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Now. This is a new video which i m doing it s a little tutorial. How you can see who subscribed to you if you have a comment go ahead tell me in the comments below how many people you have subscribed to you if you re trying to get more subscribers. If so how how how are you trying to get yourself more subscribers let me know the comments below on how you trying to get more subscribers also if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you dislike this video or if i m wrong with something going videos is a thumbs down and also if you want to see more videos from me hit the subscribe button it really helps me a lot it helps you allow out a lot because then you ll have to come around looking for me all over the place trying to find my videos because you like them.

But then you forget to subscribe hit that subscribe button right now so then you can see my future videos so let s get right onto today s video today i m gonna show you how to see your subscribers there we go yeah this way i m gonna show you is how you re gonna see who s subscribed to you and how you can click on them so like let s say if i go to dynamite tree right now boom dynamite tree. I m on there and on their youtube channel they 526 describers now i m not sponsoring anyone here anything like that i m just using these as examples cuz..

Their first on my list now how to get to this list you go ww youtubecom. Forward slash subscribers. If you don t do it just like that if you go like that it may take you to a user out there that s name subscriber. So if you go ahead and just type a subscribers just like so it would take you to this to your page get rid of the user you don t want user.

Because that takes you to the users. Which which has this names like fight wind. Again went again and went for slash users forward slash again we get up we got a users guy okaythen oh user users okay and then we see his description. But user this champ does not exist oop that gives me a good idea.

If you guys want to have this channel. It s open it s available this for this name subscribers go ahead and snag it well..

It s there snagit wells fresh. So right back to what we were doing here you can see it doesn t matter about how many slashes you have you can go like slash slash. I believe you can just go little. Let s see let s let this out yep doesn t matter it doesn t matter.

How many slashes you put it s always gonna work so just for shits and giggles. Let s do like this let s go look at the slashes go and it still works just fine. So you can play as many slashes as you want you don t have to worry about that it will always work for subscribers. Now these ones you if you put one too.

Many slashes it won t work. I don t think let s try this out no..

It was just comic record cool. So this matter. How many slash you put in wherever you put in slashes they re all gonna outer correct or they re all gonna work just fine so like i said before you can either click the link in this description below. If you want to see who is subscribed to you or you could type subscribers at the end of youtubecom.

Forward slash subscribers let s see who is subscribed to you tonight you d have to make sure you are logged into your google. Account or into your youtube account in order for this to work. It will not pop up with mine. They ll pop up with yours.

So i hope you found this video. Very beneficial again..

If you d like to give it a thumbs up if you have any questions or things i missed say so in the comments below and i m going to answer your comments in the comments below and or in on future video. If you guys want to see future videos from me go ahead that hit that subscribe button. It s really beneficial for me and you because that means you can find me easier. And i can bring you my video is easier.

So. This has been the moral gamer. I hope that you found this very beneficial and i ll see you guys next time ” ..


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