How to Connect a Xbox One S Console to a DVI Computer Monitor

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“There mulling twins from my mate vince common in this video today. I m going going to show you how you can connect up your xbox 1s console to a computer monitor now it doesn t matter if you ve got the xbox one or the xbox one s. The same will apply to both consoles. So if you have a look at the back of this monitor.

We ve got a vga input and a dvi input. Now the bbi would always be a better input. So if you ve got a choice of using both of them go for the dvi as digital. Why the vga is analog now it s easy to do even though the back of the xbox.

Only outputs hdmi. So you haven t got any dv eyes to plug in a dvi to dvi. But it s fine. They re both digital signals so you don t even need anything to convert the signal.

All you need to do is get yourself either a cable or an adapter depending on what setup. You want so if you re buying something from you. And you haven t got any existing cables anything then the best option would be just to get an hdmi to dvi cable like this. I think.

This is a three meter. One it was about 4 pounds something from amazon and it s really nice quality. If you re adamant that you do want to use for example their hdmi lead that came with the xbox and what you can do is you can buy one of these adapters here so this is just that hdmi to hdmi. I think this is the one off the playstation makes no difference.

But if you have a look. Here. This is a male dvi to a female hdmi and the idea of this is this side would plug into your xbox and then on this end. This bit here would plug in to the monitor like so and then you would potentially my cable straight into there like that so it ends up converting the hdmi over to dvi if you want to reuse your existing dvi lead.

Then what you can do is so this is the dvi lead. What you can do is you can get one of these adapters again all these adapters only 2 or 3 pound off ebay and amazon they re not expensive. This is a female dvi to a male hdmi on with this one this side would go straight into the back of the monitor. And then this bit would go in under xbox like so and then that converts it to be hyper.

Then you would put the other end of the dvi cable in here. So it doesn t matter. Which one you use they re all digital. They will all work as well as each other so in this setup.

Why don t we use i suppose. This one is probably the best connection. Purely because it s only connecting one two times or with these ones they connect in one two and then three so when you re using the adapter you are bringing another connection into it so if you ve got the choice just go with this cable. But it really makes no difference.

They will all work as well as each other so that s that s going to set up now the thing about using dvi is that you won t get any sound out of it it was picture only so even though over a normal html cable. You re going to get picture and sound. When you re bringing it to dvi you re only going to get the picture. Even though this little monitor here does have little speakers down the bottom.

It still won t bring any sounds out of the speaker s itself. So we have to do something else to get the sound out. And i ll show you that after we get the picture working let s get the cable connected up so we re going to plug the cable into here like so do a little thumb screws and now come this bit here plug it into hdmi out and now let s turn it on now depending on what your monitor would set to last time for example on this one it sobers last being used on the nature. You might so i m going to have to change the input to dvi so different monitors will be different on this particular monitor.

I ve got buttons hidden underneath here so i m just going to tap them off them have a few of them and hopefully. It will bring up the options right here we go and now i can go down to dvi. So i m going to use the up and down arrows and i ve got it to dvi now because it was on hdmi and now i m going to go to the inputs and now it s on the dvi input and straight away. There you see that the picture has come up.

But there s no sound so like i said even though. The speaker s got even though the monitors got speakers. There s no sound coming out. Now the good thing about the xbox one and the xbox 1s is that we do have different options to get sound out of it now obviously normally when you re connected to your tv.

Via hdmi. You will have sound and picture through there. But that s not an option with dvi. But we have got this here.

Which is a toslink out. Which is the s pdif. This one here little red light shining out of it so it s nice and simple. What we can do is you might already have a sound system that you can plug that straight into.

But i don t here so what i m going to do is plug in this little adapter here now this is a digital to analog audio converter..

So if you have a look on this side here we ve got the s pdif. Which is basically a toslink connected as an optical cable in so that s the input. We also have to connect it to a 5 volt power supply and then outputs. We ve either got your twin photos.

