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” s the copa copacabana. The hardest for north of havana at the copa copacabana music music and passion are always the fashion at the copa they fell in love. Tell why i love you like i do tell me who can stop my heart. As much you let s take each.

Other s hand as we jump into the final friend bout to baby are you looking at nothing. What question. We still like these pants. Yes.

Okay. Then i shall wear them okay. Did you know i got that meeting today. Frankly i m not sure which way to go i want to look a little like them and a little bit like me meeting with the explorer channel wear khaki.

Why i don t know explorer safari you wear khakis or chinos no khakis or chinos. Miss smith smith. One is a color. One is a style.

Oh i don t think so my little friend was it last night wonderful huh hello hey. Hey you would know i check khakis and chinos same thing a different huh same thing both wrong yeah right so what s up no. I don t want to do that do what go with i were to clerics and watch him stare at the gift. Wrapping girl you should why should i go you can buy chinos come with me i can t fran and i have our meeting with a cab drivers union i hate buying pants myself come on you re gonna walk into that meeting the explorer people are gonna take one look at you and your crisp new chinos and they re gonna say hey i ve got to buy a movie from chino boy.

I ll show you the store 10 30. What is happening to you nothing i just really enjoyed last night. Well that s a good thing. Why didn t you i i have no complaints about last night.

I should hope not you broke the clock. You know what clock on the nightstand. We did know you did 338 to be exact when you flung me back over to your side sorry so we re sorry thank you thank you no no no thank you why exactly was last night. So great why no i know why it s a white whitey.

Why do you think it was so great because it was so great you were so uninhibited so primally. We re so wild yeah. Well what are you gonna do maybe we go to bed early tonight. You got it good luck yeah good luck.

You what did you see you ve been you don t remember i m telling you i have no recollection of the whole event. You telling me you re banging away pardon. Me your lovely wife and yourself. We having conjugal activity.

Yes in the middle of the night. The best sex of your married career that s right and you were sound asleep. This is what i m saying walking in your sleep is one thing. Yeah okay boys might you try these now see these are like chinos.

But there s a heavier weave right and there s a triple pleat. Which makes the pockets more streamlined. Please listen to you yes no one improved sister in law now with extra pants knowledge hey you wanna know my boss mr. Claire accent please.

He said i have the best sense of design and presentation of anyone he s hired since 1984. Wow. Yeah i know you know starting next week. I spent a month in personnel personnel yep.

They re grooming. Me are you being great yeah for what i don t know all right what do we think we like these yeah. And he s a khaki right yeah. But they re not chinos.

Why not these are chinos why it is chinos look. It s so simple you can have a khaki pant that or chinos you can have chinos that are khaki..

But not all chinos are khaki just like not all khakis or chinos or even pants hell you could have a khaki shirt or a hat that s a chunk of my life. I never get back. Oh hey why are you trying the charcoal okay all right brenda. That s not how we do things i love doing that six months ago.

She was watching hogan s heroes with milk. No polly. What i don t understand is this how deep could you have been sleeping. I mean if you were really that good wouldn t you wake yourself up apparently not well maybe she made it up that s what i don t look at this what it s where i knocked over the alarm clock.

I m so good i actually injured myself you know with the scary qualities what what if i m never that good again what if what if my young bride. Realizes that they re sleeping me is better than the awake. Me first of all don t be you don t tell her. But i know no no no you just don t your stack his way up.

Now you ll leave it alone. Yeah well look either way. I still have the pressure of having to do it again in frankly. I don t know if i can compete with me.

She telling me these are not khaki these pants are itchy now you bought them he flung. You like a sack of cotton good for him good for me. There was no talking. He just rolled over threw off the covers and took me hey took you.

And there was no talking you guys talk. Yeah. We talk what do you talk about you know that feels good don t stop. I love you so much keep doing that what are all these pillows would you stop with the pillows.

I m just asking they re from your mother please don t mention my mother mostly that feels good keep doing that hello this meeting better start they must be running late i gotta hit the ladies room. You know what i m gonna tell her oh jamie. But that you were in a coma. Yeah good man is she not achingly lovely.

She s very pretty. I know what i have to i have to tell her why am. I sweating no i ll bet you i ll bet you she ll think. It s funny look at this i think i m sweating.

