GARMIN FORERUNNER 220, 230, 235, 620, 630, 735 HRM Replacement Wristbands Wrist Straps

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“What s up everyone maybe some of you remember the video. I made over a a year ago about the garmin forerunner two three five. I still use this watch day. But recently a part of my wristband broke.

So i had to replace this in this video. I ll quickly tell you how i replace it and i ll show you the new one. Oh. My god i actually wanted to buy the original replacement wristband.


But it would cost me around 30 euros. Which i think is quite expensive so i started looking on amazon and aliexpress and found these cheap silicone replacement wristbands for the forerunner you can use them for it 20 to 30 to 35 626. 30. And even the 7 35.

And guess what these only cost around 3 euros. And even come with free tools. So you can replace them yourself. I m pretty happy.


I got these as the quality feels very similar to the original wristband and there are tons of styles you could get i d also spotted this stainless steel wristband which was around 15 euros and i decided to just buy it and see if it would give to 400 to 35 a cooler. Look now i must admit. It s not the best choice for outdoor activities and for some reason. I feel like the pain will come off if i wear it in the shower.

But hey it gives your forerunner a total different look and it might be cool for those of you who just want to wear their forerunner doing work and daily activities. It also comes with a little tool. So you can remove a few links to adjust the size you will also need a hammer to do this and if you don t have to play to put it in i suggest you put it on like take carpet or something. So the pin actually has some room to come out so before ending this video.


I regarded myself replacing a wristband only 400 to 35 and as you can see it s quite easy to do the only thing. That s a little weird is the way you have to hold these screwdrivers. They re so small. So it s hard to put pressure on the screw.

Without the screwdriver flying through your roof. But apart from that it s a really easy job and it will only take you around 2 minutes. To do so good luck with that so that s pretty much it for this video. I can imagine that after buying an expensive watch like the garmin forerunner 225.


If you don t want to spend tons of money on replacing the wristband so definitely look at the different websites for cheap replacements. If you have any questions. Please drop a comment below and if you liked the video hit the thumbs up and i ll see you guys in the next video bye rep. You can t build it ” .


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