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“This video. I m going to show you how to make an end of our our sample well you start making your own a bar sample. My compound of interest deuterated nmr. Solvent and nmr tube.

An animai lid. Some pets and some cost more for filtering. Nmr is quite an infinitive technique. So we need to have quite a large amount of sample.

A couple of weeks for a proton nmr. And maybe about 20..

Meg s for a carbon nmr. They need to do is dissolve up our. Sample. Musing.

Deuterated. Chloroform and you need to use about in 07. Male of solvents. This should give you about four centimeters of death.

You re right about you make sure your sample is mixed to filter your sample into a short compact. It s useful to use a longer pet..

It s pop. The cotton wall can then put this filter top foreign amar. To and ad. Our dissolved santo not solvent be sure to use a fresh pipette to add more and you should have your hole centimeters depth in your nmr tube.

I like to put the lid on lots of other people will also be running out of our samples. So it s important to label your sample. Too carefully next. We go to the nmr machine.

No i ve arrived in the nmr lab. I m going to put my sample on the 400 megahertz nmr spectrometer that you can see here..

Because i added some extra solvent to my sample earlier just going to make sure. It s thoroughly mixed. When you arrive at the nmr machine need to pop your sample into a sample holder and use the depth gauge to make sure that the sample goes. The appropriate depth into the probe can you give the sample white for the tissue on the outside to remove any contamination.

That would otherwise get into the nmr probe and in order to lower our sample carefully into the nmr machine without breaking it turning on a supply of compressed air such that the nmr sample hovers on the bed of air. Once samples hovering we can turn off the air supply and it will be lowered slowly into the center of the magnet alternatively. If you re short of time. You can use one of the automation machines in this case.

The robot arm will pick up a sample for you all you need to do is once again tell. It..

Which experiments you d like to run and which solvent. You re using well. It s a sign paul is in the nmr spectrometer. We can give the spectrometer.

Some information about the sample that we want to run just need to tell it that we re using deuterated chloroform. As our solvents and that we want to run a proton otherwise known as hydrogen nmr experiment. Then we can start the quiring. Our data and a few moments later we can then process the data to turn it into a spectrum as you can see on the screen.

” ..

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