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o you can know exactly how much money these individuals make on average..

So let s get started. What is a surgical technologist well you may have heard these individuals referred to by a lot of different names some people will call them scrubs techs some people surgical assistants you may even have heard them referred to as operating room techs so a lot of different names basically refer to the same profession. And simply stated these individuals. Assist with surgical operations.

And we ll give you a list of some of the daily tassie s individuals to do some of those include preparing operating rooms for surgery by sterilizing. The room sterilizing equipment and stocking supplies. They will also prepare patients for surgery by washing and disinfecting incision sites. They will also position the patient on operating room tables and apply sterile drapes.

Another thing is they will hand instruments and supplies to the surgeon. They will hold organs in place sometimes and even prepare specialized equipment like robotic surgery equipment or lasers and specialized equipment. Like that they will also bandage wounds once the surgery is complete they will count supplies like sponges and instruments and things like that and then finally they will transport lab. Specimens for analysis and transport patients to recovery rooms once the surgery is complete so that s a little bit about a day in the life in a surgical tech.

Now what are the education requirements. If you want to enter this profession. Well generally speaking. You re going to have to have a high school diploma or ged.

First and then you can become a surgical tech. In a couple of different ways you can do it through a certificate program. A diploma program or through an associate s degree program now it takes about nine months to a year on the low end up to about two years. If you go through the associate s degree program.

Wrap. And you can get a diploma or certificate. Sometimes offered directly through a hospital program or if you go through an associate s degree program. You re going to go through a technical school or community college for those and you want to make sure you go through an accredited program.

Now once you complete your education requirements you can become certified and that can help you in your job prospects one designation you can go through is the certified surgical tech. The cst certification and that is offered through the national board of surgical technology and surgical assisting. Another route is through tech and surgery certified. And that is the nc ct.

The national center for competency testing..

So there s a couple different routes you can become certified again. I can t help your job prospects. Okay now let s talk about the likes and the dislikes of this profession. And one thing that most surgical technologists will tell you that they like about their job is that they find the surgeries.

Extremely fascinating to observe and if you can just imagine all the different surgical procedures that you will witness as a surgical tech. And it s really interesting to watch it can even you can your heart can pound. You can feel a rush of adrenaline as a surgeon is just trying very carefully to go around certain tissues. And maybe remove some organs and things like that so it was a very fascinating job another thing is that it gives you great experience in the healthcare industry.

A lot of individuals will start out as surgical tech. So they will love their job. But they ll decide to go even further they may go back to school to become a nurse or a doctor. So it s a great entry level position into the healthcare profession.

Another thing is that the salaries are pretty competitive and i m going to talk about that in just a moment. But you can earn a pretty competitive salary especially considering that you only have to go to school for about one to two years. So that s another perk now what about the dislikes. What do these individuals will dislike about their job well for one thing you have to stand on your feet for almost the entire shift and that is one thing that some people will complain about that it can be very exhausting just standing up the whole day.

So if you plan on going into this profession. You want to get some really good shoes with some foam inserts and maybe even some of those compression stockings. Another thing is that you don t have a lot of break time. I mean if you think about it you re in the middle of surgery.

So if you have to use the bathroom or if you get hungry just have to wait until surgery s over in most cases. Another thing is that surgeons can sometimes be rude of course. There s a lot of nice surgeons out there too but if you have a really rude surgeon that you have to work with on a regular basis that can be frustrating and then finally sometimes hours can be a little bit hectic. It is surgery so sometimes things are a little unpredictable.

Sometimes you may have to be on call and things like that so that s a little bit about that now let s talk about some salary statistics and job numbers first off all these numbers that i m getting ready to talk to you about come directly from the bureau of labor statistics. That is the government agency that collects and records jobs data and it s accurate as of 2014 so in 2014. There were 99 thousand eight hundred surgical techs in the united states 70 percent of those individuals worked in hospitals and the bureau of labor statistics. Predicted 15 growth in this profession between years 2014.

And 2024..

So that s good they re expected to be room for growth and jobs in this profession over the next decade and what about the average salary well in the united states surgical techs earned an average salary of forty five thousand ten dollars or twenty 164. Cents per hour. Now those are just averages you may make more or you may make less depending on the number of years of experience you have the state in which you live the industry in which you work. I m going to talk a little bit about some of those factors right now.

What was the industry with the highest employment level for surgical pecks well general medical and surgical hospitals came in at number one the average salary. There forty four thousand six hundred twenty dollars offices of physicians came in to number 245 thousand seven hundred thirty dollars was the average salary. There and then outpatient care centers. Number three forty six thousand ninety dollars was the average.

There what about the top paying industries for this profession. Well home health care services came in at number one sixty two thousand four hundred and twenty dollars colleges and professional schools came in at number two fifty three thousand one hundred thirty dollars and then offices of other health practitioners came in to number 350 two thousand four hundred and sixty dollars was the average. There now what about the top paying state well nevada came in at number. One 57500.

Was the average in that state. The district of columbia. Came into number 250 7170 was the average. There and then california came in at number 350 7140 was the average.

There and the lowest paying state s alabama came in to number one thirty three thousand three hundred and fifty mississippi. Number two thirty five thousand one hundred forty dollars in west virginia. Number three thirty five thousand nine hundred dollars and if you want to see the salary statistics for all 50 states. I will put a link in the description of this video below that will take you to an article on our website.

And i have all 50 states listed and a few other statistics. There so you may want to check that out so that s a little bit about surgical text. I want to thank you so much for watching and please consider subscribing to our youtube channel. It s ” .


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