Fujitsu s CELSIUS J550 & W550 Skylake Xeon Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro

fujitsu celsius j550 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Fujitsu s CELSIUS J550 & W550 Skylake Xeon Workstations with NVIDIA Quadro. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Name is stefan roxy. I m a product manager for particular service workstations today. We we re going to show you the latest entry level workstations. One is our power the celsius w.

550. And the other is the small form factor size of j5 50 with the soldiers j5 50. We shrunk. Our entry level workstation to a very small form factor model.

We integrated the latest into three on iii technology and this gives you the opportunity to have much more memory in the system. You can add up to 64 gigabytes of memory yet you also have the possibility to choose from the latest nvidia graphics technology and what s unique about this system is that you can add full height graphics cards so even if this is a small form factor model you still can put in a full height graphics card and the highest one you can use here is the k 2200 from nvidia can you imagine that in this small size form factor you can put up to fourteen point five terabytes of storage. And if you re really looking for high performance storage. You can add in em.

The two pci express ssds here the m naught. 2. Pci. Express ssd gives you the opportunity of reading 6 times faster from it than from a standard ssd when developing this system the celsius j5 50.

We put a lot of efforts in the air floor..

Why is that the airflow is key when you like to design a very silent system in our labs. We test the sound level of this machine and the result was around 20 db. So it s really an astonishing silence system. If you have the legacy pci cards for example.

Then you can choose a special opportunity in this model. Where you can get a dedicated pci slot in this machines. So it makes transitions of your it environment to a new technology. Much easier.

It s very easy to open the system so for maintenance purposes. It s quite easy to get inside the system here in front. You have the air inlet. So it perfectly can cool the memory of course.

The processor and also the graphics card so with this riser concept you can put a full height graphics cards inside and this is the option you can have a different riser with one pci express and one legacy pci. 4. Here so the w 550 with that we continue our entry level workstation in the tower format compared to this model of course. It has more room to integrate peripherals like our drives and graphics cards.

There you have actually two models you can choose from one is the standard one with 300 watts power supply..

If you choose the w. 550. With a 500 watt power supply you have the possibility to add in the m 4000 graphics cards from nvidia. If you take all those technology together then you are able to run very demanding cid applications and open your very very large scale models.

So it s a really powerful workstation even if it is an entry level workstation compared to the small form factor. Model. You have much more headroom in putting mass storage devices. Inside here you have 145.

Terabytes. In this machine. You have 27. Terabytes standard life cycle of a sizes.

Workstation is normally 15 to 18 months. So if you like to rely on a longer life cycle. That s a special model in the w. 550.

There we guarantee a life cycle of at least 36 months..

Ok. Let me show the inside of the w. 515. It s very easy to open.

So here you can see the power supply. This one comes. Either with 300 watts or 500. Watts.

A 500 watts. Power. Supply gives you the opportunity to put in more hard. Disks.

So in the model with a 500 watts. Power. Supply. You will have all this compartment here for more storage space with the quadrille m 4000 graphics card from nvidia this machine turns into a high performance 3d graphics workstation athenian iii running at very high clock rate is exactly the cpu you like to choose if you re having interactive 3d.


So these two systems are perfectly designed for people working in architecture or engineering. Or in mechanical design. So today. I showed you our latest sales of workstations.

One is the unique new form factor the cells j5 50. And the other one is the tower model w5. 15. The w.

550. You can get with an extended long life cycle of at least three years. Both of these systems are designed to be very quiet so they perfectly fit in any office environment. If you d like to get more information on fujitsu says.

Those workstations visit our website at ” ..

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