Total Drama World Tour – Episode 18 – Aftermath Aftermayhem

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“I just move i don t think i can do this it s a bitch bitch mom and dad are doing fine asked me what i wanted to be in total drama fanatics forget the aftermath. This is total drama after mayhem on your co host jeff and this is weird because bridge is supposed to meet me up here maybe. She s gonna surprise. Me makes sense this whole show is full of mega surprises.

But first no one s gonna get an allergic reaction to these nuts. It s the peanut gallery and get this parran obnoxious self centered brooding reporter blainley. It s finally roving yes. Blaine lee s off on a total drama tour to potential new franchise locations.

And she s meeting with one total drama superfan contest winner in each country stay tuned. Because apparently this super fan is blainley obsessed. Wow never thought i d say that take it away bridge. Where s my tofu angela here s a hint they eat a lot of red meat.

There you you re supposed to well. Said. Jeffy boy. What did you do at home.

No jeff how bridget left doesn t matter. What matters is that she did leave and i m officially back in my cohost seat. I thought you wanted out of your contract. So you could bail on this dork train.

Before my career. Is flushed down the bathroom confessional toilet of life huh turns out if the live show runs long. I don t get paid and if i try to leave the show for any reason other than being fired or accidentally killed on set by a falling light. I ll get sued come on come on nice almost makes me wish the producers had set me on the tour.

Instead of bridget. Almost the producer sent her away. Oh really okay on the show not so fast as far as my producers know you re standing by with our superfan right now in the frigid mountains of siberia. Siberia.

There was siberia. We ve got her on the pee come on it s all static. I m pretty sure that s a blizzard huge it this oh i just bridge it to the airport to shoot a special report slip. My passport and ticket into her purse and helped her on the plane right before takeoff.

Most racist urge to murder hey baby. You okay. Bridgie bear snap out of it..


I ve got a show to host a show should be buried under 10 feet of bear infested cyber land snow right now more like 20 jeff sorry you are a monster big called worst fridge. If you can hear me i will do everything in my power to get you back and get gone for those of you just joining us welcome to a fresh new installment of total drama. Aftermath and speaking of stars. I m your one and only host philately stacey andrews o halloran you re too kind now let s meet tonight s special guests.

He s brilliant witty and won t be the one to watch in the competition. If he weren t here no next he s the guy who flirted with danger aka courtney. Even though he s got a memory challenged girlfriend back home it s yes. I knew she d remember his name five bucks.

Thank you and our final loser earned herself two fun new nicknames this season. The boyfriend kisser and the new heather hello. Speaking of painful truth. It s time to kick things in the biscuits.

With a fresh installment of would it kill you to play along with me. It s time for me to announce our big surprise tonight. Total drama actor mass is holding the very first ever that s right our motley collection of total drama. Losers just got total drama.

Lucky cuz they re about to compete for a second shot at that million dollar prize. What do you say noah you ready to get back on the plane that s flying deathtrap full of psychos. No way five of you rejects are about to capture lightning in a bottle or in this case peanuts. In a cab.

Hey so duncan wow. Didn t see that coming. Most of your cans. Contain solely nuggets of continues loser dump aka peanuts.

But. 5. Contains something very special so crack them if you ve got them that s an insult the boxes leshawna s our first to get a second chance at the million one down four more chris s to go aka lindsay is in it to win it three to go of the bath is back interesting technique crawl on up here. Noah wait.

There s still one spot left. Who hasn t opened their can kid coma. Is our fifth and final challenger. Let s give him a hand seriously someone get him over here.

What would a fresh bunch of losers be without an injured one right tyler. Seems our frigate flunky bridget s alive and ready to report. So bridge last time you were this cold you made out with a pole and i bridge talk to me..


What does he want is he hot like poll hot that s not important right. Now is he no stay on point. There s got to be a way to get bridge back boyfriend. Did grab a brother sing.

Traditional russian song completely. Oh tell my superfan that i think. He s super fantastic brothers are you with me this ought to be a fait sealer. Hey.

I eat a lot of fiber when she wears a bigger one ooh frig great song choice for a blamele superfan einstein. If that s a siberian brown man bridget s doomed. Oh my girl is doomed thanks. To you you saying.

