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Jimmy John's bread History

Bread is a quick, neat, and simple breakfast for students and working people. You can buy outside or make your own to ensure food safety and hygiene. In today’s article, we will share the famous bread from the Jimmy Johns brand called Jimmy Johns Bread and the recipe to make this perfect dish. 

Jimmy John’s bread History

Jimmy John’s bread is known as a famous bakery of Jimmy John’s restaurant. 

The ingredients and processing process make it popular and different from ordinary cakes. The main components of the cake include yeast, spices, and flour. 

Jimmy John's bread History
Jimmy John’s bread History

If you’re bored with hot pocket, you can try Jimmy John’s bread. In this type of cake, the way of eating is similar to a sandwich. At the shops, the cakes are always fresh from the oven and made in a French style.  

Jimmy John’s bread was born in the early 1990s, famous until now. 

Although it looks similar to a sandwich, Jimmy John’s bread has a more exotic taste. The bread is mainly for the jimmy johns restaurant chain, but if you want, you can still make it at home according to the recipe we will introduce in the next section. 

Bread dough

Many people wonder whether to choose all-purpose flour or original bread flour to make the crust. The answer to this question is that any powder you use is suitable. However, if you want your Jimmy John’s bread to look delicious, soft, and chewy, you use a combination of both types together. The finished product will be as good as you expect. Regarding the specific amount of powder, we will cover it below. 

Jimmy John’s Bread Recipe

If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious sandwich from Jimmy John’s, you know that their signature bread plays a crucial role in creating the perfect sandwich experience. The soft, chewy, and slightly crusty texture of their bread is what sets it apart. If you’ve been wondering how to recreate that same mouthwatering bread at home, you’re in luck! In this article, we will unveil the secret Jimmy John’s bread recipe, providing you with step-by-step instructions to achieve bakery-quality sandwich rolls in your own kitchen.


  • Two tablespoons salt
  • One cup of warm water 
  • Three cups of bread flour
  • Two tablespoons of yeast
  • Four tablespoons of sugar
  • One-third cup of oil
  • Three cups of all-purpose flour. 

Steps to follow

Step 1

Set the oven temperature to 400°F. You can either use the microwave or the oven, depending on what you have in your kitchen. 

Step 2

Pour the whole yeast into half a cup of water and a tablespoon of sugar. Stir the mixture and wait for about 5 minutes.

Step 3

Add the remaining ingredients to the stirring mixture. The chewy, delicious bread depends on how you knead the dough. So, try knitting by hand until the dough is fluffy and smooth. Note that the dough is still sticky to the touch, meaning it is unsatisfactory. 

Step 4

Wait for the dough to rise for 1 hour. Then continue to knead the dough for a few minutes and divide the dough into equal parts (12 parts), shaping the cake into a shape similar to the bread at the store.

Step 5

Line the baking sheet with foil. Place each piece of cake on a tray, avoiding overlap.

Step 6 

If you want the cake to have a more beautiful color, you should spread the beaten egg on the surface of the cake. If you keep the original color, do not add coloring ingredients to the top of the cake.

Step 7 

Bake for 18-20 minutes. Check regularly, so the cake doesn’t burn black. It can be served with bacon, cotton balls, or salad. 

How To Make Jimmy Johns Bootlegger Dishes?

To make jimmy johns bootlegger bread, you use the same ingredients as godfathers pizza, consisting of cheese, tomatoes, chicken breast, vegetables, and beef. Except for elements that can be eaten raw such as vegetables and tomatoes, the rest must be thoroughly cooked.

How To Make Jimmy Johns Bootlegger Dishes
How To Make Jimmy Johns Bootlegger Dishes

 You can melt cheese on the stove or in the microwave. Don’t worry too much about the execution time because the ingredients we offer are rapid to ripen, so you can be assured of being on time for your work. 

Is Jimmy John’s bread healthy?

According to research, each serving of Jimmy John’s bread includes nutritional ingredients such as protein, elevation enhancers, and gluten. 

The fiber comes from the accompanying food, and the protein comes from the flour. It will make you feel full and provide an energizing breakfast. Bread is perfect for those on a diet or maintaining weight because fat only accounts for 1g and 80 calories. 

Not only that, if you are afraid of heart-related problems or want to live a healthy way, jimmy John is the most suitable bread at the moment. 

The bread is cholesterol-free, dairy-free, and vegan, so it’s also an option for vegetarians. 

From the evidence of specific numbers, you can be assured of health safety when eating jimmy John’s bread. 

Shelf life 

Since the cake ingredients do not include preservatives and flour ingredients, the cake only has a shelf life of about 3-5 days. Each cake is relatively small, so we believe 3-5 days is enough for you to process all the cakes you make.

 If you leave it for longer than 1 to 2 days, you can still eat it, but the taste will not be good, and the safety will not be high. Sincere advice is to only eat during that time. 

How do store Jimmy John’s bread?

If you have leftover bread, you can use some storage tips to keep the bread food safe. There are 3 common ways to store 

  • Put in an airtight container and freeze in the freezer.
  • Store in a box or wrap in foil.

Because bread is mainly made from wheat flour, these methods prevent the cake from going stale and dry. As we said above, its shelf life only fluctuates in about 3-5 days, so whether you apply one of the three ways, you should eat before or during that time. Note to store in a cool, dry place instead of a humid area. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What kind of bread does Jimmy Johns use?

Jimmy John often uses French-style sandwiches and jimmy sandwiches for his chain of restaurants. 

Does Jimmy John’s make their bread?

To prevent recipe duplication, jimmy john made his bread according to the brand’s secret recipe. The cake is always in a hot state with the bacon filling, so you don’t have to worry about the cake being old or old. 

Can you buy day-old Jimmy John’s bread?

We can’t deny that Jimmy John’s bread is very expensive. However, they still have a good amount of stale bread. Customers who come to buy directly are usually served freshly baked bread, but if you want and need to buy it, they still sell you old bread. 

The price of the old one is much lower at only 50 cents. We don’t recommend buying stale cakes because the cakes get worse and the food safety is poor. Therefore, if possible, choose new cakes instead of cheap ones.

What is the 9-grain bread at Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John’s is gaining more and more customers when it comes to 9-grain bread made with rye, quinoa, saffron, oats, wheat, honey, and amaranth. From this perfect combination, 9-grain bread has been known and loved by many people. 

Does Jimmy John’s have gluten-free bread?

No, there is no bread that is gluten free at Jimmy John’s. But you can use their Unwich® (Lettuce Wrap) instead because it is extremely delicious.


A Jimmy John’s bread with meat, sausage, or vegetables is an excellent breakfast for a long active day. The ingredients and the way it works are pretty simple, so we hope you’ll give it a go when you’re done reading. With today’s article, we believe you already know how to make the jimmy johns bread recipe. 

I hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will try to answer as soon as possible. Above are the best and yummy recipes to make Jimmy John’s bread from https://bluevelvetrestaurant.com/. Thank you for reading and hope you have a nice meal.