This 30 Def Pure has 99 Attack

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“A deal etics my adamant locked pk after quitting this account five years ago because because it was fairly useless apart from high level pure clowning. I ve decided for no reason to bond it up and see if it s viable to pk. As you can see i have both 99 attack and 99 strengths and 99 attack is practically the only advantage. I have on other accounts in this brackets you guys probably haven t seen any pk or much became on a build like this so let s get right into it.

Well this guy just got on me. What the hell hey just you mopped it oh i almost going for everything dude. I knew this guy was gonna get on me hs team. All we got him with age.

Yeah. 67. For the k. Oh.

He drops. The good fight. Gg man. Let s put this one always right click you never know where to vesta is lurking alice pick up all his loot good fight man that s our first property.

Oh. I m happy with that nice little 67 ags for the ko. Our first proper kill for 581 k. Loot.

I m very happy gg. 9. Ok. We ve got a fight with the sky on happ fishy.

Good luck to you he s looking like a range tank. Which i haven t seen as an account bill before there s no way he s sitting all that eye hp right. There s no way dead. Oh okay.

Well that was our first fight um. I was like there s no way he s he on that hp and he was so we re just gonna pick up all your loot. Good fight. My mom gjd bow range tank like old school pecan with roon shoes 300k lewd gg.

Okay this guy s fighting me. I m pretty sure this guy s just trying to scold trick. Me doing the tour vesta thing. I can t be certain.

Though because he just runs me away. It s so annoying like we call him brah just pick it back i reckon what the fuck let s go dude amoled of avarice elisa. Let s pick that all up gg man well that was a big fucking hit that guy s been trying to scull trick. Me all day man.

Let s pick up all that loot umm. One mil loot. Oh ok well not bank. But that s a good kill one put one milk ok well now he wants to fight me.

What was he doing a just you mole damn it you could have died so easily right there ok we got a fight with techno pimp good luck to him we re probably gonna get destroyed..

But if we don t we can get a nice little kill so it s one of the other really glass. Think i m just a big new. Oh god come on okay well we re literally getting destroyed. He hasn t even once come on dead set 7032 for the ko holy shit.

That was a big hit. He just says nice he respects it i respect that good 500k cash. Awesome let s pick up all your loot good fight to get a price check on the loot 688 k. 540 k.

Very nice gee kid those 105 106. Actually called hawaii something has just popped on me. We re trying not to die to him right. Now that is our plan of action and hopefully we can kill him for some nice loot.

But you know that is easier said than done obviously one nice 25. A jet stream. All dead 25 34. For the ko.

We got him the g mala. Came through ag s. Not so much. But let s pick up all your loot good fight man gg umm 263 caitlyn not bad good 5.

I m dead 57 25. For the ko. He just drops. The oh gg man let s pick up all that loot good fight my guy.

I m honestly risking more than this guy 228 k. Lou. The ags jamal was nice though good fight man this should be fun. Let s just angler here be careful a little bit eat up there nice okay.

He s got dragon nice. But we broke his venge. I don t know how oh my god were so dad we re so dad come on what them a justin s pudgy mole. Oh.

We got her for a 58 nice we go out um gg. He was just trying to rush someone else. As well dude were absolutely not doing too bad here. Let s pick up all this loot gg.

My man yes spec. Quite a decent bit of loot around 350 km so 340k not bad gg dude. What the hell arm the sky. Let s mate this one on one combat guy just hopped on me.

Hopefully we can take him out the game real quick that would be favorable is gonna spec him there but he just ate the full hp probably yeah if he eats again okay. Angler fish shop. I got to break his van before i go in for a spec or i can do this in today s us for the ko d nice. I would basically what i did there is i broke his no even he said nice i saw his venge so i don t want to age you asset because i m fairly sure you could have stacked me out there so i used the g mall to break his vantage.

Because i knew it hit smaller ags them and got him do g..

Mom okay. Quick price check on the current mutation should be around three under chaos. Say. 284 k.

Believe it a nice combo. There gg mom can t this dwell berry guy just got on me hopefully we can kill him dad. Damn. It he could have died so easily right there come on wacom 44 for the ko good fight that was such a weird fight man like i was sitting so low hp.

