Xbox Kinect Adapter Unboxing and Review for PC, Xbox one X/S

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“I m gonna be unboxing li. Percy words connected after well. What s cool about about this is it should make it trigger. The xbox.

One kinect can work with s and x models. Because naturally it can t. This is apparently a universal spam folder. It s kind of weird little good good luck for you and your dear customer missed the sunrise can write missed beautiful scenery will come back miss.

The meteor can okay. That s really badly translated..

Read that later if you want okay. So this is pretty much what we needed because that port is not available on anyone s all on expose looks like this is where the power goes. So. It s pretty cool and then here s two cables looks like someone gives power and i m not sure there s all this.

But let s just go ahead and show. Why this product is needed so here is the xbox one kinect. It s a little tessie hasn t been used in a while because i switched to 1x and there s no cable for this announcement here they have the exact same ports on the back because the 1x does and this is what you need now they got rid of them as you can see there s no port that matches it so it s impossible to connect this well supposedly this right here. We just i ll get in we put in the new wires.

Me go ahead and unravel. These wires and i ll be right back okay so for the next part..

We just plug in these here. Okay. So once you re done unraveling everything and you set it up you plug something you plug it in here. And they now this part is now can this is now connected to the connect and it has to power itself.

I guess. It s one of the functionalities that was fast and it connects through usb. So it can also work with on a windows 10 pc. So i m just gonna plug it into usb blind.

And then we re gonna go test it out okay. So this isn t the best sign it s officially plugged in there..

But let s go ahead and get in here. Ignore these things let s plug it in now. Let s plug it into the one x. This one s mine and not the connects line okay.

So this looks good actually your connectors ready to go so connect just go ahead and set it up and all that you guys know how it works okay so they connect to pass all of its tests. And it s calibrated okay so the connect has passed every test. Well it seems to be working fine echo. Confident that as it tracks my motions and everything it s gonna work um.

When tested on my game. But as of right now i get my full support seems to work great okay so i decided to test it using just dance 2019 stem..

My own so this is the only song i could do it worked great my dancing was the only problem and the reason. It s messing up and only getting okay is occasionally. But i would really recommend this product work stress is intended the kinect works as if it was on a regular xbox instead of 1x model. I give it a 10 out of 10.

I highly recommend you buy one and get it for yourself you ve missed. The kinect and want to still be able to use it within. ” ..


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