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“This is tampa tech. And learn something new from pc tvs and gaming to start start hey guys. I m doing a video review on hp pavilion. Dv4 print scan you just slide your finger right there.

And it logs you in just like that pretty cool. And you can also slide your finger one more time and i ll sign ewing automatically on any of your favorite websites. So it s easy access for any of your favorite websites. You don t have to put your user name and password.

It s all fingerprint security protected. It s really cool and as you can see right there. The mouse pad is huge very big i like it the black it s just not just regular black. It s kind of like a brush stroke black.

It s kind of hard to explain i m almost metallic a keyboard. The keyboard is pretty cool the keys are very pretty spaced out perfectly in my opinion and perfect size buttons keys and there s a logo for the beats right. There. The sound comes out of it right here and the power button screen is 17 inches pretty big so if you like watching movies on your laptop.

And this is the way to go we re here on the side. I noticed well using this is my wife s computer by the way. I noticed using this sometimes. The fingerprint scanner does not always work.

So you have to restart your computer pretty much my only beef with this. The top light is the power indicator. Saying..


It s powered on the bottom light right. Here. That s blinking is the hard drive activity. You got one two usbs on the right and two usb ports on the left.

So. Four. Altogether. Is your blu ray dvd drive right.

There. And this is a heavy duty charger. Port right. There.

No flimsy one because i don t know if you guys ever had a problem with your charger. I had a couple of them that broke because people tripped over the cord and it snapped either this the port or a snapped made it loose prong on the cord. So that was important for me headphone plug and headset right. There it does have a bluetooth.

No i m sorry it does not have bluetooth built in you can t get it i believe with bluetooth. But this is a bluetooth adapter. It s five bucks on amazon. So you get one two more usbs on the side.

So four usb ports ethernet. Jack you want to plug it in to your router. You can hdmi out to your high definition tv..


And it has audio video coming out of that it s not an input to output vga. If you want to hook up a second monitor. I guess work side by side dual monitor you could do that it s a heat pen. It s pretty hot you see how it leans forward right.

There pretty smart design. The battery acts as a kickstand. So let me go ahead and show you that so here s some more of vents right here. The cool air comes in right here.

And then goes out the side on the heat vent. So make sure those vents are clean and should last a pretty long time so. Here s the battery battery uh acts as a kickstand kind of so. The laptop leans toward you pretty smart battery lasts for a long time.

I think. It s last six seven hours just web surfing. And this is the beach subwoofer. Now it does have really good sound.

Probably the best sound. I ve ever heard in any laptop. But i don t know how well this beats subwoofer. Where actually works i don t hear too much bass.

Coming out of it i do hear a little bit deeper sound. So maybe. That s why very easy to upgrade you just basically take out that screw..


This panel comes off and you can just put in more ram. So it s really nice easy big panel you just pop off and you pretty much work on the whole. You know anything you got your ram. Right.

Here. Your wi fi hard drive stuff like that easy access right here. In the front. And you have the sd card.

It s spring. This brings in and out let s just kind of go on like that anyhow the screen itself is very durable as you can see so it s not on puny hinges. It s actually a heavy duty hinge right there. And i had mine hp g6 for about couple years.

And i never i mean they re pretty good quality build that s why i bought another hp because mine. Lasted so long add a sony vaio and daemon last a year barely write over like a 11 months. I had it and the thing fell apart on me. But i maybe i just got a lemon.

I don t know so anyhow. I m going to show you the screen so once you sign in with the fingerprint scanner. I m going to show you that signs you win instantly. It s pretty sweet and you go pretty much any website.

Just scan your finger again and boom. You got a keys. Easy access to your websites and auto signs..


You in just have to click on it. Which already showed you another thing. I m going to show you the quality of the sound. Let s go ahead checked.

And say up your hit resume and wait time wait times about like maybe a minute and a half and let s crank this baby up all the way up so you guys can hear the bass. So that has a little bit white on if you see that the white that s from the backlight. Oh and the back right here. I like the fact that the logo lights up.

It s kind of neat feature. I think they got that off at apple. Though all right came up with that first i like it makes it it doesn t make it look boring in the back. And the price.

I got it was 800 united states dollars. I m going to show you the specs at the end thanks for watching post. A comment subscribe to tampa tech. And check out my other youtube videos and um.

Also i m going to show you the specs so right here. Just wait also another thing i want to add you don t have to hold down the function key to access any of these keys up here you just have to everything simple waterproof skin so in case you spill anything on it he ll protect your keyboard in your computer. So it s very ten dollars. It s a smart investment so i ” .


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