How to Connect E-Drums for Rockband 4 Pro Drumming on Xbox One/ PS4

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“A drums for rock band drums is better than using the overpriced equipments of that that rock band sells rock band drums as it designed by mad catz or pdp easily breakable and do not provide enough ease to play songs as intended for pro mode. I have personally gone through about three of the sets that rock band has sold and i ve had to repair and replace many of the pads that come from other kits that i find out a good will spending a little extra money on an affordable ek. It works with many benefits you get to play rock band pro mode with much more ease and alternatively you can use the e drums to learn how to play real drums. So let me go break down to you what exactly you re going to need you re first gonna want to pick up a rock.

Band 3. Pro mini. Adaptor it s 1999. For xbox 360.

39. 65. For playstation and while there s no rock band. 4 for nintendo.

But you can t buy it for the wii for 2347 this adapter will make a mini out connection from either a keyboard rock bands guitar and an e drum kit of course for rock band 4 you re only going to be able to use the drum mode on this module. It will allow you to control and navigate the menu around the console help manage sensitivity of the e kit to reduce crosstalk. This is a wired connection and does not come with a midi cable. So you re going to need that as well mine is very sticky with some kind of residue on its and i have no idea why.

But i m just gonna deal with it because i m afraid i might damage it while cleaning it so. The mini cable you can buy pretty cheap on amazon for a 545 for five beats. You don t need it to be to long as you ll only be connecting the midi adapter to the electronic drum set and then to your legacy adapter for the xbox one so let s talk about this pdp legacy adapter. This adapter is only for players that play on the xbox one this takes the usb and apps.

It to become recognizable for the next..

Gen console. If you re playing on ps4. This is not necessary. You should be able to just plug in the midi.

8. Pro adapter into the console and start playing this is needed because xbox is not back with compatible at all pdp. No longer sells this adapter. Which was about 25.

So you ll now have to scavenge around the net. If purchased for some on a reasonable prices like upwards to around 100. I made sure to buy a mine before it would come down to that so connecting this all together is really simple just plug the mini cable from your drums mini output port from the module into the mini pro adapter and then from the mini pro adapter into the wired legacy adapter and lastly from there you ll just plug that into a usb ports on the console. Once again.

If you have a ps4. The legacy adapter is not necessary once that s set up you re almost ready to go you need to make sure that all the symbols and pads on the drum set are set up correctly and connected to the drum sets. The drum set should automatically transfer over exactly the same way as a regular rock band drum set would if it doesn t then you re going to need to do some configuring. I m going to demonstrate how this works on two different drum sets.

The first is a role in tv. 10. Roland is definitely a beast when it comes to electric drum sets. They make some of the most high quality drum sets that are meant to sound and feel like you re playing a real drum set this module that i have is their older models and is no longer sold in fact i am borrowing this set just for this video to give you an example of how using a high quality sets can affect your gameplay than with a budget friendly sets roland cd.

Series can run up to over 1000..

So. If you re really serious about playing a jumps. Then roland would be the way to go the t d. 10.

Does offer a midi out. Which is exactly what i need to connect it to the adapter now only a little bit of configuring is needed to set up this drum sets. One of the first things i turned off was the click on the snares rip. This will definitely mess you up on the game.

If you don t turn this thing off first as it ll count your hits. Sometimes it s double if you re not careful you ll notice that i have four symbols. I got my hi hat crash medium. Crash and ride now the game in pro mode.

Only supports three different symbols. So one thing. I did was used a queer inch. Splitter to tie together.

Both the hi hats and crash. Together this would sometimes work. But because the splitter was connected to two different symbols. You can bet that there would be some crosstalk that may accidentally trigger or register your hits as double.

If you weren t careful about how hard you were hitting it s all around this drum set is perfect..

If you re trying to score full combos and will definitely get you to the top of the leaderboards. However there are some major drawbacks when going with this option other than spending thousands of dollars on the drum set you may use just for rock bands. The set itself is very big heavy and could take a while to set up when all you want to do is game. This is why i went with the current drum set that i m using now which is the alesis nitro kits.

It s currently on sale at amazon for 300. I ll post a link in the description. If you d like to purchase. But it is one that i highly recommend you buy just for rock band pro drums.

There is much that can be said about the set. It s budget friendly it comes with everything you need and included drum brain. Such as inputs for your ipod extensions to the kit. Itself and of course that handy midi out connection that makes it work for rock band.

4. Now the drums itself doesn t feel very durable in fact some of the parts like the ones. That sits on the other side of the cymbals are made of plastic and are very breakable. If you re rocking out too.

Hard also the rubber pads do make you feel a little restrained while playing because they don t give you that rebound a real sets or rollin set would but other than a few of those drawbacks. This is the perfect sets you use if you re really serious about getting into rock band. It s also very small in life which makes it easier to transport and set up easily. This was also the cheapest jump set.

I found that comes with a beater pad..

Which will put your feet to work. As you ll be able to use an actual kick pedal. Like the pearl double bass that i m using for this kit. I would recommend to not use the high hat cymbal control with this kit as it does register as a second pedal.

That you won t need and can throw you off if you use. It accidentally also be sure that you set up this jump set. Correctly. As there is a designated snare pad that comes equipped with two zones for those clicks.

The drum set settings can t really be messed with a lot so being able to do things like disabling. The quick will not be possible. However you can set it to trigger less likely. This is one that i m using and i think it s perfect for what it needs to be used for i ve been using it for a couple of months now and i m very happy with this purchase rock band pro drums should be the only way you should play drums on rock band as it forces you to play the song.

Almost exactly that is meant to be played this does come with a bit of a learning curve especially. If you re only used to playing with four pads that came with the regular rock band kits or never played with a real set. But it is definitely worth perfecting alright guys thank you so much for watching this video let me know in the comments. If you have any questions regarding this setup.

And how it works i ll see you guys in the next one ” ..

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