Heroes of the Storm: Tomb of the Spider Queen Overview

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“And welcome to another battleground overview for heroes of the storm. Let s take a a quick look at what you ll need to do to find victory in the of the spider queen tomb of the spider queen is a compact three lane battleground under the control of a mysterious and powerful matriarch. The queen controlling this cripple is willing to ally with you and your team in exchange for the riches gathered inside this dark tomb spider gems can be acquired off the spider minions that push down the lanes and by taking out enemy heroes. These.

Ethereal gems will not hang around indefinitely..

If you do not pick them up quickly. They will disappear forever turn in enough of these gems. And the spider queen will deploy her web weaver s to attack your enemies. Each subsequent time you return to seek the help of the spider queen.

She will ask for even more gems than before so prepare your supplication..

Accordingly. Once the web. Weaver s have been deployed. They will travel quickly down their respective lanes and enter the fray against your opponent s minions and fortifications each web level will summon periodic sets of melee warriors to support their efforts and is capable of having up to six active at any time.

The web leavers themselves..

Also periodically fire traveling aoe blast. That you will need to keep an eye out for victory in this tube will be decided by your team s effectiveness at controlling lane. You will want to do everything you can to acquire gems while also denying your opponent s access to them if you take out a hero carrying a wealth of gems. These gems will drop to the ground.

But only be available for recovery by the team that dropped them do everything you can to ensure that these displaced gems disappear..

Before your opponent s can recollect them and you will certainly find yourself inching ever closer to a win if you are unable to keep your enemy from gathering gems. You can deny their ability to turn them in at either of the two drop off locations due to the compact layout of the map and the objective design this battleground is ripe with action if you are looking to augment your strategy. There are also four mercenary camps and spread across the map will your team successfully please fighter queen or will she crush you ” ..


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