Which is your left and right your white and red phone outputs also known as rca. Well look at that you ve got a little 35. Millimeter jack. So we can plug in some speakers.

Into. There. Or you can plug your sound system. You know your aux in into.

There. Now. What i will say is if you re happy using your headset. You don t have to get involved in any of this because all you ve got to do is plug your headset straight into here.

So i will show you that working after i ve set this up so you might not need to get this. But if you prefer to have the sound just coming out you know if you re playing like split screen with another person. And you don t want to be using the headset. You might want the option have it coming out of your senses.

The more separate speakers so in this video. What movies. I m going to show you it working on this little speaker. Here and then i ll show you how to get a set up on the headset over there as well all right so.

What we need to do is this much from straightforward it comes with the adapter and it comes with two cables. It comes with a little optical cable. A little toslink cable. And it comes with a little usb cable to give it power now with the usb you can either plug.

It in because. It s only a 5 volt input. 5. Volts.

Pc. You can either plug. It into a usb. 5.

Volt. Charger. So your old phone charger will do the job or what i m going to do this. I ve got a spare ports here s a usb port so i m just going to plug it into one of my spare usb ports.

You ve got two at the back and you ve got one down the front here so it s just camera bear. So. What i m going to do is i m going to plug the power into there and straight away. Now the adapt has got power going into it and now.

I m going to get the optical lead that came with it and i m going to plug the optical in now with these. It is shaped its flap at the top and then it s sight to slightly champers down the bottom. So you do need to plug it in the right way. It will only go in one way so that plugs in there and then the other side.

I need to plug it in again making sure. It s the right way around to the flap at the top and i need to plug that in there and they just click into place so now i ve got the audio into this. But i need to get audio out of it so this would be for example if you were to set it up on some different system with a coaxial input. So on this one on the xbox.

You will be just using the crosslink the s. Pdif input. So what i m going to do is let s just plug in this little speaker. Here.

I ve got a little portable speaker. Here. Let s just plug it in to the. Headphone jack.

Here so out of the..

Speaker i ve got a 35 millimeter cable. And it s going to go into. There. Like so alright.

Let s see if we ve got a sound. Yes. We have there we go so now he listen there you can see now that i have got sound. If i were to go to forza welcome back vincent lastly.

We re here we heard a rumor that depart fine don t you could fish are too loud for me now and the good thing is the pictures. Lovely and clear as well a lot of people like to use in monitors. Because of the refresh rate on the input lag. Let s hope these nice okay.

So that s the sound out of there now if that s not working you may have to enable the audio output. So if you go across to settings. So here and then go across to all settings. Then if you go down to display and sound and go across to audio output.

And if you have a look there if i was to go down to optical audio you might find that it might be off so obviously now if it s off as you can see it s not making any sound. So if you find that you do this and it s not working just go across to audio output press a and then you need to go to optical audio press. A and you need to turn it on or turn it to stereo uncompressed. There we go and now we ve got a sound back again.

Let s say for example. If you don t want to get involved with this optical output. If you re happy just to use the headset. So let s just disconnect all of the optical well.

I see what i m going to leave that in for the time being because you can still connect it to here. And have the sound coming out of both of them at the same time so if i plug in this to here. Then what will happen is if i go back to folder. Now i m just going to turn the speaker off for a minute.

I ve got it coming out of both of them. Now you were here it will come out of here. Yet so it comes out of there so that s that as if you don t want it obviously coming out of here. You can just turn it off or turn the volume down again.

You can if you want plug your speaker. Straight. In you can plug your speaker. Straight into.

Here. As well so for example that lead now might be a little bit heavy. When you re actually using it but then you lower it down. So you can have your speaker plugged in there so for example.

If you wanted to watch netflix. And you didn t really you need to have the controller in your hand. And you could just leave it down. And you would have the output via the speaker straight from your controller itself now if you wondering how to change.

The settings and stuff on the controller for volumes and stuff then if you again just go over to settings. And now you ve got these new settings here as soon as you plug in your headset. These settings will come up so. If i were to unplug.

