iPhone 7 Plus Battery Test : 3.5 hours to charge ?

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“To some of the reviews home of these vocal reviews alright guys. It s been been a couple days with the iphone 7 plus fantastic found powerhouse love it to but one thing apple did do is they decided not to go with a quick charge function. Which we re kind of expecting. But they decided to stick with a standard charger.

What we re going to do today is kind of show you i want first show you how the battery s been for me. I ve got an eight and a half hours of battery usage since yesterday in seventeen and a half since last of standby since the last time i ve charged it so really impressive battery. They say. It s a 14 increase of last year s version of the 6s plus.

I didn t have that phone. But the seven plus has fantastic battery and it s really awesome so i m going to go ahead and number at one percent. It s about to die. I m going to go ahead and charge this.


But we re also going to time it and see how long it takes to charge so once again they omitted the fash charge. But we re going to see how long it takes to charge in this experiment. Please enjoy alright guys so here we re going to do we re going to start the experiment. So i have the charger plugged in i have the iphone 7 right here and i have my timer so we re going to go ahead and get this started and see how long it takes to uh to charge.

And what i ll do is i ll come back incrementally as the phone charges that kind of sad to you so you know 20 30 50. I ll do that throughout this video. But i ll be kind of fast so let s go ahead. I m going to plug this in and hit the start button okay.

Let s see if i can do it kind of pretty close to the same time so three two one alright. So we are now plugged in and the clock is going. And i ll come back in a little bit alright guys. We ve passed the 30 minute mark as you can see we re only at nineteen percent.


So with you know samson quick charge or next. Success p or one plus. Three. At the half hour mark.

You d almost be at 50 battery. But with this iphone 7 plus. We re only at 20. So we ll just keep letting a charge and we ll see how long it takes alright.

We ve reached the 1 hour mark on the charging and now we re sitting at 33. So for a fast charge phone you d probably be in the 7080 percent charge right now we re at 33 for a one hour. So a third of the battery can get charged in an hour. All right got at a hour and a half.


We re looking at 47 battery life. So with like a 1 3. Or. Even my nexus.

6p. An hour and a half and almost pretty much be full and those are larger batteries in the i found this is 2100 milliamp. But you can see we re at 47 percent battery life right now on the iphone add an hour and a half all right guys we re just passing up two hours of charge time as you can see on the time and we re just at 63 on the battery. Our guys at the two and a half hour mark of charging the iphone 7 plus.

We are sitting at 79 percent battery almost eighty our guys are at the three hour mark of the charging and sitting at 92 percent battery life alright guys. So here we have it uh. Where you re now at three and a half hours of charging and resting at 99 percent. So you can say roughly three and a half hours to charge this phone from one percent to 100 percent.


Now granted if i had this phone completely off it made it charged faster. But the real question is is this acceptable in an age of fast charging having this you know beautiful iphone 7 plus. Which has probably the best battery on the market taking a full three and a half hours to get a full charge is that acceptable please let me know what you guys think leave comments. Below.

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