How to Slow Cook Ribs Oven 200 Degrees?

How to Slow Cook Ribs Oven 200 Degrees

Pork ribs are one of the tastiest dishes in the world and the pride and joy of meat lovers everywhere. So, knowing how to prepare this dish is bound to get you compliments from your friends and neighbors. 

Pork ribs are versatile and can be prepared in various ways, whether outdoors on a grill or indoors in an oven. Hence, this article lays out the oven method that works like a charm and is significantly less strenuous. 

So, keep reading this article to learn how to slow cook ribs oven 200 degrees?

Advantages of Slow-Cooked Ribs

The more time-consuming the dish is, the tastier and more flavorful it will be. This principle especially applies to pork ribs, whether baby back ribs or St. Louis cut ribs.

How to Slow Cook Ribs Oven 200 Degrees

Different cooking styles bring out different flavors. And if you want the meat to have that perfect blend of all the cooked spices, you added to it; slow cooking is the key. 

Aside from the all-important flavor, slow cooking also ensures that the meat is softened and is easier to consume. In addition, it breaks down the tougher tissue, making the meat tender. 

Extra cooking enables the meat to absorb the sauces and become juicier, more delicious, and slightly crispy. It makes pork ribs a dish fit for a royal feast.  

How Can You Slow Cook Ribs Oven 200 Degrees?

While ribs, in general, are delicacies, the recipe used plays a huge part in determining how mouthwatering it will be. Recipes differ in terms of the quantity and types of spices used, but most are the same.

So, here’s a recipe for slowing cook ribs in the oven at 200 degrees.

Prepare the Ribs

After purchasing the ribs, you can leave the skin on or peel it off, according to your preference. After you’ve made your choice, pat the ribs dry to move on to the next step. 

Spice Them Up

The spices used to coat the ribs before baking are essential for them to turn out right. Some common spice powders are paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, pepper, and salt. Besides, you can also use some cayenne or chili powder, depending on your general spice tolerance.  

Get Them Ready for Baking

The next step is the arrangement. Since you’re slow cooking the ribs in an oven, you must arrange them properly in a baking tray to prepare them for the cooking process. 

Line the baking tray with either foil or parchment paper for best results. Then, wrap the ribs and place them on the tray for cooking.

Put Them in the Oven After Preheating it to 200 Degrees

The oven does most of the work at this part of the process. So, ensure the oven is preheated to 200 degrees, and then slide the seasoned raw ribs into the baking tray. In this slow cooking process, the ribs usually require about eight hours in the oven to finally gain the desired texture and tenderness.

In some instances, the ribs might not be tender enough even after the stipulated eight cooking hours. And if that happens, you can continue to cook it while keeping an eye on the time and checking its status periodically every half hour to keep track.

Add Sauces for More Flavor

After the ribs are ready, you need to add the sauces. It will infuse the ribs with the flavor they need and ensure they don’t taste bland. The essential ingredients that you can use for the sauce mixture are BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and olive oil. 

The BBQ sauce comes in many flavors, including regular. Pick out the one you find most suitable according to your taste. 

The Worcestershire sauce adds a unique taste like the garlic, and the olive oil, if added with the BBQ sauce, renders some extra crispiness. You can also sprinkle some olive oil above the ribs at the end for a similar effect. 

Add the Final Touches

After you’ve slathered the sauce all over the cooked ribs, broiling is the next part of the process. Set your oven to the broil feature and put the sauce-covered ribs back in. Let it broil for 1-2 minutes to let the mixture soak into the cooked ribs. 

Do not leave the ribs unattended, as any extra broiling could end up burning the ribs and, consequently, all the hard work you’ve put in.    

How to Serve Pork Ribs After Slow-Cooking?

Ribs have a wide variety of garnishing and side dishes that go well with them. Salads are a favorite, with different types of salad and green vegetables served alongside the pork ribs. 

Certain fruits like apples and pineapples have also found a place on the cookout plate with the ribs. These fruits are slightly grilled to add some more flavor.

How to Serve Pork Ribs After Slow-Cooking

Potato salad is another well-known side dish that perfectly complements the spiciness of the ribs. Coleslaw can be another addition to your ribs, along with some garlic or regular toasted bread.   

Mac and cheese also function as a perfect side dish infusing the cheesy flavor with the tender ribs. Summer corn fritters or grilled corn with butter add crunchy zest to this delicious dish. 

Lesser-Known Tips to Enhance the Taste of Slow-Cooked Ribs

At their core, ribs are a tasty dish. However, with the different ways to prepare the dish floating around, many useful tips to make ribs more flavorful have come to light from all the recipes.

Remove the Skin of the Ribs 

While ribs can be eaten without the skin, removing the skin makes it softer and easier to consume. While keeping the rack side facing up, you need to put a blunt knife under the membrane and lift it slightly to pull it off the bone. Then, try to peel it off the ribs in one piece. 

Place the Ribs in the Oven the Right Way 

Keep the ribs upright, the meat side facing down and the bone side facing up, before wrapping it with the foil. It ensures that the meat remains moist and juicy while being cooked.

Ensure Spices are Dry Before Using Them for Marination

Another thing to remember is that the spices need to be dry when adding them to the ribs for marination before wrapping them and putting them in the oven. In short, it ensures a better flavor for your dish. 

Thaw Ribs Completely Before Cooking

To cook ribs stored in the freezer, you must ensure they are thawed completely before marinating them with spices. You can thaw them by putting them in some cold water if you want to, but do not make the mistake of microwaving them to melt them faster. 

Ensure the Ribs are Fully Cooked

Ensure that the ribs are cooked on all sides. If you don’t want to wrap the ribs themselves in foil, you can always place them in a baking dish and cover the whole thing with aluminum foil. 

Remove the Ribs When They are Ready

Remove the ribs from the oven when satisfied with their tenderness and texture. Some people prefer slightly firm, while others want their ribs to be so tender that they fall apart while being eaten and easily peel off the bone.

End Words

Pork ribs may be a slightly tedious dish to make, but the end product is always worth it. While it may be time-consuming to slow cook ribs oven 200 degrees, it ensures you get the ultimate taste sensation after your hard work.

Above are the best oven-baked ribs recipes from . Good luck and have a nice meal.