#190 "Aromatisse Is a GOD" Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire [ORAS Wifi Battle Spot

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“Sand isles and i one shiny. Yeah. Oh. My god i was i was lining lining that up to just say and every single one of them has been regular nope.

There it is on the field 500 sand isles 553 total encounters later three days three streams later finally finally finally we have our shiny yellow sand isle on the field. There we go okay now next step paris act they re gonna start they re gonna start them far. Going and swaggering those are going to be terrible. Okay.

No wait. Oh god wait. I didn t think this through crunch. Is good mud slap.

Is good okay. We re good. We re good. We re good um.

What do i do first kill the one the writer paralyzed on the left. I m going to kill the one on the right first kill wait. I m not confused and i owe a good accuracies down one stage. But i think we ll be okay x.

Scissor. Non shiny got it okay. Now we re just praying that the shiny one does not call. We do not want it to call a friend don t call don t call don t call yes stun spore.

Shiny sandile yes. Yes. There we go all right. I m comfortable now.

I was a little bit uncomfortable before for those of you who have never done a sandile sos hunt. This hunt is extremely fragile because the sand isles won t swagger you they will swagger each other so before this stage. Where i now have my sandile paralyzed and there s nobody else in the field uncomfortable. But before that my caller sand.

I ve put up swaggered the tiny one so it s a little bit uncomfortable. But now with the paralyzed and nobody else in the field. I am very comfortable. I m to fall swipe it do that real quick yes and i m predicting a one ball catch here one luxury ball done ready luxury ball go stay in there yep yo one more there it is one ball just like i said shiny yellow sand isle in my luxury ball finally man this hunt was a brutal this hunt was brutal.


It was i did make a lot better with my new strategy imprisoning swagger and embargo. But it is still a rather rough hunt and i m very very happy it is over there it is my gorgeous yellow sand isle let s go into a computer and see we got here we re off let s see what we got our brand new yellow shiny sandile is docile it has the ability moxie and it s ivs are pretty damn good we got our four ivs and attack defense speed and special defense pretty good special attack and pretty good hp overall. I d say there is a pretty good sandile. But we are not done yet.

We ve got to evolve. This thing. There it is folks the shiny sand dial that we just caught a moment ago. But we are not stopping here we are going to ball this sucker into a beautiful croco rock let s check it out give me that sweet sweet croc.

There it is i love the blue. My favorite part has got to be the blue stripes. I really really like that also one of the ones. That is complemented by the background after the evolution.

There it is after catching our shiny sandal after eight not a large number but a large amount of time five hundred and fifty three encounters we got it and evolved it into this beautiful shiny croc rock. There he is a gorgeous new shiny to add to the collection er 200. So hex is preferable in this case. That s interesting okay so now.

We know boys will get the thunderbolt off ooh. I don t think i could take another one but we do disable it so if you are choice. If you are maybe specs which i don t know not likely judge judging by the damage. Oh.

That s it that s a crit wow. And okay now we see that you are citrus. But thunderbolts gonna be the strongest move against me. And i did show off the curse body.

So i guess you know that i m not water absorb. But if you do pack the volt switch. I mean first of all we have to assume that you pack both thunderbolt and volt switch. But if you do pack the volt switch.

It s gonna be a little bit weaker let me just see if it s worth swapping at all nope. All i have is the aromatisse me agron. It s i m staying in here and for the long haul. We re gonna just hex and see we can do that crit was huge if i walk okay so we ll be able to get a hex off.

I mean i should have gone for a sculpt. We do just live that so that cursed body came in pretty clutch. Even though. We re not gonna be able to take out the road um.


Here. It will be clutch to just get another hit off with the gelsin cuz. It looks like jealous would not have been able to take another hit and if and if i had predicted the vault switch or just a switch in general. If i have predicted that then i like i should have scald it if i ve gone.

I was thinking that into my hand like you re gonna switch maybe i should just go for the skull to go for max damage or maybe. Even willa with i mean we ll listen would have been a mistake. Obviously. What scalding actually would have come through for me really well in this case.

But either way. I m just gonna scald and this will give me a the free swamp. Oh. You you turn interesting interesting.

That s resisted. But it is a talonflame and i had like four health left and i do get the switch initiative. So that s fun. I don t know why as yeah you turning is pretty odd.

Because you do just give me switch it switch initiative like on a silver platter. Um. They re not quite. Sure what that was about i guess you whoa.

Oh okay okay. Maybe you re banded. And you didn t want to risk of the curse body questionmark outcomes. This thing and i don t know what you re gonna do.

