Easiest way to create an Apple ID (without credit card)

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“Guys and welcome to a new tutorial this time is not for the computer. This this one is for the iphone. I know that i make tutorials for anthro face the other videos editing systems. But this one would be for the ios users around the world.

So. Today s lesson is for the people who just came to the highest world and of course. The first thing to do is to create an apple account so you can download apps from the app store so first thing you do is just go to the settings in your new iphone and just go down scroll down do you see the itunes and of course. You can see the app store icon and just press on the itunes and app store you will find something basically like this page in front of you i have blank spaces so first thing to do is you can press on apple id.

If you do have already have an apple account..

But if you don t you can just scroll down and create a new apple id. So there is one thing to notice is that when you come to create account from this page. You might face some problems and one of the problem is that you would have and this is not an option for you to put your visa informations. So if you don t want this thing to happen with you you can just go back like what i m gonna do right now and just go to the app store itself so bear with me for a minute.

Just i m turning off the wi fi connection and turn on the 3g. Because i m not in the house at the moment so first thing. We ll do is we ll go to the app store itself. It s going to take a while we don t have the fastest world you you can go to the top chart and just wait i think it s gonna take longer than i thought and now i wait until i see the apps and specifically i want the free apps.

Because we re not gonna see the visa informations so you ve gotten out the paid apps..

Which in front of you but for me i ll go just jump to the free apps. So first thing like this app. Now is i don t know what is it cap i love devious i m just gonna download it and a message will pop up in my face and will tell me that i m sorry. I don t have account you have to create an account or if you have already account you can just write down informations.

It s taking longer than i thought again okay good. This is the message it would tell you to sign in you have to sign in to download apps from the app store and you can either use an existing apple id or you create a new apple id for me. I don t have an apple id. So i ll create a new want by pressing on this option.

Let s go and choose united states for example..

Just press next and now we have the agreement you can just go on by pressing on agree yes. I agree and then we will just move on to the next page just write down informations nothing really difficult about the next step. I ll do it and i ll jump to the next page. Okay now this is the tricky part now from here you can choose none.

And you can now not to enter your visa or mastercard informations. So if we went and create account from the settings from that point you ll have to enter your informations. You know you have to choose one of the options for the four options and if you don t have pizza. Then you will have it will be stucked you know and you can see the code enter killed for gifts.

We don t have any gifts from here the billing address as i said before you can just write your informations you can write it down your first name last name address city and all the other things okay..

This is the last step now apple has sent you an email and you can just go to your email as in this page. And just press on the link. And they will just get you back and verify your account and then you can just download apps. As much as you like thanks for watching.

I hope it was a ” ..

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