The BIGGEST GameStop in the WORLD!

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“Is the man behind g field. The reason. Why we re here. Thank you so so much for having us out.

Here got the whole stream team set up is s beautiful. Oh we got kenan here finally to team. I just dropped a lot of kills on your account. I think that uh maybe some good luck is coming your way got three kills 330 kills in the first minute though so it you know the man editing videos nice job.

It s coming out beautifully man. Then we got the huge g fuel doormat we got only used me blade in here with the setup streaming live check him out and of course. My setup right here when i m not streaming on the g fuel stream. I ve been streaming right here.

So it s pretty successful yo yo yo. It s over what s go on you guys we are currently at the g fuel headquarters just test out some new flavors surprises coming soon it s gonna be awesome. We ll fill me the keemstar documentary. I just wanna show you guys some behind the scenes stuff only use me blade boop.

There s team we got a ufc nutritionist and they re filming. The documentary over there i just got in supports..

I feel good kim s looking good looking great. It s been awesome out here so far a few moments later. We are currently at long island mma and fitness center. We re about to do a jiu jitsu mma session.

It s gonna be awesome. We got the full documentary come in to g fueling keemstar stuff. But a little behind the scenes for you guys visit where we re at today this place is huge this place is ridiculous. We re gonna get some training.

I m so excited oh man. I m so excited. This is the gpo videographer editor. Nick.

The man that get that guy s a professional fighter. Oh. Unreleased shaker hype. We got the bank s shaker check it out we got kim getting wrapped up right now just got done with a training session.

We had some food. We have a good time we re back in the hotel now i m gonna show you how the footage either before this or in a different video..

So yeah you guys will definitely enjoy that now i m headed to gamestop because i forgot my ps4 power cord let s go down. There together. Let s pick it up together as a team blade and kiemce are taking a nap not together. But you know whatever separate rooms take a nap so i m out here and what do i do best.

I m gonna give sup so we re gonna get in stuff. Together. There s literally one like two minutes away from the hotel. Oh push pull yep this game stop is huge this is honestly the biggest game stuff.

I ve ever seen ever it s very nice to meet you dude. That s crazy that you heard about it though. That s awesome. I really make sure you like and then like for a while after that like big titles are like works.

Again make sure you re not posting pictures. You re not sharing. This information. This store is huge.

They re called the afterglow level level. Three or like the best is where dude is this helu came world combat thing..

That s that s all dude and they got a ton of shirts. Awesome that was literally like one of the biggest game stops that i ve ever seen that game sub was ridiculous. I did buy a power cord. Which is awesome so i m gonna be able to stream.

Some 49 plays in for a night for you guys well i m out here our hotel actually has pretty good internet. So i m stoked and we re gonna be training with the gpo guys and all the mma dudes the ufc you guys phase sensor. Which is really super cool. I ve been to so many game stops like through obviously this is my full time job.

I m literally like every time. I m in a city. I try to find the game stops and see if there s anything cool or different about them. And this games up right here.

I ve seen the only one that i ve seen that s close to this size is there is one in la that s like almost almost as long but not quite. But it is like pretty wide that s what she said and then there s one in vegas. That s maybe twice as wide. But the story s not even close to how long so that is probably literally the biggest game shop ever.

He told. Me there s only one that he can think of that might be actually bigger..

I think that we might have to travel to that one because it is in new york city. But so far this is legit the biggest game shop ever. Which is absolutely crazy so now i gotta go back to the hotel hook this up we re gonna be streaming some for tonight with blade and keemstar and possibly dennis bermudez. Who is a ufc fighter.

Which is super cool man having a great sign out here. And so stoked that we got to actually train mma and be around normal people. Because as much as i love keemstar. He s a little bit insane.

And i ve been living in his world for like a month out in buffalo. So it s pretty cool to get around some dudes that are training honestly. It s just cool to be in a city man cuz. We were kind of out in the country where he lives.

I hope that you guys are enjoying this follow me on twitter instagram a lot of stuff. Leaning the screws below drop a like on this say games up god if you made this far in the video. ” ..


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