My Official 64GB T-Mobile Nexus 6 (UNBOXING)

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“Guys welcome to another video. So as you can see here i actually got my my nexus 6. Finally and it is the 64. Gig version and we are going go ahead and get this thing.

On a boxed and give you some hands on time right now you ve seen plenty of them i m sure i m sure you ve been scouring the net. While i mine has been coming in cuz. I ve been doing it too so let s get our first hands on with the nexus. 6.

Already played with this in the store. And everything so i know how nice of a device. It is but it s always good to do an unboxing. I m gonna go ahead and go through and do a little bit of a hands on as well so not to bore.

You here is the nexus 6. All beautiful as i remember when i play within the store turbo charger and sync cable. And that is all let s get this fired up go ahead and um. I ll skip all of the all of the sim card entries.

And all that nah go ahead and fire it up and we ll blame get the initial setup. And then i ll do my setup and pair. It with this and we ll get going so let s watch the initial boot up i was exciting and i m still happy that i got the 64 gig. Because you know to me it just kind of made sense for some people.

If you need a lot of memory. The 64 gig made a lot of sense. But if you re a person who you know you don t really need a lot of memory and you re fine with it the 32 gig is definitely fine. But i just felt like for me.


It was worth getting the 64 gig. So let s go ahead go through the setup. Here screen is nice and beautiful now let s skip that anyway. And we re going to do wi fi.

There s my. 5 gigahertz band. And i let go ahead and put it in here all right so we ve got a connection and i ll probably sign in here as well looks like it s checking for a software update and go click them down let s skip that you see i has an r up. There i don t know that s about i don t have a sim card in there yet.

Let s get this let s go back let s put it on my email address. You re taking my info. Getting me signed in love the feel of this thing. I ve already got some things in the mail.

There should be a case and a glass glass screen protector here today. But you know i don t want to go and check. I ll just wait and curious about that are up there i don t know the r is can you see that i don t know the r is about so no i don t want to restore backup. Let s set up a new device you can see although means.

I ve got going there and use the location microphones help improve no pepper. Please note skip and we ll be getting in here. Yes. I m an accessory storm.

But there you go all right here we go. It s the initial screen. There let s check though fly him down real quick. It s not that yep still same thing by them down alright and there we are so it s installing my t mobile.


I didn t ask it to do that but i guess that s the one application that he wanted to just install other than that don t care your branding. Like the at t version. And also there is no bloatware. I can take that application off.

But actually use their application and that s it there we go you can see how fluid and smooth. This is there s definitely nothing on here. Which is to my liking and that is it so i m going to go ahead and pop my sim card in there now do it a little bit was set up and i m going to pair. It with my watch here and i ll be back alright.

So the reason. There was an are up there is because there was a sim car and a nose. I m already in there and so when i took took it out and put my knee and it switched to lte. So um.

This device is really really nice man. I can t tell you how fluid it is and how fluid it appears to be as little thing says welcome to your next is six pretty nice man nice so the nexus. 6. Is a device that people keep saying.

Oh. It s so big. It s it s too big for normal use. I rest on a smaller hand probably would say that but you know i have big hands.

But at the same time. I still don t think this is a big phone because it s curved as you can see here and so is seated in your hand your palm. Very nicely very very nice you can use commands like okay google and it ll go ahead and and do anything you wanted to do from any screen. And it should have the notification thing here when you pick it up give it a second if there s some notifications waiting they ll light up.


There you go right there. So it was system update. Available. I m going to go ahead.

And do that system update real quick. And i ll be back and we re back. And it did the update and it is ready to go so let s get into the settings real quick here and i can show you the memory that s available without any installs or. Anything if you have a 64.

Gig so you get 50 464. Available. I haven t installed anything on here. And this is straight free up memory.

So i ll turn off the wi fi. So you can see the signal here for lte is very strong up here in my in my office. I believe this one is unlocked too ugly the t mobile version is unlock. I ll try it lay with a verizon sim.

It s just it ll switch to lte in a second. But this is a pretty pretty nice man. I think i really like it wrong settings. Give us mixed up all the time.

Let s go down to about as you can see here we re running five point 0 on the nexus. 6. Pretty nice pretty nice this is a really cool. I wouldn t wanting to try this i guess when you first start you can t get past the first one.


Oh. This is pretty hard. I can t even get a one if i get a 1 i ll stop it oh man this sucks. I will stop this video once i get a while anybody else make it past one on their next.

26 or a lollipop period with this game just damn near impossible. It s like that one game that people fell in love with flappy. Birds or whatever i didn t do it ah got a one i died. But i got a one so yeah.

So signal was unable to eat now. But there it is folks. This is my official unboxing obviously you re going to see tons and tons and tons of videos on this i don t know yet. But you ll see some videos on it for sure.

This is the nexus 6. The 64 gig on tmobile. I m sure. This is the unlock why not try verizon samer something later my tnt sim.

But i m gonna get it paired up and start messing around with this bad boy with it and i ll see you guys in the next. One take care. No pun intended in ” ..


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