Morel Virtus Nano – SERIOUSLY Thin Speakers!

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“Everyone i m calum and i m here at a vdc today and today. I i m checking out the morel virtus. Nano component set. It s a very special set and let me show you why the virtus nonno is a six and a half inch component set.

But the key is in the nano. The very very slim midbass driver. We ve got here so there s a six and a half inch woofer and this is an 80 watt component set and yet. We ve got a woofer that is just 17 millimeters deep it s got a fantastic near demi.


A motor assembly just like the full size virtus as well as that fantastic morel engineering and build quality but we can integrate this into nearly any installation because it is incredibly thin the great thing about the virtus nano set is that they sound like a full size set of speakers. They don t sound choked in the bottom end they sound natural. They have great natural mid bass and a fantastic cross over to the morel tweeter. Which is just again the mt 120 n.

It s just a beautiful piece of engineering especially where this steel grill is just stunning and the way these two work together. It s just fantastic you get such natural mid range you get such a natural mid. Bass and you get a beautiful smooth treble. That s not fatiguing.


They re just an exceptional set of speakers. Considering that you can integrate them into basically anything because mounting depth is just not an issue. If you ve got a set of doors for example you don t want to cut a hole for a magnet to protrude through you don t have to do with a virtus nano that s the the absolute magic of them in my opinion. So these are fantastic speakers for integrating into things.

And i suppose that should lead us to what we re integrating them into right now. I m gonna give you a sneak peak. Because there s gonna be a lot to show off in this car. But i just might give you a teaser for now.


It is this beautiful grain machine here which belongs to bones paint restoration. He s brought it in here. Because he trusts us to get a stealth system in what we ve got so far. We ve got a stinger powersports amp mounted in his boot.

Which is going to be in his wiring box. They re completely out of sight. And we re getting the car ready for a completely stealth installation that means nothing visible when the car s finished. We re gonna be playing from bluetooth.


We re gonna have a remote for him to control his music and we re going to have speakers completely hidden away. I m really excited to show you where this goes. This is just a teaser for now. If you want to see more of that stay in touch with us here at a vdc follow us on social media on facebook.

Instagram and twitter and check out our website at av. ” ..

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