ZTE Avid 4 Unboxing & First Thoughts: A Really Good $50.00 Phone!

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“What s up guys take time here. And i am back again with a brand brand new video. So if you haven t watched previous videos make sure you do and also if you haven t subscribed. The subscribe button is right below the like button.

Also if you wanna. Ask me different questions and talk about things besides take my twitter username will be right here. And it will be linked in the description. So yeah all that aside so in today s video.

We re gonna be unboxing the zte avid. 4. So we re gonna be unboxing. It and take a look at the phone alright.

So let s begin so it s a standard metropcs box. Nothing special and you have your specifications on the back so of course with every phone in 2018 hopefully. It is 4g lte. Enabled and one thing one of the disappointing things that off the bat is that it has a 5 inch wvga display meaning that s 480p display and not 720p.

So that s kind of disappointing. Yeah. You have your a megapixel rear facing camera with led flash. If i make pixel front facing camera.

16 gigabytes of storage it nicely sized 2 gigabytes of ram for the..

Price which is 50 for this. Phone and you also get a 11. Gigahertz quad core processor. So alright.

So here. It is here s how the phone looks. Like and you ll see and we re gonna get our standard stuff. Like your charger.

So you have your sim card. Yeah. Your user manual that i mean oh. No i m not reading this.

And that s for damn sure and you have your charger your wall adapter usb cord micro usb cord. And you have your battery. So. Let s take those out and this is really what i need and yeah.

I mean that s pretty much it. This is just a quick unboxing really. It s actually pretty nicely sized. So it s a 25 25 20 milliamp hour battery and i know it s a 5 inch display.

But then you then again it s only 480p so it should it should last all day..

I would assume. But stay tuned for the full review. If you guys find out and there s this little tip right here let s pulled off so right off the bat. It s made out of plastic.

And it s a little bit thicker than the usual phones at this price point. But a 50 is the 50 smartphone. Expect much well you can tell it to zte phone from the camera placement to this kind of a pen to this this pattern on the back. So on the right hand side.

You do get your textured power button. As well as your volume up and down and their clicky. Okay. They re not really that clicky that kind of machine okay.

So let s power it on let s power it on all right so so i turned. The phone on here s what i have to say right off first impressions. The display. Let s start with that so the display quality is it s okay it gets fairly bright.

But it s nothing to write home about and when you when you tilt it off access it kind of i don t know it kind of changes colors so it s an ok display it s not the highest resolution obviously. But it gets fairly bright so i ll give them that and the thing. One of the other things that i noticed is that if this phone is really snappy. So if we open up the phone up for example.

You see how the fast animations play out so fast animations plus the n plus android 70..

It gives this phone kind of a smooth feeling like it s just a snappy phone. Your speakers actually located on the back. And we ll take a listen to that in a second and let s launch. The camera let s see what the cameras about alright.

So here s the alright. So. Here s the interface. It s kind of ios.

E. Ios c. So you swipe to change modes. You get you even get a manual mode um.

There s not you can control you can control things like your exposure. Contrast. So that s pretty cool so let s see so let s switch it back to just automatic mode alright so we have this highlighter and so right now first impressions. I mean it s not too shabby.

So 3 2. 1. Let s take a picture. Oh wow.

So it s it s really fast at taking..

Pictures. I ll give him that that that was for a 50 phone. That s really quick ok so let s let s let s take and listen to these speakers. Let s see what these speakers are about so speaker.

So it gets it gets this only loud. I just does distort a little bit of highest volume. But you can also block it since it is backward facing so if you re trying to watch something i would just hold the phone and i would just hold the phone in your hand. Don t set it at a table or anything like that because you will lose some sound quality you will lose some sound.

But anyway. I mean really this has been i mean really this is it this is just unboxing and first impressions. The review is coming really soon so stay tuned for that i want to thank you all so much for watching this one and again. I will be back in the review.

Really soon so stay tuned for that. And yeah. Thank you all so much for watching now we ll catch you guys in the next video thanks. ” .


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