I tell you what how about you shall laugh. She won t laugh. Jamie yeah. She can laugh as she won t laugh.

I would laugh you might laugh jamie will not think this is funny next please. Although she might think it s funny huh. Hey. Don t be subtle trust.

Me. Hi. Well hello again. Hello listen night you may be able to help us.

My friend. Here is in a bit of an embarrassing situation. What does it matter we have it up bad you see you last night. He gave his wife a gift a very very wonderful gift and the problem is see he doesn t remember actually giving it to her oh is this something you bought here.

I made it myself something that he made and his wife just loved she really loved this gift and you know what that s quite enough sharing. Thank you no sorry you guys don t need anything wrapped at all do you know that s not true we need this wrapped in a lovely box my pants. So my pants i wore from home the woman is here to wrap let her do her job. Am i right yes so where do the bells live.

What do you need me if you love that estate. I could shut this to you save the sales tax..

My aunt lives in jersey. We could send it to her why would we ship my pants to your aunt. I said. The sales tax how long will this take take a few minutes.

You go ahead. You take your time he did that to you for an hour and you let him i begged him there was no talking i begged him without words an hour huh it didn t tickle my evident tickle okay. I believe you those cake girls the meters running that just gets funnier every time. I hear it okay ready yeah.

I just gotta hit the ladies room. What is with you i really should be getting back to work huh. Okay hey we re in public these pants are itching. Me.

We don t stare sweetheart. You want to go grab a bite to eat. I can t i gotta go home. I gotta get my tapes and my stuff in a meeting.

Hey where s my keys. I don t know i don t have them here are my pants okay my other pants. The ones on their way to jersey stop come here what come in no like it was my fault. We re glad i found you guys.

Where s james. She s in the bathroom for like the 40th time today. How d it go with your cabbies. She expect us to spruce up their image.

But all they do his curse. The bastards. What are you doing here i ve got to get into the house and i need jamie s keys where are your keys. It s so dumb.

I can t even tell you you could tell me oh hey. By the way. I heard about last night. Good for you i can t believe she tells you these stay what what did she tell you you should know you were there yeah well you d be surprised are you talking about i want to ask you a pending.

But if i tell you this you got to swear to not tell. Jamie oh. I swear no but i mean really swig not that kind of swear will you swear and you tell anyway. I am.

Telling you i swear. But understand if i tell you this then you and i are gonna have a secrets out from jamie s so well we ve never done that you know you belong to her you re predominantly her friends. I am your friend friend in law okay whatever not perfect itis. We re gonna step over that line and you can never go back okay don t i want to tell you now all right tell me you gotta swear.

Oh. Joy. I can t even you another chance where are you tammy. I don t trust you oh.

I haven t had one of these in ages. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. You you know what you are just like too happy today. I m happy something s going on with you too good sex only lasts.

So long no matter how good it is they re super nervous what else listen if you want to catch a cab that s fine. I m just gonna walk home oh wait what else so are you gonna tell me or not what what else really you should just go i gotta get a bunch of stuff. I m in no rush. What else this is no reason for you to wait please trying to get rid of me.

What are you not telling me nothing. What else you know what why don t you let me wait outside you get whatever you have to get you ll probably have to stop in the ladies room again and we ll walk home and talk sure what else the early pregnancy test yeah throw..

One of those in there i don t know i think it could be a great film fee. But you know you think this might be a good film for us because we re conservative or corporate. We re safe we re middle of the road. We never pushed the envelope or take the kind of chances that an independent filmmaker like you likes to take no no i ve done this before i made over 70 documentary films.

I never made a dime and i never knew where my next job was coming from then one day. I drove my cousin s mercedes and i said you know what this is a very nice car all right sir let me make your proposition you home you re not gonna believe this meaning. I just had i don t believe this meeting. I just had a dog of mine you well i believe this meeting.

I just had bad good. But really weird you gotta use you thirsty. I m so thirsty listen to this so i go in there i figure if everything goes well they ll buy my film. I ll know what i m doing for the next six weeks in my life right yeah.

So i go and i tell her about it this woman. She s like the general manager of like the whole networkers ladies enough lady like 55 to 60. So she said she loves the film. What would i think about coming to work there full time.

