How to get Zygarde 100% Form in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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” s going on youtube united gamer here and welcome to another pokemon ultra sun and and moon guide. Today. I m gonna be showing you how to get dye a 100 form. But thank god it does not have to do with collecting a hundred cells this time is it a lot easier to do do note that cannot be done until you become the champion of the lola region.

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The united family today and with all that being said let s go ahead and get straight into the video after becoming the champion you want to make your way over to pony island. We re gonna go into resolution cave. You can see in the bottom right where we are going i ll go ahead and head on in you re gonna have to make it to the very bottom. It s not really that complicated.

All we re gonna be doing inside..

Here is actually catching zygarde this time. But it s not gonna be is 100 form you still have to do a little bit more to actually get that but come on in here go ahead and save make sure you do that just in case. Something goes wrong. And then catch the zygarde like most legendary s in this game.

He s not that difficult to catch it only took me a few tries and throwing some dust balls at him. He is gonna be at level 60. So make sure you come in here with some powerful pokemon cuz. He does no moves like lands.

Wrath and such but go ahead weaken him and then catch him and then we are gonna make our way back over to route 16. So right now we have zai guards 50. Form in other words we have 50 zygarde cells. So we still need 50 more that s what we re gonna be doing here on route 16 come over here and we re gonna talk to tech co and cena here.

We re actually gonna have to battle dex hero and once you defeat him they will give you 50 more zygarde cells..

And then it just has to do with separation and reassembling to get zygarde 100 form once you defeat him. He s gonna give you his eye guards ten percent for him now we have 60 cells pretty much but then cena s gonna give us the zygarde cube with 40 more cells and then bam. You have all 100 zygarde cells within like five minutes feels pretty good after what happened last year. Now we only have one step left.

But before we do that we need to decide which zygarde. We want to have as our final form. The one we caught or the one that dec. Co.

Gave us. So you can tell they have different moves like this zygarde has crunch earthquake camouflage and dragon poltz. As for the other one he has lans wrath bleurgh safeguard and dragonbreath which technically you can reach each moobs. It also could come down to which nature you think.

It s better like this one has an up and attack..

Which is really good for zygarde. So i m gonna go with this one for right now and not to mention is even a higher level and once you decide which zygarde do you want to keep we re gonna make our way over to this machine and then we re gonna go to separation and then we re gonna separate as i guard back into cells and it s gonna put it in the zygarde cube. This is the one that you don t want to keep so right now. I m gonna use the one we caught so all this is doing is putting that zygarde back into the cube.

And that was his 50 form. So it puts 50 zygarde cells back in the cube. Where we already have 40. So that makes 90 in then we re gonna add this on by going to assembly zygarde and zygarde cube and we re gonna add this on to his 10 for him daddy already has and that will make 100 zygarde cells into one zygarde.

I know that was a mouthful. But i hope that makes sense and once you see where it says he ll actually have the power constructability that s how you know you did it right because that s actually how you get zygons 100 form. Yet again. Where you have to get him to half health and then he ll transform into his 100 form.

Because as you can tell right now..

He s still in his 50 form it will not take effect until he gets into half health which i ll show you right now and you saw in the beginning of the video. But that pretty much does it if you did find this guide helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up. I do appreciate all the support on these videos guys if you do have any questions comment below. But if i don t respond the best place to get in contact with me is at twitter at united gambhir 101.

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” ..

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