Ii prefer ATT 4g network over their LTE network

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“Everybody this is the planet earth here. We re going to be doing a 3g 3g speed test on at t s. Network in a random area just a area by a lot of buildings. I want to see how slow that 4g is and surprisingly.

I m in love with their 4g network. More than the 4g lte network even though their lte network is far superior than their 4g network. Because their 4g network has dedication and that s the reason why i like the 4g network. Is because even with three bars or two bars or one bar.

Or whatever you still get more than 2 megabits per second in most areas and at least half a megabit upload and more in some areas you get at least half. A meg not every not every place is gonna get above 1 2..

A meg. But this is actually pretty decent for 4g and it makes me kind of happy and in an area where 4g usually sucks so bad this is actually pretty impressive when you think about it and i actually forced my phone to 4g instead of 4g lte because with 4g lte in my area it s always really slow so like i said it s really slow for jlt. It s even slower than this. But it s sad because i love i love h antes 4g network.

It s extremely powerful compared to their lte network even though their lte network. Yeah of course is a lot stronger you have to be closer to the tower to get to it well. Verizon. You can have one bar of lte and get 30 40 megabits per second on an empty lte tower with bretta with bam 13.

But at t has so many different bands. I don t know which one s the best one so it s kind of like yeah..

You know. But the one thing i like about a tnt s network is they allow you to upload at full speed while verizon caps you out about one megabit per second to upload to youtube at t. Doesn t stop you from up lawyer so if you re near a tower on 4g lte. And you get like 30 to 40 mega.

Upload you ll be able to upload over 30 to 40 megabits per second to youtube and the facebook and social media sites. That s why i like at t for that regard now since there s almost nobody left on the 4g network. I ve actually forced my phone to 4g on purpose and guess what i actually get better speeds 4g network. That i do on the 4g lte network in certain areas.

And it s not just in san antonio. There s other areas like austin..

I ve noticed that there s very slow lte speeds while verizon just kicks ass. But since at t. You know has the best coverage in texas. That s the reason.

Why i have them now. I m thinking about getting rid of verizon. I know that sounds terrible. But i haven t really had any issues with their 4g network and coverage is far superior to verizon s in the middle of nowhere once you get towards the center of texas.

There is no verizon coverage at all. But at t has five bars and also cricket..

Which is actually pretty impressive when you think about it i think it stopped no it s so according so anyways like i said. I think it s pretty impressive to be honest so thank you guys for watching. This has been the planet earth here just giving my opinion on a tnt s 4g. Now we re not the out to eat hour.

But the 4g ” ..

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