Finally got the new Star Candy Globe treasure { Cookie Run }

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“Guys and welcome to free play today. We are playing a cookie run again. I i am determined to get the new treasure today. I think i m only gonna like i normally do one chest and then i m gonna have to use my mileage.

But i think this cross. We can get it i ve had no choice. But to use my mileage. But most of the recent treasures.

It s not looking good guys oh. No i think i m good do it that s such a shame. Ok we have to do it this way unfortunately. But at least.

We are gonna get that new treasure. Yes. The star candy globe ok now next. What we have to do is put it in a race.


I think i think i m gonna do a trophy race to test out our new salt cookie because i ve done him in the trials. But i haven t actually put him in a trophy race. Just to see how good he is so let s do that let s switch out lemon. Where is he okay here he is we will put i think we ll do lemon as our second cookie.

Okay. Where is lifesaver. He must have been up a little bit further oh. There he is let s get him in our treasures.

Okay. Now we need to put in our new treasure. Okay. There.

It is we re just gonna do a practice run. Though because i have a feeling that salt may not be back that great no time to talk. I m hearing gary s getting all those fish in his boy salt cookie is not leveled up. So it s kind of interesting to see how he goes we need people to get to at least a 30 million.


I think by the time we get to bonus time for him to be a decent cookie that s how i m gonna call at this time. I still haven t used any of my spirit potions on salt cookie. I ve really not put anything into this cookie at all he s an awesome cookie i really like him he scores on three these treasures quite interesting isn t it we have to fuller out studs around hopefully. It it s a good one.

And it gives us some good scholars. Okay here it is again see it sort of leads us through a path. It s nothing overly exciting bonus time okay 24 million. That s not bad like that s really not he s very low level.

But yeah i think it s quite low. I don t think i m going to waste any of my spirit potions leveling him up. I think i m going to save them for lemon and grapefruit at this stage and also for our new cookies. I think they ll save in brand new cookies it sounds like we have a few more to come.

I m not sure how well our treasures going i use a new cookie. So i haven t really been able to get the feel for if this treasure is a good treasure or not so i think i think my next video. I might test it out with my current lineup. Quite a few people have been requesting to see who i am currently you what my current setup is for the trophy race test.


It out with my my trophy race lineup okay look 40 million. He did pretty good i m super impressed his he is an awesome cookie i really do like salt cookie so i m super impressed with him i think we just got lemon and grapefruit. We just they re just smashing it at the moment guys they re just getting amazingly high scores. But how can you compete with that and the new treasurer isn t too bad.

It s nothing overly amazing visually. It s a nice change i m enjoying it okay we ve got our 50. Which is what we need to collect all our goodies from our new treasurer event. So that s awesome.

We ve gotten to that stage anything more is just a bonus from here on out. I m curious to hear what you guys think of the new treasurer is a good one or not i am going to test it with my current lineup next just to see how good or bad. It really is but what do you guys think do you like the new treasurer. I always like getting new things added to the game.

It s always exciting as core isn t great with this combination. Unfortunately normally with well and truly reached about i like to say 80 million. By this stage. So quite a bit short of that.


But so is it quite a load cookie. So he did well to get that far okay 65. Million look not bad. I m happy.

Let s go and collect all our goodies from the events it looks like we re gonna have a few level ups of our new treasurer. Which is exciting stuff lots of things to collect here ok. Let s level these up excellent level for baddies. Awesome.

Let s open up some of that gotcha goodies. See what we ve got oh. We only have three incantations. But let s hope for our new treasure be nice to get it to level five.

We didn t that s a shame okay guys this has been another episode let me know what you guys think of the new treasure. I think i m gonna do another video with my current combination to test how good it really is don t forget to like and subscribe and i ll see you next time bye guys. ” ..


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