He had rune is what i m fairly. Sure. This might be a skull trick. I can t tell.

Oh nope oh. It was a skull trick. Did you guys just. See that i just right clicked.

The guy from tour. Vestas video. Thought daniel. He was trying to scold trick.

Me that s hilarious. I don t think okay so this is the guy from tour. Vestas video who is trying to skull trick. Me.

And i just got a free 500k off of him okay. Well this one. Oh sik called rsi meds. Incoming has just got on me.

Hopefully. We can kid him with a nice little age sg mall get a nice kill and have a nice day. But it might be easier said than done i honestly just thought i got hit for everything there. I was what to cry.

I was literally about to cry come on a. Jess jamal. Dead. 20 38 30 38 26 for the ko.

He drops the nice i respect it i respect when people drop a nice hopped i killed him he even had a pea neck dude let s pick up all your loot good fight man gg all right how much loot did we get off this man should be around 700 ko6 50k or so gg. Very nice kill there what the hell is this. Oh. My god i got a level 93 on me no he just lost if i risk 30k and i said no umm.

Let s see what let s see how this fight goes. Hopefully. I m able to eat. Yes.

Gmo now hey justin to the gym..

All dead 51. 26. Stack that s what he gets her rushing. Me he just drops.

The law carroll s crossbow pk that is interesting let s pick up all his loot good fight man that was a very nice stack right there go do i love few worlds. And how you get rushed immediately after you get a kill not the biggest loogie r. But it was a nice kill 250 k. Or so gg man k.

Go to fight with a voyeur might whip. And a jeah should rip through him. Because he is 42 42 defense or something around that he is eating fairly high so wall. I don t really know what to say about that it just to the gym.

All i was 67 for the ko we got him very nice hit there he drops the gg good fight man let s pick up all that loot get off my thing happiest ko santini s let s pick up all this loot. Man juju. How much lube. Did that little combo acquire us should be around maybe.

250. K. Isn t my estimate 250 mj. Actually gg de alright gotta fight with this guy cove in nineteen.

Oh. My god he s rushing. That did he even diba respect me oh my okay he s just hitting with the normal debo. Okay.

I can respect it tell me. He just didn t eat there nice hey. Just emo 66. 14.

For the ko jesus christ. That was a big hit. And that should be a lot of good loot hopefully nice thank you man let s pick up all this loot good fight my guy the attack on this count really comes through sometimes that s why the 99 can be useful not that big luke. But it was a voyeur and i m happy to killed like 250 chaos agg man.

Okay got a five this guy another four. Oh. My god bro. How my.

53 hp are already bench is a fairly crazy thing. Hey. Jess jamal o. 67.

For the ko. I could tell. He was sitting a little bit low. And i just went for the spec.

Anna came through gg man..

Let s pick up all the loot good fight. Sir right a hundred and eighty three cake cash some wounds. Some dis with that probably just under 300 k. Loot in total.

Yeah. 288 k. Not bad good fat mom got a fight with his level 98. He said good luck good luck to you man hopefully.

I don t get tormented here. Okay. He s got ven course. I don t know why i m surprised that people have venge.

Oh my god poor dad no we re not we re almost dead. But we re not dead. We re not dead dead by the huff. What the fuck am.

I say i m dead. Oh. My god bro. I just get ripped on this account isn t barely i don t even think he s eating a single food come on hey jessie mall.

Okay that thirty five here nice welcome 36 for the ko. I didn t expect to get that but we got him gg man let s pick up all that loot good fight my friend all right we totally didn t just almost die to a debo russia. I promise that did not happen. But let s get a price check on this loot.

Should be close to a mil. Honestly very. Nice. 960 k.

Delivered. Good fight dude. Now this account has been on is still quite fairly useless when it comes to pvp fighting. However.

Recent updates have included the dagon. I harmer as well as the inquisitor armor. Which is worth around one bill. Right now.

If you guys want to see me make a video gritty on this account with daga hai or pvp fighting with the inquisitor armor. Let me know in the comments and make sure to subscribe. So you don t miss that video when it comes out if you guys enjoyed this different style of video for me feel free to leave a like as that little bit of effort goes a long way for me. I ll see you guys later thank.

He has so ” ..

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