The speaker then they re not there if i was to plug it in then go it will come up your seat. So now. If you have a look. There you ve got headset.

Volume that you can turn down and turn up you ve got a headset chat chat mixer so you can have it louder or quieter and more to do with the chat rather than the game audio and mic monitoring as well so there you go you can have a little play around with it there now when it comes to the actual settings for the video. Then what you can do is again go over to the output. They go to all settings and then again display and sound just can t go to video output and press. A and if you have a look.

There it says tv resolution 1080p. You i want to change it to 720p. If your monitor can t quite. Handle 1080p.

So you can just change..

It. There like so and then it will be 720p. So now that s in 720p. But this monitor here can handle 1080p so i m just going to change it back there we go so that s it that s how to connect up your xbox.

One all your xbox 1s to a computer monitor using dvi and the different options to get sound out of it. So i hope you found the video useful if you re interested in getting one of these adapters. This is the one here let me just tell you how much that cost. So i that one was 995 off amazon.

So then it s not a lot of money and it comes with your adapter and the little cable as well so then hopefully you will have some speakers around the house that you can just plug into it or again. You can get a set of speakers for not a lot of money. The other option is of course. If your monitor has speakers.

Which this one does then what you can do is you can plug the lead from here straight into the monitor. But what i find is that i find it s quite quiet in this particular one. So. Let me just do that now.

There s a little audio pin at the back. You can see it doesn t work. It s quite quiet that s um full volume. So that s one 100 value you can see if there was a bit of noise in the background.

You wouldn t really hear that very well okay. So i hope you liked the video. Please give a thumbs up if it helped you out and please subscribe for more how to lves in this section of the game do drag on a bit not that it s entirely unrealistic in fact. I think it captures the frustration of being on standby rather well engaged in numerous drills and trainings.

When you feel like you should be actually out there trying to make a difference with the second simulation down. We return to cav. She then tells us to report to colonel kubus paul of the bajoran militia. I ve already covered the role of the militia has in my post dominion bayshore video.

So thankfully. I don t have to go through all of that again we find him in the local militia station. And he has two tasks for us as with the others both aimed at keeping the peace. A spokesman in the main square is spouting anti federation sentiments that is riling up the crowds his chance includes beige or for the joran s and the like and he s fearful that starfleet being here without warning is akin to the cardassian occupation.

This is the one we ll address when we work our way to the fountain in the square to find this individual and while his concerns might to us seem. Frankly nuts we have to remember that the cardassians also approached by showing the spirit of hospitality. Then they just didn t go we can listen to what he says and address his concerns one by one we start by reassuring him that one of the key federation mandates is to protect the cultural heritage of its member worlds just because you re a federation citizen doesn t mean you re not a bezoar he cites the loss of the des jarrah caste system in opposition to that argument and we rebuke that things like art are not affected by a caste system creatives will always create they don t need to be told to do so he expressed his concern over the fact suits their religion may be in peril. The federation having no official beliefs or preferences wheat actually point out that if he believes in the prophets.

Then they must still listen regardless of what others think he also points out how starfleet in the kdf have already made themselves at home just as the cardassians did and we stress that this is all temporary and that if the local governments want will leave behind or remove any modifications. We make a treasure in discretion. The exchange continues like this covering medical centers to holosuites to the loss of resources from the occupation still affecting some areas of beige or to pollution. And the affirmation that the federation has already been trying to heal these issues eventually he stands down and i ve got to admit to some personal irritation.

I understand where he s coming from. But bozo has been a federation world for 25 years already and this is the first time things don t go to plan. And there s a mob. The next thing we have to do is check on the orb of prophecy and change at the temple and all of which we returned.

I might add now last time. I was here i hadn t experienced that let s just hope that doesn t happen to get now damn it you are not grateful we saved page or at the cisco s insistence it cost him dearly we moved the fleet. But we needed to put it back a hand that remains closed ceases to be a hand the fleet needs to exist as you must return okay. Thinking of what they said though they moved the fleet at cisco s insistence and that a hand that remains closed ceases to be a hand a closed hand is a fist.

