Interview – George Ugras of IBM Ventures at the 2016 GCV Symposium

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“Rivers. You had a 5am ship s captain thank you for joining us can i i glad to be here. Why here. A clever co convention sinners.

I actually have the symposium before as you know. And i always find it to be a great gathering of individuals representing a very diverse set of corporate be seized and one of the interesting pieces about this venue versus others is that they do come from all over the world. It s a very diverse crowd of individuals and agendas and it s been a great learning platform for me over the years and i ve been looking forward to it actually since i joined ibm a few months ago well it s going to say its new role for you can i ask you you in what makes your heart sing about being a new head of our game. So there s something really interesting about ibm that s very unique and it was really exciting for me.


It s a little bit of a coming home for me that most people don t realize. But i got my dissertation. Done. My phd thesis.

Some of the work. I did actually in collaboration with ibm. Many many decades now so the piece that is really exciting is ibm unlike other corporation. Still does and tremendous amount of fundamental research and those research assets in fields such as quantum computing kind of computing are things that we are starting to commercialize more and more that frankly is one of the most exciting aspects.


I think for this job versus other venture operations so it s good here now it s nice to see asa. I m coming in and hopefully they were receptive to that and in terms of what you think about over the past year. What s made you proud what if you hadn t team done. So i think one of the things.

That is really exciting for us just since. I joined that stands that has been transformational is the fact that we are communicating with our researchers and linking them with our clients. That is really tremendous because our clients are extremely interested in some of the fundamental pieces we can bring to them such as block chain capabilities. That s an exciting area for ibm we work with the linux foundation.


Very closely and that s one of their is what i ve seen just in the last few months. A real engagement with clients and you know the i start shining when they think about applications they re they re tremendous opportunities. Blocking and thinking people get confused with bitcoin. But but actually the blockchain yeah the real deal opportunity to do commercial opportunity.

I think ideally is going to be in the enterprise space for a blockchain and if you had a dream for the future. Something you plan to wish to see happen i mean that i think extending that little further fragments about client impact at the end of the day. What i would like to see happen is have a dozen clients who look up and see. The ibm ventures enabled us to accomplish something we couldn t otherwise.


And that in my view is going to come from a combination of things we invest behind things we build from scratch and things we deliver solutions to clients and we re in the process of putting that framework together and that s partially what i started to talk about as cbc. Three data is making your client. Successful through venturing sending a great ambition. I wish you luck with it ” .


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