Sony DVD Recorder (DVDirect) VRD-MC6 Review

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“Is up you guys at the sam here and this is going to be my my last video of 2011 and i will finish 2011 off with a review of sony multifunction dvd recorder here we go here s the product right here under some light as you can see it is black. It is totally black and it can absorb fingerprints pretty well as you can see from use. Some fingerprints have been absorbed on it which is not a plus. If you re really into style of these products.

It has a small screen on here to view a preview of what you re recording on the left here we have an audio n video n. Dv n. And a usb port along with the power button to turn the device on or off on the left. We have a memory stick pro.


Sd sd. A memory stick pro duo slot. And an eject button to get to eject our disc. Once we are finished in the center here we have a return button arrow keys and an enter button and a stop button for when you for when you want to stop recording and of course in the center.

A big recording button with a bunch of thumb prints on the bottom of the device right here. We have the dvd slot right here. Which is where you put your dvd and to turn the device on you need to have it plugged into a wall. Which i have right here put this in the back of the device and press.


The power button when it starts up. We have a dvd right here and it tells us to insert a dvd now let s insert a dvd you want to press. This button right here and the cd rom pops out just like that that is where you will put your desk. This can take writable and rewritable dvds.

Once you re done close that and on the screen right here. Obviously. It says we have no dvd. So simply click return and on the device we have a video to dvd option photo to dvd dvd preview.


So the dvd preview is for after you are done recording what you have grabbed off of the tape or a memory card um. You can preview it on the small screen you have a avchd dumbing dubbing. My camera right is an abc hd and right here we have a setup. This is what we want to get into right here in the setup menu.

We have we have recording quality. We click on that we get these different recording qualities. We want to keep that on high quality auto. Stop timer.


We obviously want that off auto chapter five minutes. Dvd menu a i guess you can switch. Several of the different menus. But we ll cancel that because i want to keep my settings as they are we can have slideshow music on slideshow creation off finalizing this finalizing the disc erasing the desk system info auto shut off and demo color system and language and for the language options.

We have english for the united states english for great britain espanol french dutch italian netherlands russian. I m guessing and several and those are three different asian countries are here um. Some arab countries and that s it that is my review of the sony multifunction dvd recorder vrd mc6 thank you guys for watching i am sam signing ” ..


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