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“I m helen and in this english lesson. We are going to have a look look at the most common phrasal verbs in english. We re going to take four one is to figure out to fear out means to think about something which maybe you don t understand and finally to succeed in understanding. It you also can figure out somebody for example.

I cannot figure him out he behaves very strange or for example where is my key. I cannot figure out where i left it the next phrasal verb is come up with to come up with means to think about the solution or to think about some plan or title and finally to suggest it to somebody for example..

We have to come up with a solution for this problem or we ll think about the type and we will come up with it the next. One is to show up to show up means to appear in some place for example. Why didn t they show up at our wedding or i waited for him. But he didn t show up and the last phrasal verb is wrap up wrap up can mean to enclose an object in some paper.

It can wrap up a present with a gift paper for example. I want to i want to give this present to her and i like to wrap it up wrap up also means to dress in some warm clothes or to dress somebody in warm clothes for example..

It was so cold outside that we wrapped up really warm to wrap up also can mean to finish something such as and meet in our conference for example. Let s wrap up our meeting and go out for lunch or look. They are going to wrap up their conference and now let s do a short exercise. I ask you some questions and your task is to to these questions using the correct phrasal verbs.

Let s begin. The first question..

I can t understand where my wallet is what cannot i do i can t figure. It out bill didn t go to work last friday. What did bill do he didn t show up at work we re finishing the meeting and going out for lunch. What are we doing we are wrapping the meeting up it was really cold outside so we put on work clothes and went out what did we do we wrapped up warm and went out.

I want to suggest a great idea for this project. What do i want to do i want to come up with a great idea for this project..

So i hope you have figured out how to use all these phrasal verbs in english and can be confident in using them in your everyday life. Don t forget to subscribe to our channel and watch our free videos have a great day bye. ” ..


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