Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset PS4/PC Setup & Showcase w/ MWR Gameplay

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“Are doing the unboxing for the new turtlebeach elite pros um. I got these for for christmas yesterday. So let s get right to this i got the headset and also got the audio controller. Which allows you to make settings for you know your game.

The mic boos. The monitor level and stuff like that just increases like the range. You know sound volume. Whether or not you want things to be louder or like quiet down tone.

It down and stuff like that so let s unbox this real quick ok guys so as you guys can see i got model more fabric master pulled up. But i have the headset right here and then i have the i guess. The mixer right here that s what i m going to refer to it as so what i ended up doing was i ended up sinking both my ps4 with my computer. So what you have to do for this is in the natak box.

It comes with all these wires and everything you have to plug up your headphone. Jack in here it goes in the first one as you guys can see. And then what happens is you just plug that right into your headset. This is a you there is a usb that goes in here use right into this headset.

It works fine alright guys so as you all could see i have this arm as i have the mixer standing up real quick. I took out the headphone jack or whatever i m going to show you guys the back of this thing alright. So as you guys can see from this more on the back right now. And i have this usb cable that goes all the way into my pc.

I ll show you guys this real quick. It s right over here goes right into the back of my pc. Hopefully you guys can see that there s a bunch of other like wires. But that s not what we re worrying about right now this one goes into the usb port into like you re you into your cpu.

Whatever you want to do or into your laptop. If you use a laptop after you guys put this into your cpu..

What you want to do is you want to take this audio cable and plug it into your ps4. So i m going to show you guys where i plugged it in at real quick okay so as you guys can see i have my ethernet cable right here that connects to like playstation plus xbox live and stuff hdmi cable. Which shows up on my on my monitor on the benq and then this is the audio cable that comes from the turtlebeach mixer or whatever. And then obviously the power supply.

So if you guys hopefully you guys can see that it s right here. It s in right next to it s like one slot over two slots over from the hdmi cable. I also have the xbox 360 and the xbox one if you guys want me to do a showing or a showcase of doing the turtlebeach mixer and headset for the xbox one. I will gladly do that for anybody that wants that oh yeah.

Because of that air stick right there right i really ended that game like that no though. Please. This is pretty nice go front alright guys as you saw in that last game play we i was using the turtle beach s and everything and so now i m gonna really give you guys i m gonna talk during it you know all that good stuff. But i had to say that these headphones you know i get a real clear sound out of them you know i can hear where people are a little bit better than the lessons.

And you know i can you know take my ps4 audio and kind of mesh. It with my pc audio so if you guys hear anything my bad. It s only because i have both of them synched up and all that stuff so i apologize for that but guys i really hope you all enjoy this commentary. And all this good stuff don t forget to drop a like and all that good stuff alright.

Let s get in this um okay that s okay text to confirm kills yeah double room play you own joke alright now you can look here just because i feel like there s some bible. Oh wish i figured there would be missed. It s okay you trying get in this slight spot recruit oh no no way dude. I was trying to get into like kind of on the side that reaction time was so late for me.

It s all good though we re about to get the shit back it s all two guys either what bows when we re going to kill me either one with anything so coffee. I definitely thought he was gonna be out there i thought i was gonna get shot from the dookie. I thought he laid down like right in the window. So a definite one player come on killing play right here here.

The real place. We can find find our find our frenemies..

You feel me cuz. I mean they are friendly music. We all like called you yeah. I like you too like ecology.

And so i like i like the form frenemies. Because you know they re my enemies. I enjoy people who like ball duty. So all right let s uh get yourself over one you get that skill right there for one away from our heli.

One away from i m healthy get off your knees time for the second clear. I need a new gun. Please move out my way. Sir i m gonna take his gun.

I ll take that certainly certainly certainly. 3 f. 3 f. 3.

All x get off me. Please you shouldn t be anybody. Oh. What why are they still spawning over here.

Oh i don t understand what i don t understand why they were so spawning over there because i definitely i definitely had like me and someone else over there from my team understand that but whatever it s all good. It s one aah aah aah from my mind at all. I m dad sideshow. Me.

Killcam yeah. See there s someone herbal car top house right there..

But it s that s all good. It s all good oh. No that was i was good shots by him. I was really nice.

It s all good oh no additional prompt you run. This way. We ran down the steps over here. Just kind of sit right here.

Oh. Why do i feel like swans flip mm are you online. That s helpful yeah every other skill hey give me a double kill i ll take that you re gonna take this real quick just because i ll most likely run out of ammo and i don t want that to happen so we re gonna take this m4a1. Hassle table.

Watching me. Hi. Goffe. Let s go baby.

Where are they all at you know what we got redoing. All the way running this way. We run up the stairs and hopefully we get some chills out of that air strike. There s one here right over.

Here cuz. I need one more okay i m over to hell you are double holly. I ll take that one don t see anybody oh shit. I ain t even seen him oh.

The hotel to kill and go this way that definitely don t want to be caught with somebody like up upstairs. Or anything like that up in this building up here over here for a sec..

How was that not hitting the house. What how was that not hitting the house. What what what what dude. My red dot was braids on him like i guess cuz.

I was in front of the plane it didn t hit him. But that was crazy bro you throw that over there. I m gonna run back this way cuz. I know there s people over here so talking shit.

I thought i thought so oh. What what was that bro holy shit. It s all good. This is a good gameplay.

I dig this the headsets real nice like it s actually a comfortable headset. It s not you know i don t think i didn t die well. I will take that i will take that whose guys really enjoyed this gameplay hopefully. The audio sounds really good and all that good stuff.

I just wanted to get a new video with the headphones and all that good stuff. So i hope everyone enjoyed it 33 in 7a confirms to tonight s can t deny that no pun intended. I hope everyone out there enjoys the rest of their day. I hope everyone had a fantastic christmas you haven t checked out the last vlog definitely to check that out follow me on twitter link is down the description below and youtube.

We will see you later ” ..

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