other and freeze for 2 hours. 

They will then be wrapped in plastic or sealed bags and frozen in the freezer for up to 2 months. Because this is cooked food, the shelf life in the freezer is not as high as that of fresh food. 

The specified time and reheat 2-4 or longer depending on the degree of freezing of the dish. 

Storage Tip

Although it can be kept in the freezer for up to 2 months, it’s only valid if you store it properly. Matters need attention if you want to preserve the cake for a long time

  • Please wait for the cake to cool before putting it in the freezer.
  • Limit exposure to hot and humid places. 
  • Storing in the freezer is better than the refrigerator when it needs to be available for a long time. 

How to flip the cake?

Unlike Brenda Gantt Biscuit, you need to bake and use gloves to take it out; Perkins Potato Pancakes requires the cook to have meticulous and professional when turning the wheel. The surface of the cake is relatively flat on the pan, so it isn’t easy to turn over quickly in large-sized cakes. 

  • Pan

Using a pan is a quick and convenient option for seasoned and professional cooks. Rotate the pan for the cake to move, and you need to use a chopstick or fork to pull the cake up to check it’s golden brown. 

Then, flip the pan for the cake to rise and let the surface of the cake just be suspended on top. 

  • Spoon

 When just learning to make a cake, don’t try flipping it with a pan because it’s easy to splatter. Use a spoon with a fork or chopsticks to turn the cake over. 


Ingredients Substitute ingredients will undoubtedly produce a different taste from the original. But it would help if you tried to experience the good or bad and learn for the next time. Please follow our instructions when you are too urgent or short on time.

 If you have extra days, you can replace the ingredients with ingredients available at home and try to make them. Adding honey and cheese or replacing milk with water is also a good idea. 

How to keep the cake from breaking?

Although making the cake is relatively easy, it will be difficult for beginners when the ingredients are mixed, and the potatoes fall off when cooking. However, don’t worry, we’ve got the best solution for you.

  • Add more than 2 eggs if the ingredients are still not connected.
  • Leave in the fridge for a while before molding.
  • Replacing eggs with flour is also one of the ways to create cohesion.

Side dishes

Enjoyers love potato pancakes because of their diverse combinations. With any of the ingredients, you can quickly produce excellent finished products with different unique flavors

  • The level is the choice when you don’t want to eat meat-related foods 
  • Covered with sauce (chocolate sauce, strawberry, all American) on top of the cake, enjoy a cup of hot tea.
  • Sliced ​​ripe bananas and sauce are a popular way to eat potato pancakes in culinary villages
  • Bacon or sausage is an accompaniment that brings many nutrients and gives enough energy for a long day of activities. 
  • Sprinkle sugar on top of Perkins Potato Pancakes is also a perfect combination you should try. 


Potato pancakes are a meal suitable for all ages because they are easy and quick to make. Besides, they bring a high nutritional content for humans with the above ingredients. With the information from the article, we believe you have a better understanding of Perkins Potato Pancakes Recipe and unique recipes.

There is nothing better than receiving positive feedback about your baking process. 

Hope today’s knowledge helps your daily life. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.

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