How Much Mobile Data Do You Use?

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“We ve talked about phones recently. We ve talked about the latest ones coming out. Out. But what do you talk to you guys about mobile data and get an of how much you guys are using.

I m using about eight gigabytes per month. That s maybe not entirely true because i m peeing for iike gimmicks per month. How much i use every month goes up and down to be honest. I don t usually use that much at all you know i work from home and so my home a lot and i use wi fi and random i tend to just be like what s up or you know browsing the web that i use rather than watching videos.

But with her peoples and usually chop its have changed a lot over the last couple of years and people watching videos more the streaming spotify. They re doing all these things and that s using more data. But i came across a deal today and virgin and it s 100 gigabytes for 20 pounds a month..


So this is what got me thinking about this whole thing about mobile data air data whoever you want to pronounce that and so if you look at the actual deals right now this is actually pretty good when you look at the places of the rest of them you know i m paying 10 pounds. I ve got a deal last year s like 10 pounds for a gigabyte or loven pounds for the ego abate. So for another 10 pounds. I can get 100 gigabytes and for all intents and purposes.

That means i play much never have to worry about going over. And no there are some things to know and three also do 100 gigabytes of data at 27 points a month. But they offer tethering they allow you to set up a hotspot for your phone. And you can use it for your mobile phone and all that fudgin doesn t allow that so as in as good as ideal for for the loyal people as you first think because for that kind of internet connection for that kind of you know that level of data per month that level of bandwidth.

Most people will think that s perfect. I can say up a hotspot. I can you know use the dial through my tablet through my laptop or negau..


This is exactly what i m looking for but apparently as against their terms and conditions. They don t allow it and three do i love it so. If you re needing. Not you probably better leaning towards that and but for me as that s what that here s the thing as i said.

I don t actually need that amount that i don t watch videos on the moves. Really and i you know some once i make only whose two or three copies. We re our good user as youtube. You know you re watching youtube right now and and i ve done a few videos recently through my mobile phone.

And what normally do is if i record them outside my home so a weight tug at home and then upload them because you know an upload can take 600 gigabyte. A second jamaica bay. Could be up taking okay get me actually and i have not done any live streaming on the move..


So basically for an extra ten pounds per month. What i will be getting yes you know i could watch videos and all that but really what be giving myself is the ability to record and upload videos on the move and live streaming on the move how how much i m gonna use that i don t know so i haven t actually pulled the trigger on this myself you know i haven t a decided you i ve got a few days to decide this this deals going on for a few days. More and but i d love to hear what you guys think about this as 100. Gigabytes.

Excessive. And i realize you know for youtubers us is maybe an akane of niche thing. But it seems like a really good deal when you look at it considering you know what you re peeing. You know ten pounds gets you sucks gigabyte right now.

And. But the fact that other companies. Like three..


Offered a tethering personal hotspot is they re calling it for 27 points. And you know i would say that tethering the fact that doesn t have tethering as a big deal that you can t dispute that but it does give you what s up facebook and to i don t know that it gives you all that free that s pretty good you can roam in europe. You know so there s a lot of good things roll off idea keep on used as so. The next month.

You may get 200 gigabyte and so yeah. I d love to hear how you what how much do you guys use per month. I d love to hear what you guys use per month. And whether you think this is excessive layman let me know what you think in the comment area below.

And i ll speak to y all and the next one take care. ” ..

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