Instacart AFTER 1 Day (How Much I Made!)

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“Everyone and welcome back to another video in case. You are new my name is is nick and today. We are going to be driving for a full day of well as full as i can make it because instacart you have to reserved hours and today. I was able to reserve about 4 hours in the morning and then another 3 to 4 hours in the afternoon.

So basically. I m gonna have a full 8 hour day driving for instacart. So in case. You are unaware into the car.

Is basically a personal shopping app. To give you a little brief overview of what i ll be doing. Today is i m going to be shopping for a bunch of people s groceries today delivering it to them and then what s really nice about the app is it s very similar to doordash where you go on the app. You kind of wait for an order and little pop up it ll show you where the grocery store is what items they want and where they live also before you accept the order.

What s really nice is it also shows you the amounts you re gonna be making from instacart and then whatever the customer may decide to tip you so. I m gonna be trying to do this for again the 8 hour day and i m gonna be seeing how much money i can make through instacart for the entire day and see if it s really worth it because again it s another thing. Where you have to drive around so you have to factor in um. Not only how much work you re putting into it.

But also your costs like gas in any other car expenses you may have so okay. So my morning hours have now been completed so basically i worked from 10 00 to 2 00 so far and i was on line for four hours. It says. I was active for three hours and 42 minutes and from that i earned a total of 39 dollars and 80 cents.

So here in california minimum wage is 12 an hour so if i were to work a normal job for 12. An hour four hours. I would have paid 48 let s see it today so far has it seems to be one of my best days. So usually most of the money comes from either either high traffic hours or from customer tips and so far today.

I ve received 30 from normal instacart payments. These were not during peak hours. So i didn t get any bonuses and then i got nine dollars from customer tips. So you can see my first order.

Which started at 10 o clock. This one i earned 10 dollars and 15 cents from this person. Did not tip me..


So i got seven dollars from instacart and then so it looks like they pay you point six dollars a mile from the grocery store to their house and that earned me seven. I was in fifteen cents and then i received a three dollar quality bonus. I don t know how i received that i don t know like maybe the customer says okay. He picked out all good stuff and then instacart gives me three dollars.

So i m not sure where that three dollars really comes from but then you could see the customers tip was zero. So i didn t get a tip from that one um. So that one took me while there was fifteen items. 19.

Units so that one was okay it took me about an hour to get that so i got ten dollars from working that hour. And then you could see my next one started out 11 27. Because i didn t get the next one right. Away but you could see for this.

One i got a it was 700 from the instacart payments and then i received a 3 and 54 cent tip. And then you could see like the original tip amount was supposed to be three dollars and 94 cents. But what happened was they wanted a box of cereal they wanted four giant like costco sized boxes of cereal and the sower only had three out of four so i told them they said. It was fine and the tip amount as you can see on the app.

Here it says order. I just effected the tip and then you click on it and it basically says that the tip was decreased because the tip was a because the tip is a percentage of the order total which makes sense. I removed an item so the tip amount went down. It s not that like they were you did a bad job.

All right let s take off somebody from that tip so i got worried when i saw that i was like did i do something bad like why d my tip go down. But that s okay so from that one i got 10 in 54 cents. And then my next one starting 1233 so about another hour later so it seems like it takes me usually about an hour to get to the grocery store do the grocery shopping and then deliver it to the customer. So this one was again a larger order.

It was also further so i got paid a little bit better on this one so from this one. I earned a total of 19 dollars and 11 cents. So this one is chopping aceite brothers. It was 29 items.

45. Units. So like they got multiples of some items..


And that s where that 45 comes in there. So the batch payments was 13 and 57 cents. And then they gave me a tip for 5 in 54 cents. And again another adjusted amount for the tip.

Because it s reflective of the order total. I don t remember what would have caught. Oh you know what i got them a deal on strawberries that s why the price went down on the tip. Because it s a percentage of the total.

I guess because they wanted what happened was they wanted five things of 16 ounce strawberries. But they didn t have any in the 60 now one thing only at the 32. So i got them three of the 32 ounce ones. Which saved them a little bit of money and they got more strawberries.

Too. So like hey i ll just get these for you and that s why i have my tape point down because i tried helping them out. But that s fine. I thought that was just a little bit funny but yes so.

But yeah. That s pretty much everything i ve done so far today. I still have to wait for my next ship to start. Which starts at 6 00.

And then i ll be driving around from 6 00 to 9 00 and we ll see how much i can make during that timeframe okay so now that it s basically the end of the day. It s 8 40. My shift ends at 9 00 so unless anything comes in that s gonna be it for today. So let s go ahead and open up my earnings here.

So today is wednesday september 4th. So it says. I was active for about 5 hours and 31 minutes. And i ended up making 62 dollars.

So again not too bad. There was a period of time today where there was like no orders coming in so in the meantime. I was doing like doordash newberry its while i was waiting for my next card to come in but it took a while before my next..


One came in i did a total of five inside our orders today each one of them really took me like an hour just because it takes so long to drive there get everything find everything. And i usually have to end up asking an employee for like an item or two just because it s so hard to find everything in the grocery store. But as you can see here i already went over the numbers from earlier. But since then i did a order at 4.

11 and this one got me 1330. So the instant cart payment on this one was 10 an 88 cents and there was a peak boost of 2. Because i did it at a popular time when a lot of people wanted to orders so as a bonus. They gave me.

2. And then the customer tip was 4 dollars and 42 cents. Again another adjusted one just by a couple cents. Because their tips reflect a percentage.

I guess and they put back a couple items because they were out of of a few things so and then later on i got another one at 7 o clock. So this one was a bit far away from where i was but went over here to us so i went ahead and did this one because i had no other orders. And it wasn t terribly far this grocery store was probably about like six miles away from where i was and then the drop off location was super close so that made it easy so i went ahead and did this one and oh my god they straight up ordered like 10 gallons of ice cream like i wasn t sure why they needed so much i m sure they had some sort of party but like everyone in the grocery store always made a comment as i went by oh party tonight or something like that it was so funny so from that order i ended up making. 7.

And the customer gave me a tip of two dollars and 82 cents. I was able to find all the items so as you can see there s no adjustment on there for the for the tip. So i ended up making nine dollars and 82 cents from that so so the summarizes. I made sixty two dollars in 92 cents from working five hours and 31 minutes on instacart.

So let s go ahead and see what that breaks down to so we get 62 dollars. And i worked five and a half hours so that ends up being about eleven dollars in 27 cents per hour that i worked so again it s not terrible. It s like it s a good way to make extra money if you need to and it s especially nice because you can do it really on your own time on your own schedule. Which is the greatest part about these apps and that s why i m going.

That s why i m trying all of them i m signing up for all of them and basically showing you guys my experience with them. But yeah. That s been my experience with instacart today not too bad for the earnings. It s pretty good for something that s it s just like an app.

So it s kind of cool. How you can just open it up and go ahead and do a couple of things. But hopefully you guys did enjoy this video..


If you want to see more like it i plan on doing a full day of doordash to see how much i can do see how much i can earn doing that so you guys enjoyed this video be sure to drop a like on it as i d really appreciate it and it lets youtube know that it s a decent video. So they ll promote it a little bit more so and then if you are brand new here. I always appreciate a brand new subscriber. So but that s all i have for today so hopefully you guys enjoyed and until then i guess.

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