It not me. And whoever told him about the hair between my toes is going down you re gonna pay for this the gloves are off like way off wow take things seriously much she ll be fine dish someone s about to get another shot at the total drama million find out who next on total drama. One of these five total drama rejects is about to win our second chance challenge and go back into the big game for another shot at the million. So what is the challenge big total drama.

The board game board games. Very 1975. Luckily i don t want to play not so fast. It s in your contracts.

You really should speak with my new lawyer. Plus. This is no ordinary board game of the failures. That s you guys take turns rolling the dice and hop your way along the game board.

But roll carefully cuz. Some of the squares are booby trapped each square represents either a final seven player or one of the last five places. The total drama playing dump them every square has a mini challenge you ll have to complete before you can roll. Again fail.

And you re out of the running get past. This 12 square to face this guard and his final skill testing question first answer. Correctly wins you guys ready to play. Oh yeah.

I m ready to play play dirty. Should. N t you be commandeering..


A surfboard to siberia right about now great idea. But nope. But just had to get operation payback up and running before we dig into this wicked challenge cue. The clips kay man.

What s going on seems a certain host wannabe. Didn t get the memo about the greenroom cam being on 24 7. What no actually so without further ado. It s time for blaine lee s best moments.

My mom always said if you can fart and burp at the same time you have no soul. It s amazing. What editors can do with special effects and body devils. Hurry.

We re running late because of that bacon clip running late. What do you care. Oh no reason nope nope. None wait that s right that s in your contract.

And we don t finish on time you don t get paid no no we don t get paid hey either way back to the stupid game. You re up brainiac. Oh snap you get the only challenge. You have to gulp down to peppers and chase.

It with milk while you watch a clip pack of the top ten. Hilarious wipeouts and if you can avoid howling. So hard you send a fiery no shake out the old nostrils you re killing the game talk about taking a trip down memory lane take your time lindsay. But the comedy sink in time s up challenge here.

You go buddy give it a roll that s it take your time buddy ginger hello. Booby trap. Goodbye boob one less player means we can pick up the pace thanks nursemaid you can hit the gallery. I think there s an empty seat beside new heather impressive nursing remind me not to get sick around you alright up next is no other burden dog area 51.

Listen up soldier you have to dodge. Some carefully aimed lasers without breaking contact with the square. Or a pair of alien face huggers well not so much hug your face as they will squeeze the life out of it ready and i have to do this not if you want to die. Enjoy your face show ok leshawna your role australia oh man good luck with this one your challenge is to spar for a full round with a boxing kangaroo.

He s the king this one s you ginger biscuit leshawna. My brawling beauty don t worry i will avenge you okay looks like it s down to lid back roll with it your challenge is to create a haiku whatever that is it s a three line japanese poem with 17 syllables duh stop feeding him lines since this is the heather square your iq has to highlight one of heather s positive attributes. But she has no positive attribute..


It s impossible just take your time true. But not very positive way to go you re still in the running for a second chance at the mill. Let s go peeps quick like bunnies lindsey. You re up all you gotta.

Do is balance. Three of these. Swedish meatballs on your nose for a three second. What s my challenge.

It s already over and you re still in the game square. Okay quickly now use the sack. And capture. The intern.

Who was dressed like jack. The ripper drag him over to sergeant beefy here to get the skill testing question. Forty five seconds. Go awesome.

The satellite feeds up again. That s not true wounded palm beach. Soft headed animal lover. I don t think bridgie bear is going anywhere.

But bridge you can t stay what about the show. But load me you can t leave me with this thing bridge have i told you you re gonna make me pay. If it s the last thing you do well now eight karma that wasn t karma. It was bad aim.

Oh. No time. Wait the question. Oh what s the name of duncan s london based punk band come on pressuring me i m thinking come on beth just say it s dear schnitzel kickers.

Your schnitzel kickers. If the answer. It s a one way ticket to the total drama plane remember me out there with those losers forget it no one can make me go no one except maybe them they ll edit me into some kind of shrill ruth penny monster next time. We ll be coming to you live from our top secret finale location to give you a wicked sneak peek at all the carnage in store for our final.

Two. And it s gonna be brutal you guys right here on total ” ..

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