Galaxy S7: Battery Saving Tips and Tricks How to get Amazing Battery Life!

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“You just picked up your shiny new galaxy s7. But you want a bit more more battery life well. I have a few tips that will help you squeeze out a couple check that you re gonna break the mold branch. Take control scope squad in the case closed real talk free to have a fun read every word unfilled agenda bond.

Read the first thing i suggest doing is getting a darker theme. You go into the theme store from your main menu and download any dark theme. I like the material design dark there s also material black as well these themes use way less battery due to more pixels being off on this type of screen after that heading to display then turn off smart stay this keeps your phone on if you re looking at the screen. Which is nice.

But this service actually drains more battery because it leaves your screen on longer and also is constantly running in the background..

Looking for your i also adaptive display is nice. But that also uses more power as well so go ahead and use a different mode and especially basic now it doesn t look the best. But it does give you the best battery life now. Obviously.

The always on display can take some battery life from you as well i really like it so i leave it on however. It can drain your battery faster than you like also a good thing to do is disable any app. You will not use. So headed to applications then select manage applications then tap on any application.

You will not be using then select disable..

This will make it so your app. No longer runs in the background. Now i went through and did this with several applications that came with my device. And i suggest doing it one at a time to see how it effects your system.

When you re going to be away from your phone for a while i turn on the power saving mode. And what this does is it turns off a lot of the background stuff that you normally don t need this also helps your phone go into a deep sleep. Faster also take advantage of the ultra power saving mode. Too when you are very low.

You can t do much..

But at least your phone isn t dead and of course just like every other phone turn off wi fi. When you don t need. It. And the same goes for bluetooth as well now guys.

These are the steps that i use to get myself really great batteries. My galaxy s7 of course you can opt to do different things or not do everything. And just kind of use a couple things so it s really up to you. But there s a lot of different things you can do to really tweak that battery as always guys.

This is kevin the tech ninja and stay tuned for more galaxy s7 coverage take care guys and katy tn..

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