Why I Quit My Six Figure Job In the Pharmaceutical Industry

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“Wonderful one welcome back if you re new to my channel. I am. Wendi blum blum and i left the corporate world just six years ago. I left the pharmaceutical after 25 years and now i m a published author.

A speaker in a business coach. But i want to share with you that journey. Why i quit my long standing profession in the pharmaceutical industry. If inside of you you re thinking i wish i could do what you did i wish i could leave my industry leave my job start something new launch.

My passion become a musician or an artist or launch a website or just do something completely different. And you haven t even decided what that is yet this video is for you so i m gonna peel back the curtain. One of the things that i heard when i started to go to conferences is jump take the big leap and the net will appear just quit just go in and quit and the universe will show you how it s going to happen for you to actually make that big income and launch your new career and i was thinking really i have a lot of bills to pay how is that going to happen because i was top of the pay scale in my industry and what happens is whatever it is that we make we spend the same amount so i had this house and car and lifestyle that matched. My income so i had to dress rehearse it and work it backwards in my mind so first.

I made a decision to start letting go with some of those possessions and to sell the house to downsize i like to think of it as more a minimalist type of lifestyle so actually after i sold the house i left with just a couple suitcases and move moved into a very small condominium. But that s because my kids that left for college. So depending on what stage you re in you may need a little bit longer to plan it out..


But i did plan out the exit strategy for like i gave it a good year and a half planning that i was going to leave. And what happened and just when you plan things life has another plan so right when i was getting ready to leave and i was building up that courage muscle and i was practicing in my mind and i started to downsize our national director. I worked in a very small division i worked in our virology division. So i sold our hepatitis products medications and virology and previous prior to that it was hiv.

But our national director. Who represented someone who really had their act together in so much success he took his life and i remember i remember that day and i remember thinking there were no signs. We were all so shocked he appeared to have it all and to be so happy how did that happen that he took his own life. And it hit really home and true to me because we have suicide in my family.

And it just really made me think about how short life can be and i made a decision that i was going to stay for a year because i was part of this leadership team and there was only three of us that was going to help the sales force get through that trauma so i i stayed. But the whole time in my mind. I was thinking you know this is just validation. Why you have to live your truth.

And everything is figure out a bull and i ll i ll figure it out i don t have to know the whole path. I i just knew that i needed to leave so that part of me. I d made a firm decision on that and then i took my income and i invested it and this was very difficult to do i put it on two credit cards..


But i hired this business coach that was going to take a ten year learning curve and help me consolidate it to one year. So that i could become an international speaker that i could publish books that i could take that leap of faith. But i was doing it with other people by my side to support me in the. Process and it was 37000.

I divided it on two credit cards. But i knew i had an income. I knew i had money coming in and that i could pay down that credit card and i did not completely. I had only paid off maybe thirty to forty percent of it when i left.

But then i had made that the context and had some resources and some tools so it build up my confidence muscle and i learned so much during that face so my recommendation to you is surround yourself. With amazing people that are doing the same thing that are launching a new version of themselves are launching a business or leaving their corporate career and then follow the path because success leaves a trail. It leaves a trail. You know i highly respect all of the people that i worked with and for it was an amazing industry that helped me with a phenomenal career raised my family as a single mom and it was really tough.

But i will say that there was a lot a lot of stress there were so many times. I couldn t be there for my kids. While they were growing up and but that s okay because if life is a big jigsaw puzzle..


I could have never done it without having this this piece of 25 years of sales training and marketing training and learning so much always in learning and growing mode. So i started to write out what my goals were we had sales goals at work. But i had never written down personal goals so if you re listening to this in your and you re thinking. What is the very first step.

The first step is actually to just start writing down some goals and get to know yourself and to know where your weaknesses are and to know. Where your strengths are and to start networking like crazy and to get out there and take chances and be bold. While you have the safety net under you because that s what i did i wrote my first book. What is your destiny.

Why we was still working and then when i finally here s the crazy thing when i finally got the hutzpah the courage the nerve up to actually resign here s the crazy thing is i was doing it while we were at a medical meeting and i asked my boss to if we put me and i waited it or i was there for the whole weekend. I waited till. I was on the way to the airport and i asked him if i could talk to him. And he thought i wanted to go look at some clinical research and i said no and i i started to share with him that i was really about inspiring and empowering men and women around the globe to step into their power.

He s like what what what are you talking about what does that mean and i said you know i wrote a book and i want to start speaking and i want to share you know sales and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. And he said how many hours a week. Do you want to do that the unimaginable because i couldn t have even i could have in no way shape or form guessed that he would have asked me that question and then i paused and i thought about it and i said i don t know and he said just name a number and i i just i named a number i named twenty hours and he said what if we were to create a position where you could actually stay and work for us three days a week and do your own thing..


A couple days a week and you could do both i had not even thought about that idea. I actually did do that i m so grateful that i did that i had that opportunity. But there s so many ways that you can incorporate what you want to do and how you want to do it into your current situation and maybe there s an opportunity for you that you can freelance or consult in some way but what i know to be true is just always bring value because if you always bring value then that opportunity is going to show up right right on your doorstep right in front of you so whatever. It is that you re passionate about do that thing that makes your soul come alive and then not necessarily just quit without a plan.

But with discernment and being very deliberate in your actions take the steps just take the steps every single day and if it s meant to be the path will just lay out in front of you i really felt called to actually share my personal story. I m going to share more reflections on my past because it s not very pretty. And it s not always about on youtube. Having the perfect message with the great story of how everything just lined up and do this.

And do that and then the sky is the limit the struggle is real so it s really important for me to share the good the bad and the ugly. Thank you so much for being here. I would love for you to share in the comment section. If you ve had a similar experience or what your heart is calling for you to do remember that you are awesome you can subscribe below hit the little notification bell.

I upload new videos each and every week. ” ..

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