Here s What Really Went Wrong With CSI: Miami

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“Crime scene investigation was a cultural nphenomenon that redefined. The tv crime procedural for the the 21st century. The show s first spinoff csi miami. Resuscitated.

Nstar david caruso s and was still pulling in viewers. When it was abruptly cancelled nafter 10 seasons in 2012. And there s only one way to find out what nwent wrong ratings massacre. In the 2011 12.

Tv. Season..

Which would prove nto be its last year on the air csi miami ranked no 27. Out of all shows on broadcast ntv. Now that s pretty good but not so good for ncbs the most watched network. It also represented a steady decline for the nonce mighty crime drama in its debut season csi miami ranked no n11 and then spent four years in the top 10 before starting an annual ratings slide also not helping was its sunday night.

Timeslot ndespite a lead in from the good wife csi miami got killed in the ratings by nbc s sunday. Nnight football. Cashing out the longer a show stays on the air. The more ncontracts for all cast and crew members have to be renegotiated and re signed and various nunion laws require major pay raises for everyone involved sometimes.

It s worth the production company nand network s money. The big bang theory for example has a main cast..

That earns 1 nmillion per episode as it enters its tenth season. But that s the exception to the rule. Generally the longer a show airs their ratings ndecline just like csi miami. That means.

A network is paying more money nfor. A show fewer people watch. And it s just not cost effective fleeing. The scene speaking of being cost effective cbs has na long history of keeping shows on the air.

Because it s cheap to make them in pre existing nproduction facilities for example in. 1980 the hawaii set of magnum..

Npi made it to air in part because the network could use the studios and crew they d had nin the area for the production of the original hawaii five o since the 1960s in 2012. Cbs had a string of new york based ncop shows in production including csi. New york blue bloods and nyc. 22.

And wanted nto present them all in a single three hour block on friday nights. With those shows all produced in and around nnew york. There wasn t room in either the budget or the schedule for a show shot in nthe far off expensive city of miami or worse stiff competition at the same time it canceled csi miami cbs nrenewed. The other csi spinoff on the air at the time csi new york and csi miami had better overall ratings nthan its gotham based counterpart.

What gives well csi. New york had helped turn the little watched ntv wasteland of friday nights into a big draw for cbs..

It brought in fewer viewers than csi miami nbut for friday night it trailed only its lead out blue bloods in the ratings. So csi new york lived because it was a big nfish in a smaller pond while csi miami got lost in the shuffle. Thanks for watching subscribe to our youtube channel to watch. Nmore videos like the one you just saw.

” ..

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