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“Why hello the trainers. Thank you for joining us today in this video. We re re going to be looking at some poke one of the strange. Awkward and rather variety or as we like to put it the top 10 dirtiest pokemon now i know some of you viewers have requested this specific top 10 in the past.

But i felt such a top 10 would be too childish and immature to do alone so today i m joined by my friend tony daddy. Who s your daddy youtube tony here joining in on this list because derby pokemon always have a special place in my heart nothing puts a smile on your face other than seeing a derpy pokemon wouldn t you agree no also when you ve done here be sure to pop by tony s channel. Where we cover another viewer requested topic being the top 5 hm slaves in pokemon. But with all that said.

This is our list of the top 10 dirtiest pokemon number 10 lick a tongue. Let s take some time to take a look at liquor tongues face. Now here s what i want you the viewer to do right now you make this exact face yourself by tilting your head up slightly and sticking your tongue out while making this face take a look at yourself in the mirror. And realize how much of a complete retard you look like now you might be saying what about licky licky.

Well you see this is the derpiest pokemon list and unlike liquor tongue licky licky looks like it could actually point out. Where kanto is if it was given a pokemon map. Lick. A tongue on the other hand looks like a complete moron.

Some people might think that liquor tongue looks cute when in reality. It just looks. Like one derpy motherfucker. Number.

9. Lotad okay. Let s face. It.


Lotad has got to be one of the dirtiest pokemon out there just look at it lotad has always had a special place in my heart. Because of the anime brock. Got his very own loads head. Which later on evolves into alambre and then into a looney colo.

But before all that lokai just had its moments to wear really show emotion. It just has the same face as a just instance here a very soul wandering. When you strike you down. Honda.

Number eight number eight gulpin and swalot these two are sharing spot for very similar reasons swalot looks like it wants to kiss you and gulpin looks like it wants to kiss you while at the same time not knowing where to kiss because his eyes are about as open as a chinese kung fu master or it s just related to brock somehow who is a chinese kung fu master gouken and so lobster penis of course come from their lips now you re probably wondering how you can get para puckers like them yourself well in order to do that all you need is a shot glass and no please not again number. 7 wobbuffet. You know we couldn t do this this about putting wobbuffet on it this guy has had that definition of der penises to pokemon johto. During his episode tricks of the trade where wobbuffet was introduced into the anime for the first time under ownership of another trainer named benny in the middle of the episode.

Jesse accidentally. Traits her lick a tongue for wobbuffet and that was the beginning of a beautiful world her penis ever since then wobbuffet has delivered us entertainment. Just by popping out of its pokemon at random times. Any anime not to mention i have my own wobbuffet gift folder that contains more than 100 plus gifts because i love it so much i may have a problem to this day.

I love wobbuffet and the laughter brings me every time. I see it and i hope. It never ends. Number.

6. Papa toad. Let s take a look at the first google image. When you search for the word dup well would you look at that a bit papa toad sounds derpy as well i d imagine it sounds just like elmo.


I believe the warts all over puffed his body add to the dur penis. I mean look how happy puppet. It is no one with what s that big should be this happy look at papa toes arms. They re not even arms their nubs yet papa toad keeps its derby smile now on the plus side pop toads can evolve into seismitoad who does have arms.

But the problem is it has to evolve into a seismitoad. I mean look how happy papa toad is despite not having arms and look how miserable. It is as a seismitoad. I can only imagine how miserable it must become upon evolving music music number.

Five karna vine out of all of james s pokemon dahlias own in the anime. I gotta give the dirt trophy to karna vine. Sorry victreebel and coughing. But karna vine takes.

The number five song on this list because of how its cries in the anime. As well as the physical appearance in general. I always love seeing carnevale and the enemy every time it would bite james on the head every time. He would call it out for battle.

And it was sad to hear that james had to leave it back at the rocket hq for the black and white series. It really didn t bug. Me that they had to do that but karna vine was always my favorite grass. They thought of james s pokemon hopefully we get to see that derpy face soon again number four psyduck as we all know psyduck is the original generation.

One meme with the most famous psyduck being missy s from the anime. But the main recent psychic is on the list is that face just look at it select may seem like a harmless innocent duck on the outside. But really. It s an all powerful merciless killer on the inside.


Able to use his psychic powers to control others to his will along with looking derpy. It also sounds pretty derpy as well here s your taco mister sounds like a loser number three slowpoke like psyduck slowpoke is known to be one of the dirtiest pokemon in existence have you seen the pokemon slowpoke song video music pokemon. Knows how dirty. It is and embraces.

It that s the beauty with slowpoke as well as his evolution slow barone slow king it may not be my favorite pokemon. But i gotta say seeing the face excuse me giggles every time. I see it music number two weeping bell. Weeping bellies.

It s oh my well as you can see from these images. It s quite apparent why weepinbell is so high on the list it looks like a bell plant simpsons hybrid. Wait a minute oh no no please god holy shit. We take a look at some definitions of the word derby.

We had water focus pokemon gu trending it seems to be slang for foolish or silly. We ve been dealt as about as oh. My god it all makes sense now the signs were always there. But i didn t see till now i can t believe after all this time.

I finally figured it out it s all led up to this moment. The reason for weeping bell s existence is music and finally i ll pick 40. Number one derby s pokemon of all time stunfisk stunfisk once it know how to get very on stunfisk well just get yourself some pancakes and some potato chips and draw sort mouths. And there is your very own stunfisk.

I mean look at it. This mod is absolutely adorable of how it is in the black and white anime as well as looking very damn stupid son fisk is also notable for being almost completely flat every quest on fisk s horizontal length to that of a pancake. You can see that stunfisk is actually flatter stunfisk also seems to be based on the famous stab. Which makes sense because the dab like stunfisk is fucking stupid.


Putting the pancake jokes aside just look at its face. It is the literal definition of the word dearth if you look in the dictionary its search of the word derp. You ll see this guy s picture next to it not really. But just looking at this guy puts a smile on my face.

While others may hate it this guy will always find a way to make it into my heart. What the funny you know i m starting to get hungry for some pancakes. Because of this want to go grab a bite and forget about this list. I m sorry tony i m far too mature to be talking about pancakes right now and for those reasons.

Stunfisk is our pick for the number one derpiest pokemon. So i hope you enjoyed this list that was dedicated to the pokemon of the derp variety. But for now tony now would like to bid you farewell and graciously thank you for joining us today. Now of course.

There could be more derpy pokemon introduced in pokemon sun and moon. But i highly doubt they ll be anywhere near the level of dirtiness compared to the pokemon on this list wait a minute. What s that of the phone. Please do be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed subscribe from what pokemon contact in the future.

And with all that being said. I m gonna get some packets by ah dude. These pinkies are the best am. I right yes.

I will say quite adequate does an adequate mean average adequate to mean satisfactory and that s what these pancakes are satisfactory well anyways how about we take these delicious pancakes over to my channel and take a look at some cool hmm slave pokemon today or do you mentioned your video at the beginning you obviously weren t listening dude suck my ” ..

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A lot of Pok mon designs split fans. Some are great, some are bad, and some to a lot of people are stupid……or should I say, derpy. Which is why Tony Daddi and I are counting down our picks for the top 10 derpiest Pok mon…….because who doesn t love derpy Pok mon am right?………Derp

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