GTA Online: Doomsday Heist Act #1 – The Data Breaches Finale (Elite & Mastermind II)

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“Hood off now see i told you they d come back. Why do you do do that hmm because it makes me feel tingly inside it s enjoyable. Yeah so and i analyzed the data. I mean clifford analyzed the data.

And i analyzed clifford let me. Give you an example of my sort of thinking could you stop it with the keynote thing sorry can i make a call here i m calling you from a top secret former government facility. It was all a setup shortstop. I always wanted to call someone that listen you re going to get us all killed.

It s as clear as the very natural looking hair on my head. They re not plugs don t you see that the fact that they told you to fire me proves beyond all reasonable doubt that you were wrong. And this is a conspiracy let me give you an analogy. I m a visionary.


I see things this is about stopping a fucking war potluck of course of course. It s it s now it s fucking. Now. Clifford is right the data is clear.

It s right now. The entire department is out sharing meatloaf and potato salad. So their base can be permanently shut down. We have to do something now right well.

We are a bunch of armed felons and you re breaking all kinds of security clearances and discussing the musings of a badly named computer. No police force in the world is going to believe us you ll have to go there and stop it right now i ll pay i ll pay whatever it takes it takes a lot all right off. We go huh. I ll keep you posted come on let s go.


It s dan to me genius please remain in this after containment. Oh everything s fine. I know these people i supposed to be at a potluck who were they what the hell is going on these nice people saved us. Though.

We don t know each other by the way me and them. If you think you know me you don t who do you work for can i get this place on lockdown right now come on you imbeciles no there is no potluck. I don t give a shit about your banana cream pudding. Maybe next time you ll listen to me.

What s this cretin doing here saving your life once again. But for the covert operation. I financed you d all be dead and the country would be in the hands of well who exactly that s the problem this place has more leaks than the thing you try salad in but who and why can i login a clifford here sure it s russians we know it s russians this attack is one of their signature move that s the whole point. Mrs.


Rahman. It s meant to look like russians. We think. It s not russians.

Because that would be too easy. Now. Clifford says that there s a 99 probability. It is some russians not iran iran no clifford says clifford says it s this man codename bogdan.

Surname. Unknown russian agitator hitman and warmonger er. I m not buying any of it well someone just tried to kill you and the date of footprint tracks back to him look look at the graphics. Okay can we get some people on this right away.


Where s that buffoon which buffoon the one who caused the assault by the museum can i get some support here. Let s get out of here. Thank you bye both of you a congressional medal big party at the capitol. It s been an honor to serve oh go fuck yourself no not you clowns public sector clowns.

The cloud. The crowd held the cleaners could solve this problem with clifford. There is no problem now thank you very much i ll be in touch thank this work this where s my assistant. I m supposed to be giving a speech somewhere ” .


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