What do you mean full time exactly so. I said what does that mean full time. She says what we really need is somebody to work in house. Full time.

So i would be directing and producing all of their films. Wow mm hmm egypt makes beer. I don t know anyway they want to do 10 to 12 films a month. Which means they need me to commit for like at least 3 years 3 years 3 years so i said i m very flattered.

But i don t you know i ve never done that kind of thing. I i work for myself i do the projects. I want to do so i don t know i forgot i gotta pee hey jimmy and go i was fine yeah you want to talk about not really sure hmm okay so so i feel that s not the kind of thing. I was hoping to do right now.

She starts. Telling me about state of the art editing facilities and beth and she starts talking about the money. Which is like no kidding around real money. I think i got medical plans and there s like a pension plan to some plan with a k.

But a quick money wait for you got explain this one to me i don t want to work for anybody. But you re not thinking you know it s not really selling out because it s what i do and then it s oh go do what you have to do not yeah. You know and people were really nice okay. So i really want to have all these meetings with guys named chuck get everything in hey.

What where s this early pregnancy test. I see that why do we have one here all opened up to see if i m pregnant. I may be pregnant hmm. How come how come because i may be because i m late you know me i m never late.

I m like a clock. No but you even let you been late when i don t know before last summer. I remember you made us pick out we started picking out baby names. It s like eight hours late.

I know so i m saying let s not jump to conclusions here and now for a day is late so you come in early tomorrow. I m not kidding my fertile friend you may be looking at a pregnant woman. When do we know you a couple of minutes. I just put up the egg timer.

I still say this is gonna turn out to be nothing okay here s the thing. I don t think i want it to be nothing did. I miss a meeting haven t been exactly careful about this lately. Oh who hasn t been careful last night.

I specifically said to you i m not using anything last night. Yeah you said then yeah..

What am. I say you didn t say anything right so. So i assumed you were with me on this yeah well whatever. But okay i feel four days late this didn t happen last night.

Okay so you weren t so careful last night. I wasn t so careful a couple of weeks ago. Whatever when what do you mean you want careful i didn t always put my die for what my diet what d you say i didn t always put my diaphragm in on purpose. You know accidentally on purpose.

No there s no such thing is that it was unconscious. It was unconscious okay. So how do you know what is with your sideburns. Well forget.

All the said. Wait a second you knew this you helen and you didn t tell me. I m telling you now that s so that s that s such a circle. A violation.

It s not that s that s just that s that s just so right i need somebody else here this is a it s just wrong all over the place absolutely right you re right. I m. The devil meanwhile. I want to make a baby with you when when did you get to this i m not 20 years old anymore.

You know i can t keep telling my body no and then expecting it to hop to the minute. We say so plus. Everyone we know is having a baby. Oh.

There s a really good. It s not the reason. So what is the reason. The reason is i want to do you know how beautiful our baby would be it would be a beautiful bed.

You know how loved our baby would be he s very loved so i m not against having a baby. I m just not caught up to you yet relax do not know why what you did was so wrong. No i know when one partner doesn t know i mean as i having sex with something when he s sleeping sick well. That s a bad example maybe.

But did it just bing. No do you want to be like oggy oggy. You know what s her name s husband he s like 65 knots exam areas do you want to wait that no no so so even though you don t think you re ready maybe. This is somebody else s way of saying.

You know what you guys you re ready. This job is that this job is like exactly the kind of job that a grown up guy with kids would have well that s what we do we get a cradle yeah. You know what kind to get ya. But the united you see which hate you would see it would change everything between you.

And me everybody always says that but you know that you lose the thing between us love you. But who cares who cares i m ready well you know i m not you sure this is accurate. It s accurate you happy no no i was what i was gonna be relieved them i feel like sad no you re sad. I feel a little sad you re a little sad.

I m place said so happy you re sad. Thank you very much you know what i mean should we start trying now from now on maybe really yeah really yeah are you sure no i m not sure. But we re gonna start trying yeah. I mean really i just say to you alright then alright excuse.

Me what you re throwing this out okay. I will do it don t think i won t i don t you want to know how beautiful this baby would be what i just think i handle this whole thing really great you know before the bab y comes you and i gonna have to have a nice long ta lk with the doj who knows. ” ..


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