But aromatisse is gonna be the switch over the aromatisse has citrus bearing that s what it is and i learned things i did not know where roma tisse was a trade evolution. Oh such a pain in the ass to get this. Oh my god i forgot i forgot i had to take off psyshock in order to make the trade evolution work. But i forgot to teach it psyshock.

I mean i don t think it ll matter in this match then well if i get caught with the talonflame then i mean blasts gonna be okay so it does matter never mind never mind all right so what i m gonna do is i m gonna wish. It s okay we can we can get through this either way we can get through this so yeah. That does nothing that says not much at all we will be able to wish get a calm mind of at least one calm mind up. And honestly not having the size shock might hurt me that that last move slot was supposed to go to psyshock.

I cannot believe that i did that goes for the thunder wave. Interesting i mean what my tease is already really slow i m gonna check aromatisse of speed. But it can t be that fast at all as i go for the calm mind. But thunder wave of a thunder wave rotom is pretty fun.


That s pretty fun and my wish will come true get me back to full and i kind of want to just want to wish again that ll just give me free reign to do whatever i want to there s a rope after this turn. But i do just want to just to see i want to see what this aromatisse of speed is i don t think i invested it at all but i m not a hundred percent yeah the speed is 49. It doesn t i could not care less about being paralyzed unless i got fully paired in which case this or them. But yeah.

It s just time to wish i think where do i just get a call mine. A call my end. It might be more worth it in this case. A combine might be more worth it.

But this rotom is gonna deal some damage to me yeah. I m gonna wish and and i can always go for a calm mind next turn as well oh a plus. One that does nothing at all and i am really excited about this you have to bring out the talonflame because the talonflame because you see how little your special attacks are doing and the talonflame is the only counter to assume to be 2. Aromatisse well no if the talonflame comes in that i m just gonna moonblast.

Oh. How comes this thing interesting. Oh you ve got a pair of flinch. Me.

Oh. This is gonna be fun. This is gonna be fun either way. The fact that i am the fact that i am.

The fact that i set up a wish means that i will be able to live a little bit longer so we re gonna play these games. Because you guys know i don t like playing these games or we can play these games and i m gonna moonblast. I mean you really should have run out your town flame tph. But all i have to do is break through and i m gonna get oh.

That s a quick hmm that was the worst possible timing. Fork fred. But the sitrus berry and the wish coming true will get me back to full so i mean it couldn t it s not the worst thing in the world. I just i i overreacted it s not the worst thing in the world.

But i do want to get this 1 moonblast off chip. We avoid it oh and we get the 1 moonblast. Let s go aromatisse is a god. And that does half and drops.

A special attack. Oh. My god aromatisse is a god you know aromatisse is a god that is wild you would draw and i will go for another moon blast. Which admittedly once you is a lot to waive resisted to a talonflame that resists.


But it is still plus. One that is still to hit ko and the special attack falls boy get out of here. You overheating. A talonflame.

Oh. I am hype. I am hype right. Now.

Aromatisse is a god now part of me just wants to swap out into agron. But i mean realistically. Keeping agron. A full health is to my advantage.

Because agron just wins this game between the togekiss and this thing. I don t even have to mega vol tbh because because before meg evolving. I have i have times for resistance against the the air is what i was trying to come up with and i m just gonna moon blast. I don t think this takes me out i think i feel like i live this with a decent amount.

I feel like i live this with i was gonna say 25 well i almost said 75. But i meant i think it s gonna do 75. But i said it wrong so that s why i hesitated you know get off my back. Guy is it we re fine.

We re fine what doing things. But this aromatisse is a god now i can t really wish here as much i would really love to what if if i taking it if ai taking air and i break through pillar flinch. Then aromatisse wins this game for me. And it doesn t really matter because i have the agron in the back and everyone just cleans this up anyway.

But i want aromatisse to get this win i so want to roma ds to get this win goes for the fire blasts alright alright. We re taking that like a champ. But we get paralyzed oh. We take that like a champ will we get paralyzed so that air crit.

We avoid it over all the t s is a god. Oh my god and we get a crit just for fun that was wild that was absolutely wild it over who matty s like roma t. s did that were three boobs. I m so hyped right now.

Oh my god aromatisse you are a legend alright. I don t even know what to say i m not so i m gonna stop thank you guys so much for watching we have battle spawn sessions every dang day of the week. We have new teams every week once again thank you guys so much for watching and i am once again out ” ..


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