Insignia SOUND BAR Review

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“Right what this is this is sitting at my tv. He said that boys got got a navel activate voice guide to provide force guidance mainly volume channel programming supporting language. Almost like no say home use see skip the what i m doing pressing the enter button here i ll show you what i m pressing pressing the enter button right there to cyfle each one of these cable satellite antenna cable from the wall. We ll just say yes hdmi.

You say yes hdmi for say our challenge found an auntie performs under box. My ideas bro the time. We re interrupting on tanika s on my got my sound bar right here. I don t know if you can see it or not not here.

I m going to say he want to perform scan. No all right now. Then say if i wanted to watch it lately. I m amazed right here.

I m trying i want to put this in i want to find out which one this work zone. See if hdmi works on hdmi that s my movie as hdmi. That s where i want to be right there. So i m setting up c blu ray dancer player.

What my dvd is if you want to do tv. On that let s zoom in a little bit here so you can see what s going on here..

If that happened not out. There. You can add your favorite outs. Here and you know you can add favorite apps in davey.

D. Has a no escape we connected you to being yet but anyway. That s how you set that up and if you want to scan and wanna check something else and go to menu right here let me just back down you can go to menu right here get this phone over here good menu click on menu and when you click on menu you just take your arrows right here and scroll over here on each one of these arrows and you can set up whatever you want and here if i turn mine remote you want to turn the surround on turn the surround on and say. If you wanted to listen to a movie.

Which thank trying after time just time to show you what s up just right here s my remote here here s my remote my surround sound. And what do you know the same name at my tv is same thing. This this is my tv remote box. Both of them are in the same and we re not trying like i say i m not trying to might go through kansas here in a little while this is my showing.

I m out of here. Let s see what it sounds like might be water got a dude. Just coming off the tv. This is as loud as the tv again this is what the problem is after loud.

I won t turn that out we want to turn after not bend the pcm pcm. Let me zoom in so you can see that it was on the past three..

But you got to turn on pcm in order for it to read officer over here. So now what we want to do takes it out of that all right since we re not sure. Which one it is let s try to make this work here all right must be another setting on here here too audio into it on the press source here still nothing we re gonna follow this find out what it is okay folks. I figured it out what i had to do i couldn t use on instructions here on this instruction sheet was i you were kicked by one you re just trying to drink like how do you use the put this on yourself couldn t you stay out.

Oh yeah. Just about right fit. You saw. Now.

What s that supposed to present here. Oh right right good news. Now that oh go ahead. Usually quantrill s talking to the group leaders right now so get a move on i said look.

35. That we have done attacking with such excellent results. Eddie used to three point five. Which is that black accordingly.

That s the game you re late sarika should work there here. He will act..

This group leader of his own recruits. Replacement at. Least this. Board any.

Questions. Yes. Mr. Anderson.

35. Like what finished it and this in let. Me. Others.

Deserves. It lauren s been here a lot longer. So. What i have to do is i this site.

This part here into it then i trying to have ties don t move your neck. I m just trying to show the tv is turned off to be a better you surely i hear out of the way come in and i ll show you here colonel make me an officer..

Just now oh. He likes ambitious young men. He d say that s turned off the tv speakers all if i turned it on i sure hope. I wasn t too much trouble to you last night.

Oh you weren t any trouble you re just a little tongue tied and i mute my i mean is that the sambar then i got that turned on and i turn this why did you join pancho jesse. You would frank what if i turn on all the way down come back here like here i m yourself intern pitchblack on they gotta be killed quantrill kills. Okay here s my ball right there right then here at the bottom only then my sky right here. My sidebar right here.

I hope you ve got a good strong. So i can cease to be an awful lot of talk about my stomach this morning well maybe after last night. Folks just want to be sure you ve still got one. So it s good.

I like it well that s off this folks. I hope you enjoyed theatres sound bar and the team or ” ..

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