How Many People Does a 6-inch Cake Feed? (8 and 10-inch)

What Are the Types of Cake Servings

The happiness of eating a cake, with all its rich and balanced flavors, is one of the most joyful moments. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, having a party, or attending a formal event, there is a cake for every occasion. 

What makes it even more delicious is sharing the cake with guests. The shape, size, flavor, cutting style, and serving size are the primary factors to consider while cutting the cake and feeding them to all your guests. 

So, if you’re wondering how many people does a 6-inch cake feed, keep reading this blog.

Standard Shapes and Sizes of Cakes

When you plan on adding it to the menu, there might be a lot of different preferences in cake shape and size for everyone. However, the two most common cake shapes are round and square. 

They are widely preferred everywhere, from weddings to birthdays. However, the preference is for a tiered cake with at least three tiers at weddings. Recently, more unique shapes have emerged, like cartoon character-themed or abstract-shaped cakes.

Standard Shapes and Sizes of Cakes

The standard sizes for these cakes are 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. These correspond to the diameter of the cakes. The size may vary according to the number of guests you want to serve on the occasion. 

For example, the most preferred cake for a small office event or a small birthday party would be a 6-inch one. As your guest list increases, your cake’s size will also increase.

Why is Selecting the Right Cake Shape and Size Important?

When buying a cake for an occasion, the primary focus for many would be on the flavor or tiers. But, often, people don’t prioritize the importance of selecting the proper size or shape. 

Sometimes, your estimate of the cake size and shape will work out. But the cake often has many leftovers or is not enough to serve all your guests. The amount needed to feed all your guests depends on these two factors.

You might wonder why focusing on size and shape is so important. Well, a square-shaped cake will have more servings than a round cake because there are a few extra inches in the former. 

For instance, it would be better to buy a 6-inch square cake, which would almost give 18 wedding servings, than a 6-inch round cake that would give 12 wedding servings. Isn’t it always better to have a few additional slices for a few extra guests?

What Are the Types of Cake Servings?

When deciding on a cake for any special occasion, you must try to choose the best cake that satisfies you and your guests. 

What Are the Types of Cake Servings

The serving proportions depend on the preference of each person. For example, some would like a good-sized serving, while some would prefer a minimal amount. But for bigger occasions like weddings, there are some standard styles and sizes for serving, as stated below.

#Based on style

There are two standard styles of serving. They are the traditional wedge style and the event style. The conventional wedge serving is mainly suitable for small get-togethers because this style of serving will have good-sized slices. 

Be it a cake of 6-inch or 10-inch; traditional style will be ideal, as long as you plan on being a generous host. The event style will have fewer-sized portions, perfect for a large cake and an extensive guest list.

#Based on size

Depending on the cake size, serving types can be divided into wedding and party servings. 

Wedding servings have good-sized portions and are usually eaten during the reception after the wedding. These servings are generally 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. 

However, the party serving is 1.5 inches and can sometimes be 1 inch, according to the number of guests. For example, a 6-inch petal cake will have 6 slices in party servings and 8 in wedding servings.

How Many People Does a 6-inch Cake Feed?

A 6-inch cake is ideal for personal enjoyment or a small group. Depending on the size of the serving and the shape of the cake, you can feed from 5 to 18 people. 

If the serving size is 1 inch wide, approximately 11 people can eat a 6-inch cake. When there are only a low number of guests, and you want to serve good-sized portions, then there’ll be 5-6 servings. Shapes also play an essential role here. 

When you order a 6-inch fruit cake instead of a sponge cake or ice-cream cake, it’s sure to give you more servings. Also, if you buy square 6-inch cakes, they’ll have more servings than round 6-inch cakes. 

A square 6-inch cake can have nearly 18 wedding servings, while a round 6-inch cake can only have up to 11 wedding servings. Of course, the serving size might again differ due to personal preference and the layers you add, but a 6-inch cake is delightful. 

A 6-inch heart-shaped cake can serve 8 people in party servings and 14 people in wedding servings. With a good-sized portion, each serving will be 2 inches wide and can serve up to 15 people. 

However, if you want a hexagonal 6-inch cake for any event, you can serve around 10 people with party servings and 12 guests with wedding servings. 

For an easier understanding of how different shaped 6-inch cakes can feed guests, refer to the table below!

Shape   Inches Party servings Wedding servings
  Square             6             12           18
  Round             6             12           12
  Hexagon             6             10           12
  Petal             6               6             8
  Heart             6               8           14

How Many People Does an 8 and 10-inch Cake Feed?

Anyone who loves cakes would accept that having a cake is a beautiful and soulful experience. The bigger the serving size, the more the servings. For many guests, an 8 or 10-inch cake would do the trick. 

However, the servings for these cakes also depend on their shape and slices’ size. So, below we have put forward the servings for an 8 and 10-inch cake.

#8-inch cakes

8-inch cakes can feed a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 32 people. If served in standard 1-inch wide portions, you can provide nearly 20 guests with an 8-inch round cake. 

When you give 2-inch wide good-sized portions, you can serve up to 14 guests. But if there are fewer guests, you can serve 8 people with 3-inch wide servings. 

If you want more servings than that, a square 8-inch cake will perfectly cater to your needs. When cut in event-style, you can feed nearly 32 people.

#10-inch cakes 

This cake is mainly preferred for large birthday parties and family get-togethers. 10-inch cakes can feed 12-50 people easily. If you want to serve the standard portion of 1 inch, you’ll be able to feed up to 39-40 people. 1.5-inch wide slices can serve 24 people. 

Nevertheless, if it’s going to be a small gathering of 12 people, you can have generous servings of 2.5-inches. But when catering to more than 45 guests, buy a 10-inch square cake. It can serve nearly 50 guests if served in 1-inch servings.

Wrap Up

Focusing on the servings and being conscious of the number of guests is crucial when you decide on a cake. Also, sizes and shapes significantly influence the number of servings. 

So, now that you know how many people does a 6-inch cake feed, it’ll be easier to buy a perfect cake for any event you’re planning to host.

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