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“Guys it s michael fisher with pocketnowcom. Just got back from aoife in berlin. And and found a cool package waiting for me on my stoop. This is the motorola razr am.

One of the three new devices. Motorola announced yesterday in their new york city event. We can have a full review up for you as soon as you can but in the meantime. Why don t we take a look at what s inside the box.

I m michael fisher. This is pocketnow let s get to it okay guys so take a look at the packaging. Here. This is nothing terribly new from verizon.

We have verizon and motorola branding some blurbs on the back but otherwise this is very very minimal packaging. We slide the sleeve off here here s the droid razr m..

Branding. There and we can just pop this right up here take that there motorola droid razr m. Here s the device. I m going to go ahead and take the device out put it aside for a second pop open the packaging here there we are pretty typical array of stuff we re looking at a you as a wall charger usb cable.

This is a card insertion and removal tool. Thank you motorola wait for the sim verizon start guide in multiple languages consumer information product warranty and safety information. Etc. Usual stuff no headphones not much extra there.

But it is a tiny little box. So we didn t expect that here is the device itself oops. Sorry about that so you can get the glare off there for now. The first thing you ll notice if you have a look at how it s sitting in my hand.

This is actually a quite a compact little device it feels weighty in the hand not too substantial. But certainly not too light either..

And this is a 126 gram device. Some call outs on the screen. Protector here for the the various buttons and controls. Let s take a little hardware tour for you on the right hand side here looks like a power standby button.

Volume up volume down some exposed screws on the side here. So you can tell this is a device there trying to mark it as a little bit on the beefy side. And wow. Look at that we have kind of a reverse chin.

There a little tapered edge on the bottom coming around to the back. Here. This is a. We know that this there s a thumbprint on it now sorry this is a hd video camera is what it s calling itself out eyes.

But this is an eight megapixel shooter capable of shooting at 1080p that s an led flash next door speakerphone there kevlar back verizon 4g lte branding over here with looks like we ve got yes a tray for the sim card and the micro sd micro usb port. There along the top three and a half millimeter headphone jack and that looks like that s about it now this display..

If we take off the screen protector here sorry i m. Lea there that s better this is a 43 inch. Display i m going to power on the phone while i m talking 43. Inch display.

Which is qht. It s actually the same panel as the original droid razr as far as anyone can tell super amoled advanced covered by corning gorilla glass. 2. As i mentioned that is a kevlar back on the back here already getting fingerprinted up in this hot booth with my sweaty hands.

Sorry water repellent nano coating covering the whole thing there s our droid branding whoa that s impressive. How they just get more and more elaborate every time don t they there s an aluminum. Frame under all that as. Well the device is 83.

Millimeters thick as a front facing camera up here a qualcomm snapdragon. S4 at 15..

Gigahertz powering. It all underneath backed up by one gig of ram user accessible memory. Eight gigs only half of which is user accessible so you ll want to probably buy a micro sd card. But we ll tell you more about that in the official review finally android 44.

Lte. Radio. Obviously and verizon and motorola claiming a 20 hour battery life on what they re calling regular use on a 2000 milliamp hour battery. So that s about all we ve got for you on the motorola droid razr em thanks for watching our unboxing video like i said at the beginning.

We re gonna have a review video up as soon as humanly possible please stay tuned to pocket now tweets on twitter you can follow me at at captain two phones on twitter visit pocketnowcom. For more coverage on this device and every device we can get our hands on if you like the video throw us a thumbs up if you want to comment on the. Video please comment at pocketnowcom. At the post and thanks for watching we ll see you next time.

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