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” s it going welcome back to james chats. Today. We re gonna be taking a a closer look at this the ultimate lightning mcqueen rc car from spiro those of not familiar sphero is a robotics company. And they are the ones responsible for making.

The famous bb. 8. Droid. That you can control with your smartphone.

And they got some new stuff coming out including or i m alone in the middle. I m reviewing you right now anyways one of the new products from sparrow is this right here which is a hyper realistic lightning mcqueen remote control car like the bb. 8. You control this with your phone and it has a whole bunch of different awesome.

Features and settings and we re just gonna kind of take a closer look at at what all you get when you get the ultimate lightning mcqueen. How many times will i say ultimate lightning mcqueen in one video first i just want to say how amazing this thing is i mean it i okay. I can t really put into words. How cool this is i mean the attention to detail that went into crafting this toy is unbelievable.

And we ve got else. It s nice to just idle for a little while as long as it really is just a little. While i yeah well we ll drive soon enough okay you just got you gotta be patient. I mean.

He s got an lcd screen for his eyes that move and blink and they they move around. While he s talking to show emotion. He s got a fully animatronic mouth that opens and closes. While he s talking he s got a motive suspension in the front that move up and down.

When he s saying something or just idling. He s got headlights and tail lights that turn on automatically just the attention to detail that went into this is amazing and one of the little things that that just stands out to me is the fact that you charge it via the gas tank. You ll dump it ready to rock and roll..


I know if that was programmed to react to that or if that was just timing. But that was amazing they actually had some of the lead animators from pixar working directly with sphero to make this thing come to life and to come to life accurately. Lightning mcqueen and he has touch panels all over the place that react to being tucked like he physically reacts to you touching him lightning yes we know we know your lightning mcqueen so like if you tap him on the the roof easy now take it easy if you re driving him. And you bump into something.

He s like wow that hurt you ve truly reacts to his environment into being touched and picked up and it s it s next level. Honestly next level now you control them with your phone and they thankfully added rc mode. If you go into your settings. You can choose between sphero driving controls and rc sphero is kind of weird a little bit clunky.

But they they just released an update that includes rc mode. And it just makes so much more sense. You have the turning stick in the the forward and backwards. And it s it s so good.

Yeah. Lightning is ready let s go oh oh my gosh turns your garage upside down. I didn t know he reacted that way oh my god i ll never tip another tractor as long as i live. This is gaiden.

Even know he s settled this stuff. If you use flipped upside down little help here. Wow. Another plus that i just discovered.

Yeah you got your your forward your the backward. You re turning and when you when you turn like all the way he like leans into it within the app. You have these different little menu options and there is something that i actually have not tried yet and you can like these games. I m guessing like with fireball beach.

You literally just drive in a straight line and you try to go as fast as you can see your thomasville. There s an oval track make left turns to get ahead and last look right yep nothing but open road nothing. But me trying to review you without you rudely interrupting anyways..


I haven t actually fully checked out this menu. Because this new update is like it like just came out. But there s that mode. There is this minigame called pitstop pan being a champion.

It s all about teamwork and that means you got an old pitstop bumper to bumper. Yeah i know i know so basically. It s just like a little it s just a game on your phone and cars come in and you try to fix them. Because it s a pit stop so give me a higher s.

And he he reacts as you re doing and sometimes he ll tell you what you need like you like grab the gas tank or something. So. We ll see if he does that oil can. Oh yeah.

Yeah. So he needs oil. So. He s like so.

He told me he needs the oil so that s pretty cool. We re gonna cancel out of that and he s gonna realize really well i guess we could do something else. There s this mode. Where he has rehearsal and performance and in the rehearsal.

You can create a do this let s throw an engine rev in there crank the acceleration here i go i am speed and we ll end it with catch ow crank. The acceleration here i go i am. Speed. Cacao.

Or you could do the most important script. Wow. Wow..


Yes. Wow. This is the best scream. Wow.

So. There s that you can save. The script. Say you know there are like three scripts and then when you go to performance mode.

Then you can like use the rc controls. But then you have these scripts up here that you can play. While you re going pretty freakin cool. Like the bb.

8. Droid. You can also watch cars with him. And he will react to the movie.

And i ve yet to actually do that i ve done watching star wars with bb. 8. And it s amazing watching them react to the movie. So i m very excited to see lightning or react to cars because apparently it s hilarious.

Something was telling me that they did it and it was like worth the entire price tag just for that experience and then you have these achievement menus. Which i have yet to actually win anything because again this recent update was very recent this thing truly is the ultimate lightning mcqueen. I cannot get over how cool this is of course it does have a few downfalls. I m gonna talk about those right now one minor issue is the front bumper is actually rubber.

Because of that animatronic mouth it needs to be flexible. So he can talk and because of the material that it s made of it can attract a lot of dirt and hair and just random stuff like that pretty easy to clean off and it s one of those things where it s like it s kind of unavoidable. Because i mean this hard plastic can t move that to me isn t a big issue..


It s just kind of a thing that i ve noticed another minor issue is the lcd screen when you re outside in the bright light. It s pretty hard to see his eyes so it kind of takes away from the magic. But again that s kind of all lcd screens are hard to see outside so i m not really gonna doc him for that i mean it s a pretty bright screen as it is you might be able to get a brighter screen and but you know it is what it is and there is one pretty big flaw in my opinion and that is its range. I can only get enlightening about 15 to 20 feet away from me before he disconnects from my phone.

And that is real that s like the only thing about this that actually really does bother me yeah okay i ve seen other bluetooth device. Because he connects via bluetooth. And i ve seen other bluetooth devices with much better range so i feel like they probably could have put a stronger bluetooth connection in him to make him go a little bit farther those few negatives are completely outweighed by all of the positives. This thing is a truly remarkable little piece of technology.

The level of care and craftsmanship that went into making this lightning mcqueen rc car is unparalleled. I it s i can t find the right words subscribe to how cool this is and i m still like i can t stop freaking out over it and i don t foresee myself i m gonna fall asleep. If we don t start soon i take that back and i m not the only one who s blown away by this i actually took this into disneyland and drove it around i even strapped a little gopro to it and everyone was freaking out over it kids and adults three different kids tried picking this up and walking away with it seeing in video form just it just doesn t do it justice. It really does not do it justice because i saw videos of this thing and i was hyped and then i got it and it blew my expectations out of the water.

I just gotta say good freaking work sphero you did it again and you just announced an r2d2 and a bee b9e and i m really hoping to get my hands on those so just saying maybe you ll see a video in the future with an r2d2 which i i want real bad. I think that s going to conclude this review. Thank you so much for watching if this video helped you make a decision on buying this then feel free to use that affiliate link in description down below. It does help what i do here on youtube.

Alright. Let me know what kind of section down below. You think of this this lightning mcqueen. What are your thoughts.

It s pretty freakin. Awesome isn t it do any of you have him let me know comment section down below. I m gonna go think again for watching. And i will see you all next ” .


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