Install Linux on Android TV Box amlogic s905x

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“Back guys. It s dawn here from nova spirit tech and today we will be be installing linux on one of these android tv boxes. So let s get started. The version that i have is called the me q.

Mas. Now it doesn t really matter what brand or what version you get it s actually the internals that really matter now i managed to pick one of these guys up from gearbest for 36. I ll leave a link in the description below this in particular has a barrel connector hdmi network port a headphone jack then two usbs. An sd card now the sd card is very important because we need to use that to install our linux.

Partition this default is built with android 71. But has probably the ugliest interface. I have ever seen. I don t know why they used internet explorer icon for browser meanwhile.

They are actually using chrome. It just bothers me a little what i mean by the internals of this guy..

This is actually using an m logic s. 905 x. Now. If you see my review on the cadiz.

Given to that actually uses the m logic s9. One to x. And then their prior version. Which is of them version one that one uses the 905 just like this now most devices or any other devices with different brands.

That uses the m logic. S. 905. X.

You should be able to use this same method to turn it in jewel in this method that we re using will not delete the android partition that s inside so basically you ll boot off the sd card. And when you don t have the sd card inside..

I ll boot right into em. So you still get to use android os alright. So let s get started with installing this guy first. We re gonna have to head over to this website.

Which i ll leave a link in the description below now download. The partition that you want whether it s being debian or ubuntu with the desktop without you know the server or not when you re done with that we need to extract the files and then load up petra now in hr. We would just load. The sd card.

Now that sticker has to be anything above 4 gigs once we load the sd card with this image. We stick the sd card into the device now in the device itself you should have going into the menus an app called update or update. And backup that s what we need to click as soon as you press that you want and use local storage in the local storage. You ll find this one file called a m.

Something i forgot what the exact name of it is but i am something that s the father you need to load. And that s the only file that you ll see don t you click on that just hit ok..

And it s gonna go through a little bit of process and two reboots about after two reboots. It s gonna start booting from the sd card now from the sd card. The first boot. It s not gonna get you into any menus or anything.

It s using arm in first thing. It s gonna ask you to do is login as root. So the root user is root obviously and the password is one two three four as soon as you log in it s gonna ask you to change a password right away once you re done with that it s gonna ask you to make a new user account. Which is fine because that s the main user you re gonna be logging in but so name it whatever you want to name it and then give it a password once you re done with that it s gonna automatically reboot load right into the ubuntu desktop if you got the desktop installed or the server installed and that s it that s installing linux on to this whole thing.

Now. There s some tricks and tips and stuff like that to get other stuff going now if you got a remote or the wi fi is not working there are ways to get it working now in my particular model wi fi was not working whatsoever and they didn t have the drivers baked into the kernel anything so i couldn t even get the wi fi working then bother me much because. I was gonna use the ethernet cable anyway so moving forward. I m going to leave a link to the forum.

What the troubleshooting steps are to get certain specific things working now if you have a remote you could just loading that this path. And you have a different screen resolution..

You could just modify a little line inside the hdmi that sh file. Now lastly. I started this whole new benchmarking thing that everybody likes i guess. Which is mining and i m pretty sure i already feel the comments you guys gonna ask me what is the mining speed on this guy mining magic on now i already installed the app loaded it up and on four cores.

It runs about thirteen point seven seven which is not that much faster than raspberry pi 3. So for 35 bucks 36 bucks you re getting more hash rate. It s a faster processor you re just losing out on you know the gpio pins and everything this is more like a desktop slash server. A micro server that you could use for your home well you guys enjoyed this video please hit that like button.

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