Faces of Greed: Walton Family of Walmart

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“Family. The walton family owns more wealth than the bottom forty percent of the american american people the wal mart heirs are worth over a hundred and sixty billion dollars same family has fired about ten thousand people just this year. And walmart workers are struggling to get by on low wages. Recently walmart raised their company s minimum wage.

Something workers across the country have been protesting for but it is nowhere near enough. A walmart worker. Making. 11.

An hour and working full time under the company s definition would take home just nineteen thousand four hundred and forty eight dollars a year..

Let s compare that to how the waltons do in the year. The waltons drew their wealth by over forty three billion dollars between march of 2017 and march of 2018. Many walmart employees have to depend on public assistance. Because their salaries are so low.

A 2014 report found that in 2013. Walmart cost taxpayers more than 6 billion dollars in public assistance programs by not paying their workers a living wage and beyond that walmart s cheap goods from china cost over 400000. Us jobs between 2001 and 2013 last year four of the waltons made 12 point seven billion dollars in one day to make as much as those waltons did in that one day it would take for walmart workers working full time earning. 11.

An hour over a hundred and sixty three thousand years..

The company has a history of treating workers poorly in 2005. They were charged with breaking child labor laws in 2016. A report found they were still using sweatshop labor in 2017. They were sued by female employees for making employment discriminations based on gender in 2005.

They were caught denying meal breaks to employees and paid a hundred and seventy two million dollars to the nearly hundred and sixteen thousand employees who couldn t eat lunch while at work last year. Walmart was accused of punishing employees for taking sick days workers have tried to unionize so they can get fair wages and treatment from the company. But walmart has a history of union busting or nothing. But blood sucking parasites.

The company has shut down stores that have attempted to unionize last year at walmart annual shareholder meeting..

Some workers stood up to their employer. Too many of us are still part time too many of us have schedules and hours that change so frequently. We can t plan our lives or line up a second job too many of us still can t pay our bills. The unfairly policies reduce hours and low pay make it difficult for most of us to pay our bills and to take care of our families.

Do you really think that it makes sense to cut programs that people desperately need and give massive tax breaks to the children of the wealthiest family in this country well. I m not gonna comment on the specifics of the waltons or the cokes. I m sure they ve done plenty of estate planning. And they ve both been very philanthropic and there are charitable contributions in 1988.

The family decided to start the walton family foundation..

My parents spent a lot of time talking about the importance of giving back in 2014. The foundation had about two billion dollars to its name how much of that came from the walton family. Only fifty eight point forty nine million which was less than the estimated value of rob waltons collection of vintage sports cars and less than alice walton spent on two works of art. So what do you think between the cars and the art.

Do the waltons have enough money to pay their employees a living. ” ..

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