Opening Diamond Chests What did I get?? – Paladins

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“Is up ladies and gentlemen my name is creepers and i m here today with with another video for you guys and in today s video. I actually receive it those who don t know i did a easter egg hunt of paladins recently and i got the second place out of almost i don t know it was something between a hundred players to seven hundred players a lot of people actually gave up after after that and i can be honest that maybe. Twenty people were the ones who had the most eggs to have all eggs. I think it was long ago i probably four or five.

I m not entirely sure. But still i did get the second place and gets the second place actually gave me eight hundred crystals in a diamond chest. Which if i go here you can actually see that i have a chest here. Which is the diamond chest.

Who i can open. But i am gonna be doing something first since i do have 800 crystals and i know what you guys are probably saying together with the un hundred crystals. I had hey why don t you buy all the facts i will not buy all the facts for a very specific reason. I only need one crest to actually unlock the cutting shapes.

Which is something i really wanted for me and the rest itself the deaf world roxas in the bold word for strikes. It s not something i want and i want the jade priestess. Unfortunately. I don t have the money to actually just come here and buy everything and these at 800 crystals was actually free because i wanted something so.

What i m gonna be doing is i m gonna be buying only one of these skins and since i already have a skin for both sky and zen. I am gonna be buying the jade priestess bundle. Which i don t owned anything for saris. So let s buy this straight out of here right and we re gonna equip everything because i don t have anything at all she also has an mvp pose and we re gonna unlock the cutting shapes already confirm purchase and there we go we got one more mode.

And we got two diamond chests..

So let s cut that out and now let s go here into the champions. And let s right now cd cutting shapes. And there we go exactly what i want to thank you so much it s it s it s beautiful. It s just i like this emote.

Very much i don t know if people why some people don t like it. But i just love this and i bought the skin for saris. I didn t have the infernal or you know that the cuts. It called the divine skin.

So i only had like a cosmic skin and i didn t i didn t even have the madam so i now have finally your skin. Which is the jade priestess and i will be doing some gameplays with this can probably in the near future. It s a recent skin. So i can still do some videos with it have the helping hand in mode.

Which are a had before a girls green actually. It was before who actually went like purple. It was weird and now we have the operon which is really ira. I really like this i really like this now we have two diamond chests and just before we get really really fast yesterday.

I bought the only tallis just you guys know from the vip store just because it was one of the only skins. I ve been half for tallis and i also won in a giveaway brimstone drop. So we re getting a lot of skins for my collection here a lot of a lot of skins. This is actually pretty good this i don t know like i feel like the changes to patterns are weird.

But at the same time..

I m getting a ton of skins recently. Which is it s just beautiful. I like it pretty much so now. We re gonna be opening the two diamond chests and let s see what i get i m i m begging for something like pepper and probably willow these are the two probably skins.

I don t have so let s see what i get oh holy shoot. No way you guys are probably like what is it what is it i don t have a skin for widow for yang. Either. I had the the convention gang convention.

But this i always wanted to skin wow. Holy shh shoot can t say a bad word sorry guys. This is so beautiful i like this skin. I mean the carnival skin hasn t arrived here yet but this this is so cool nice.

I just need a name up for her now wow let s open the second chest. Now i m actually happy with us. I m actually happy with the first one. It s its second one are you kidding me right now wow wow really really you gotta be kidding me wow water yachts do skins for the same champion wow really and since i have to chew em outside on perhaps the king granted the wish granted.

But no it says i don t have it so okay. That s where. But i do have three wishes to go well with it i may not but i still like this one better somehow i still like the replicant. I don t know i mean maybe i ll start playing a little bit more yang actually played yang on my recent stream on the ob 69 pds and i loved it i loved it the earnest no legendaries pretty damn neat it s weird to actually use this spray with this so i ll just use maybe.

The slater hmm..

Let s just go with this. But yeah guys two skins for yang. It was like you either get a skin for yang or you don t get a skin for yang here how to you wow really i don t know like i feel happy about it with with this either way. I d i gotta be pretty honest.

I would feel so happy with a skin for you for willow. I don t have anything for willow and i m not gonna spend 400 crystals on it i might have just well test my luck on diamond chests. I like the skin. I don t i don t know i like the skin so much even the voice back is different and i love it i just love it just wish i could have it unfortunately.

I didn t i have skins for everybody. Except for lex for lakhs for yang here and anybody else i know i mean saris now has it and yang. Now has it so i got for everything so look. I have skins for everything.

Oh. No i don t have 4 4. Bit. Yet.

That s it yeah. So the only three that i wanted was pip willow and lex and to be honest. I don t play a lot of like so it doesn t really matter. But yeah guys that s all for the video today i hope you guys enjoyed i hope you guys to be honest like a turn.

I don t know what this thing..

I have a i have at least new skins. But uh do skins were the same champion. Wow. Why are the odds really i somehow i feel like it was a shame.

Yeah. I feel like i just wasted the time on chests. I feel like i should have waited and kept the diamond chests for when obi 70 came out some skins could be there. But still i m gonna keep these 600 crystals and i ll wait for the next event.

I think there s gonna be a pirate may event and that s why i want to wait out that s why i want to wanted to see if i can actually buy dad pack. I don t know if i have to abide them all but i think i have time enough to actually tell obi 670. When i don t know if the next event is coming or will be seventy. Okay don t don t understand me wrong well guys.

That s all for the video today. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have some diamond chest to open just like i did from the event skins. Good luck guys good luck on getting those skins. And i just hope you don t have to you don t get the same character skins at the same time that s actually pretty bad.

But yeah guys see you guys next time my name is creepers and i m signing out bye bye guys ” ..

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