Moto 360 2nd Generation Battery Replacement – How to

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“Today we re going to be doing how to exchange your battery. Replace. The battery battery on the moto 360. 2nd.

Gen. Second generation moto. 360. So i ve actually a bunch of these.

The first generation as you can see here. I ve had both colors and they were they were a nice smartwatch they came out it was the first round smartwatch so that was cool. But my experience with these has been very bad to tend to the truth. My first one the first gen.

I had to replace the battery and even after that it didn t last. Too long this one had a screen problem. I don t know if you can see that but the screen here. It s all dead pixels and so it s been one problem after another with the easy can t really because this consistently used them as a watch the 2nd gen.

I got and the battery surprisingly lasted less a lot less i think in three months. The battery on this was dead so i m going to replace the battery on this i m not sure if it is the battery issue. But since the watch is brand new and it just stopped power yawn. I m thinking it s the battery maybe.

It s the screen. But anyways from my experience. That sucks you so i gave them two chances and on the third one that was supposed to be the refined fixed model it sucked even worse so i m guessing this is why they stopped producing these watches so you can tell that when you when you re actually charging these on the base they tend to get very hot. That doesn t seem natural to me and you re supposed to i don t mean.

It s not natural for watch too or any battery to get hot when it s charging. But i mean it doesn t seem natural that you would leave these watches in that temperature 24 hours a day. When you re not using them. So.

I think that really must have degraded the battery performance and lifespan and tell the truth. The battery time on these actually sucked also you couldn t really last the whole day with the battery. So what s up with that you know how are you gonna use a smartwatch that you can t just wear a whole day..


So let s get cracking on these so many difference between the first gen and second gen. Is when you remove the the back of the first gen. This whole part came off. And it s very easy to break this part and it s very hard to find it to replace it so that sucked on the second one they actually fixed that and just the rim comes off you still have to kind of tear it up to remove it.

But you can just put some adhesive on this and it goes back. And it ll be okay and you and the main difference here is this little knob you can tell that on the second gen. It s kind of to the side here. It s upper right.

And you have to actually remove this little cap from it so you remove this little cap right here. So you have to have a very thin set of pliers to remove this and on the video like the only real video. I follow this it seemed very easy to remove but in practice. It s not you need very nice pliers that are very resistant.

You can t just use any wires. I ll show you example here. These are too thick to actually get in here. So i ve already opened this once so this is already pre loosened.

But it was pretty tough to find pliers that could open this because they have to be very thin and very strong at the same time to be able to stick in these little holes. That you have here so now that s not as easy as it looks so let s open this up and see if the it s an actual battery issue so like i said i already than this before so it s kind of pre dismantled here. But i ll take you through the steps. So the first thing you would do you would remove this it s actually a sticker.

So i have some decent here. It s like home adhesive. And you just remove that very carefully there not so great that second step would be to remove this outer ring right here this comes actually right here and knob so you gently remove that with pliers and next step is to use the pliers to free this little knob here. So you would stick your pliers in here.

And just unscrew. This okay. So i ve already have had this tighten before there s a little rubber part right here you have to really be careful on to lose that so let s put that there next step is to actually just unscrew this part so let me see if i can do this. So.

You just hold it right here and you just pull that without damaging anything. Let s see how good we are at this so as you can see right here you try to show you so. If you move that right there it kind of unplugs and loosens up..


And you should be able to lift this off. So let s see if we can do this here. There we go so there is the frame and here is the inner part of the watch. So we re gonna carefully separate this and be very careful with these flat cables in here.

You don t want that to break if that breaks then you have to replace the whole screen. So we really don t want this breaking. So let s be very gentle with this and let s see if i remember how to do this correctly. So here s a little mike protector.

Here another little piece of rubber to make this watertight. And if i remember correctly this little part right here it comes off this little rubber part right here. Another protection. We have right there here is the battery itself now this battery could be glued right here normally so be careful when you try to remove this battery.

So let s see where this thing is connected. So i believe we have another little protection thing here for the little vibrating engine. There is this there is another section right there and here is the final battery connector so again be very careful with this flat cable. So let s see if we can remove this we re breaking it and here is the battery.

The old battery let s see if the new battery looks the same not really this new battery looks like it is a little bit different i don t i m gonna be able to fit that in there actually looks like it is smaller. The capacity here at 375 375 looks to be the same the specs look like they re the same. But they re clearly different batteries. So i don t know what that is about so i bought this from aliexpress.

You can tell that they re different. So this is the original battery and this is the leaf aliexpress battery. So they re not fairly different seems to me like this one is the lord cassadee battery. But let s see if you can actually get this to work anyway.

Let s try to put this in here. Let s see if it ll fit so yeah. The tips here aren t hitting well they fit as well as the the other i m not strong. I think that s gonna be a problem also you can see you have some copper on this one.

I don t know what that s about i don t know if this is a conductive thing. There should there must be some reason why this is on here. But i m not sure what it is so i m just going to ignore that for now..


See the connector here lines up seems to so let s carefully plug this in here also be very careful with these battery plugs. They tend to break and aren t careful so let s get this o plastic protection thing in place right here there we go and the rubber side protection for this part right here. So when you re putting these in look at how the actual casing flows with the design of the rubber protection. So let s give this little guy here.

The microphone protection right here so. Let me. See. If i can zoom into this a little bit better here for you so continuing here.

Now that we ve actually put the battery in place. Let s put this back right here. So there was a little rubber protection. I came off and i can tell that it s right here.

Because there s some glue. Where it was supposed to be so that goes right there. So i was trying to keep that moving and the second part is this right here so this is actual frame. I m gonna put it right here.

But i m gonna watch this little rubber thingy it doesn t come off there we go and i m hoping that rubber protection is in place here is a little knob. I m gonna screw this back in place right here remember we have a brand new battery in here. So most of the basics should be resolved. So let s try to screw this back in here.

Something right here this thing going back gently. Okay. So this is the part where i would normally need a very thin plier. Some very thin pliers that i could screw this in with now the way.

I did. This originally was i actually took this to a hardware shop. And asked the guy he had some pliers to maybe leave this little pen in hindsight. I should have just bought the pliers from him.

But i didn t so now i m stuck with these rudimentary things here which were probably gonna mess up my finish on the watch. But i figure i m already screwed with this watch anyways get this fixed so let s see if this at least powers on or something well apparently not i haven t tightened this all the way because i wanted to test drive. It first you see if i can put this on charger..


And see if this will actually light up or something so guys. I actually pause. The video here to get a charger. So i have three of these from all the motorola phones.

I ve had they re basically the same so i m gonna actually show you what happened here so what you put the phone. The cell phone. The smartwatch in here and the little light comes on if you can see that see if i can so the little light right here is actually on let s see if i can show you this. So.

There s a little light and nothing shows up on the screen. So theoretically the watch is being charged. But nothing shows up on the screen. So probably i have a bad screen on a brand new wash.

So this lasted of all three months. I would say i stopped working so i just spent some money on a battery that s gonna be useless so here was my old battery. I noticed it wasn t puffy or anything so. But still this is cheapest part to actually test first so there you go motorola probably why they discontinued.

These watches because basically the quality control in these suck. So this is a three month old moto 360 a. I kept it off for a while while i was replacing the actually buying a new battery. So now this is a dead watch.

I m not sure if i m gonna try the different screen on this franklin. I don t know if it s worth my time and effort. But for you guys that are thinking about this. So mol of 360 first gen screen problems also battery spris chin.

Also replace the battery on this twice. And this little button doesn t work on this one anymore and second gen brand new seems like the screen is dead. So take that as you will leave your comments in the comment section here and i will see you guys on ” ..


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