So are they talking about all these falls. The constant warfare that has engulfed that quadrant there why adds to it with the dominion fleet peace and quiet that s what we need i think you might be right on the money actually our final task for the day is to try to eavesdrop on ds9 through a subspace array. We ve set up in order to do this we re going to have to scan through every frequency across different ranges. We can pick up some interesting things before we stumble on the correct open line look.

That s not the one eventually. A bartender at quarks answers. His name is hadron and we ve joined his personal hidden subspace channel. That he uses for legitimate business.

We asked him about the jem hadar and he tells us they re all for customs. Had john says. That loris hasn t unleashed the jem hadar and the people remaining on the station. Yet or anything in fact.

She s been pretty amiable to them..

Although policing with an iron heel. He also mentions that he s overheard. Things caro kann and loris were apparently expecting another dominion fleets to arrive and a founder. And they talked as if the dominion war never ended they ve been searching the station for a changeling captive and interrogating anyone left behind.

We thanked hadron and to command hiv. She informs us that we are now prepared to communicate with ds9 and loris and captain kurland is waiting for us to join the talks. So they think. The dominion was still on right let s see how this goes who is this what do you want who let s not be so hasty guru khan.

They obviously went to a great deal of trouble to contact us. I am loras of the dominion temporary governor of deep space. 9. How can i help you thank you for agreeing to talk loras.

I am. Captain james kurland of the federation space station deep space nine. It is my hope that we can find a peaceful resolution to this conflict of course captain you want your station back. But this is a war and your station is my prize.

I know this will be hard for you to accept. But there is no war it s been over four decades your fleet was diverted when you attempted to pass through the wormhole. The prophets. There is a great deal we have to explain but please understand we are not your enemies.

I am not a fool captain we have reviewed the records and ds9 s data banks. Why should i believe this fantasy of profits and time travel show me proof say it s true alright then we can show her video footage from the end of the dominion wall or discuss the finer points of wormhole theory. Including time distortion. All read her their treaty of basel.

As much as i d love to do those last two. I think visual evidence would work better in this case. The dominion war continued after a combined starfleet and klingon force retook ds9 when the romulans entered the war on our side things began to turn the dominion recruited the breen to their cause. But the disease that was attacking the founders put them on the defensive.

They ultimately retreated out of most of the alpha quadrant creating a defense perimeter in cardassian space. Soon. After a cardassian official. Named amar.

Led a rebellion on cardassia prime breaking the standoff. The dominion was forced to surrender do not try to deceive me that cannot be what happened why should i believe these recordings are real good point. But we know from hadron that she is confused so he pushed a point home. We can ask her to check with any of the other species involved in the war.

We all have the same story you say the klingons are your enemies now but you show me recordings made by one of their starships. I cannot accept this as proof well why not fine we share our historical documentation with her so she can record it herself enough. I will consider your arguments carefully. But you must understand that i am under orders as well the founders gave me specific instructions before i left the gamma quadrant.

I accept that may have been many years ago. Nevertheless mere time cannot countermand the commands of the gods we are attempting to contact the dominion in the gamma quadrant as of yet. We have been unsuccessful until i speak to a founder and receive new orders. We will remain here deep space nine belongs to the dominion well.

We talked things over with the commander who s of the same mind currently it doesn t matter. What morris thinks we need to take back the station. But there are other factors at play here such as how with the current a dominion handle was just destroying this pocket of their forces. It would be a horrid end.

If more blood is shed over this confusion lloris seems to have come around to her predicament. But the vorta are genetically incapable of going against our founders orders. And her orders haven t changed a messy situation. Indeed.

There has to be a better way out so. Thank you for watching this episode of the star trek online. Story series. And i hope you ll be back next.

Time for the ever expanding narrative of star trek online as we try to work this one out. I ve been rick thanks again for watching. And i ll catch you later goodbye. ” .


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