LG Tone Active Plus Bluetooth Headset Review (part 1)

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“What s going on ladies gentlemen it is time to review the lg tone active active plus bluetooth headset from lg so stick around and let s get into the all right so if you are new to the lg tone bluetooth lineup and just generally lg tone bluetooth headsets you will learn that the lg tone series basically they have a set or a variety of different. Lg bluetooth right and then there is one that s actually called the lg tone active that was recently released at the getting around 2014 that that lg tone bluetooth ended specifically was made for working out so in 2016 they made another lg tone active version over here that s got here this is the hbs 880 and over here now around my neck. That i m actually reviewing is the lg tone active plus again the one that looks like this this hbs a100. Okay so what is the difference and also what are we looking at here so basically these guys are for more of a sporty.

We re okay they are meant for working out weight liftin. If you re doing crossfit definitely great for that bike riding even mountain climbing. If you have ever seen the lg active plus commercial. You ll see that these guys were like kind of doing like rock climbing.

So something like that right and then he was wearing it by ok so i want to talk about what up experience with this thing. I m going to try to avoid getting into specs and details of this bluetooth headset. Because you know i just want to give you like a sort of customer purchased experience feeling versus just saying you know this is that ban now okay so the lg tone active plus basically what is the biggest difference of the older compared to the older versions. You will see that they have these splits over here on the sides.

Which are basically external speakers with the switch of a button over here. You can switch from using the earbuds in my ear right now and i m actually recording right now. What the headsets. Whatever you re hearing is what what it sounds like when you re using the headset and keep in mind that like if you re making calls and so on depending on the phone.

You re using. There is going to be a difference okay so the sound quality is not always the same. But there is hd sound and there is external speakers. So with a flick of a switch you can go from external speakers.

Which actually if you re making a call..

And you switch it up to speakers. You re actually kind of like entering into the speaker mode of the phone. Which are you re talking through over here. We re just going to cool.

And i like that right and of course. There is the earbuds and so forth right so i want to talk about how this thing feels a running neck. When working out definitely a nice snug secure fit. If you have a wide neck.

You wouldn t have a problem with these somehow they are slightly a bit wider than the other lg actives over here. You can see how they close in pretty closer compared to them. When they re around my neck over here a little bit more wider. They don t fall off when i m doing the bench and of course as you can see i actually do work out if it doesn t look like that and i need to reevaluate my life right okay.

So yeah definitely great for that jogging because of the length. The lg tone active. They re a lot shorter than the other lineups like the lg don t pro platinum and finem. So they won t bounce around a lot.

When you re running. And that s why they were specifically designed for just like a sporty or weird. Than just like a casual going out party kind of thing right and so that s why i liked about the lg tone active and speaking about like you know the active series are my favorite out of all the lg tone pearls. I mean lg tones out there so definitely want it look at that right so we spoke about speakers sound quality.


What is the most important thing is comfort and wearing it around your neck. While you are working okay after a while you will not even notice that it s romantic because you re so into your workout and they don t roll off or fall off like that okay so they re pretty great they fit into your ear. Over here. There is a way to wear these sort of earbuds over here is you just simply plug it in and then you see this corner part right here of your ear.

If you have that kind of air you can gently rest it on the inside and ninety percent of the time they will not fall off okay so it depends on how you wear them will determine how well they fit in your ear okay. So we spoke about design and everything we know now it s a more of a workout. Kind of headphone so if you re into that definitely want to look into the eld tonot active series right and like i said with the call quality. I wasn t really able to make that much called if ever i did make the calls.

It was while i was at work if i go to work with these you know unlike. The first lg active which has some very fancy colors. These are more of a darker metallic over here kind of colored so it s something you can also wear when you re going out so anyways. I made the calls and people called me.

And i haven t really had any complaints of anyone saying that they couldn t hear me no make up the message one of those talking. They heard what i said and i heard what they said so in at any point. There would never really was and that s just me and remember keep in mind and depend on the phone that you re also used in in most cases i was actually using the samsung galaxy j5 with the iphone 7 and also the note 4 that i m using right now to record also no bad experience from what i can recall them and they re definitely great. I heard them a lot better than the algae in finem that i also have you check my channel.

So that s one thing socom policy wise definitely they re good to me. And you want to look at other reviews instead of just watching mine. Because you know other people did kind of mentioned that the call quality was not all that so that will something that you might want to look into and so for it okay very got a list of things that i actually wanted to kind of bring out now connectivity definitely in the gym. When i was working out i left it in the center of the room and at every corner.

There was no loss of connection at any point..

So i m going to give it a ten out of ten. And it s probably just these that i got by luck. I probably got a good set. So that s one thing for sure um.

Sometimes with these kind of earbuds. You kind of go partially deaf. Okay. And that s one thing.

That s very important because you could be just jogging on the sidewalks and you know you just don t hear a car coming and so and that s kind of very dangerous. But with these i notice the sounds weren t completely blocked off. I was able to hear the outside. While i have these done of course.

I ll keep in mind that it kinds of how loud you re actually playing the music. I m going to do another video of this headset to get a closer look at what these things are capable of you hear the external speakers versus. The earbuds so stick around there s going to be a part two so don t you worry about that because there s really a lot to cover with these headphones are completely different. If i didn t mention with the hd foundation sound again once again it depends on the phone.

You re using. If the phone. Doesn t support hd. Sound.

Then you will not get the best out of these headset..

You will have to get a phone that supports hd sound on mostly. In most cases is a do fine. Phones with hd sound when it comes to like the upper mid tier type of phone and those of the flagship line up okay so you might want to look at those for working out sweat proof definitely you ll see in a commercial that you know the guy pours water all over himself and so forth. I wouldn t do that if i were you because we don t know exactly how much of waterproof.

It is but it s definitely sweat proof. I did sweat a lot especially when i m doing legs on my lengthy. So i like them for that for sure. And by far out of all the lg actives it got this one the very first one.

I am starting to fall in love with these because the good thing about these is that after a while i don t it s just me. But sometimes when i m listening to music and after that. While i don t want to just keep leaving the earbuds in my ears forever and you know like when you re out there on your own you know cuz. You don t want everybody to know what kind of music you listen to it s been the kind of song you re listening to you can just simply flick that switch on the top right and switches its speaker mode and listen to music specially given your car by yourself and you ve been working out for about an hour and a half and time to just pick up these earbuds definitely a great way to go with these.

Where you can just simply flick the switch on and switch into speaker mode and those are pretty darn cool okay and as i mentioned the sound is definitely a defense on the phone you re using you ll get it get something out better with like hd supporting phones versus just those lower tier type of phones and so forth right so hopefully i covered everything with this headset and in the next video. I ll show you guys close up how beautiful look with the switch. External speakers and so forth. So stick around definitely leave a like share subscribe and also we ll be doing a comparison with the other axes so see you guys in ” .


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