Fix NZXT CAM Software Not Working

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“You guys good another video here for yet now if you use chem nzxt t. T. s software to monitor your computer temperatures and stuff like that and you re trouble installing it because it won t open then i m going to show you some steps you can take to try and get it working now on this particular computer. When i try to install it i don t get it to run.

Now. I ve tried the new version and the older versions and it s still not working. So we re going to do is go ahead and show you so we ve got the older version here i ll try and install that because this version was the stable version. Which was working for me previously before i upgraded to the new version now since installing this software.

I ve had trouble trying to get this to work it won t fire up so. I m gonna do here is install it here you can see it s gonna read install in the usual place and it will ask me to restart and when i restart it still won t fire up automatically so i m gonna restart by i m just gonna say no here for now and so i saved this video. And then i ll reboot the system. So i m just gonna stop the video and reboot now as you can see here.

I ve rebooted the system. And it s not fired up and it won t fire up for some reason and i ve tried uninstalling it and it s not working so i m going to show you what we can try to try and get this working on here so inside here inside. You ll see consider there s a shortcut here even if i click on this it doesn t work and inside. Here.

We have nzxt gonna go in here cam and you can see everything is installed properly and about what i try here to run it just doesn t run launcher. Now what i m gonna do here is a closest off and we re gonna use revo uninstaller to and install this so i ve got a portable version of revo uninstaller here so i m just gonna run. This and click ok. And you can see here down.

The bottom. The program is not running so it s not running at all so what we want to do here is look for cam..

And we want to uninstall this program. So you can see here we ve got uninstall. It s just going to create a restore point once the letters to remove remove and we ll do the rest. A little bit later so just letting out remove the program from there.

And we ll remove the rest from here after this has been removed. And this is a real known problem a lot of people suffering with this problem. I don t know why. But it s a real issue.

So i m gonna go no here and i m gonna go into advanced and go scan. And you can see here now. We found a load of stuff here. So this is what i want to do is i want to definitely remove all of this stuff.

And you can see here. It s gone right through and found a load of goodies in here that we want to remove from that system. So we can go delete there we go. And also what we want to do here is remove any of this stuff here push delete okay so it s gonna delete this on the next.

Reboot just try that once more just to make sure okay so during the next restart. These will be deleted and click finish okay. So what i m going to do now is just gonna reboot the system got to come out of here just gonna try one more area. Here.

I m going to remove this as all as well inside. Here..

System32 and we re going to come down here make sure we re looking for tasks and make sure we find that there we go and you can see cam inside here. I m going to remove that also and then what we re going to do is just quickly reboot. So i m going to save this video and reboot. The system now if you having trouble.

Installing programs or removing programs. You can use this at all from microsoft it fixes problems that s blocked programs from installing or removing them. So you can use this and it s a simple case of just downloading this and then running it it s pretty straightforward okay. But i m not having that issue.

But all you need to do is click advanced and click next. And it will skip search for what you re doing if you re having trouble uninstalling or installing you can click on this and it will then detect problems you can select your program. That you re having problems. With and try to fix that issue now also i did run avoid.

Tools which is everything and search the system for. Cam which is c am. And also nzxt and there s nothing left on the system with that so i think revo has got all those removed next up. I m going to try to install the software.

So let s go ahead and install that so i m gonna go ahead and try to install the new version here i m gonna close this off click ok click next accept go next. I don t wanna sign up for their beta updates and we re gonna go in here and next install and hopefully. This is a resolve the issue ok click finish. And what i need to do now is reboot.

The system and we ll go ahead and try that so let me go ahead and reboot the system okay so i ve rebooted the computer. And what i m gonna do here is go into the c drive..

Here and we re gonna look for a txt cam and we ll see if we can fire this up. So. I m going to go here. See if these fires up yep.

There we go so we ve got this going so. We re gonna go into gas mode. Here don t show this again continuing guest mode and voila. We have it working.

So what we do now is now we ve got this running where as we couldn t get it running before we ve now put it running and that s because we ve removed every trace of this inside the registry and everything else like that so that s what you re gonna have to do search route. If you still want to make sure you can always open up reg edit. Here and open up the registry editor. If you are still having any issues and you want to go through the whole registry.

Okay and make. Sure there s nothing left. Inside. Here and you can go find c am.

Like so and search. And you can see it will find it and also you want to do a find and in nz xd. And then you do that and just keep pushing f free to go through and so it finds all of them and delete them you may want to backup your registry by exporting the registry and make it a backup if that s what you want to do i would avoid you to make a backup in your registry. Just to make sure in case.

Something goes wrong that that s the way you can do that so what you can do here. I m just gonna quickly click next here we can see all this stuff drive in and you can see i ve now got the latest version running fine here and you can update and this should work now and you can see we ve got our temperatures working just fine okay so we ll just take a look now we ve rebooted..

It s my firewall and we should have this loading up automatically now and that should do it there we go and we ve got it loading chem and we re in guest mode. And that should load up just fine. There we have it and if you want this version let me know and i ll put this version in a download link so. You can download it but basically you can see here working just fine load it up nicely.

And that s how you can resolve the issue. Where this don t open. And it s a lot of people that are suffering with this. So if it is then share.

The video link let them see it and hopefully they can resolve their problems. Just like i have anyway. Thanks again for watching guys hope this one helps you my name is brian from bright tech. Computer code.

Ok. Thanks again for watching and thanks be continued support don t forget to hit that subscribe button. And i ll see you again for another video real soon bye for now. Now.

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