Dragon Age: Origins Review

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“Has created some epic games as fast baldur s gate knights of the old republic republic and mass effect to name a few now comes dragon age a game that every bit as giant as their past efforts. The sheer amount of stuff that you can do on this game is mind boggling. I filleted well over 150 hours. And i ve only done some of the things that you can do in this game.

Yeah. You re really going to have to clear out a few weekends for this one. The story is very good. There s a ton of characters history and details that really bring the world to life.

The general background is that a group of magic users trade with um gods. But cast down from heaven for their efforts and became dark spot and dwell underground. They re looking to resurrect powerful monsters called archdemons to lead them up to the surface and swarm. The land now obviously.

This is bad you pick one of six possible characters and you become a key figure in the resistance now i m glossing over pretty much everything..

But you really should know that the story is very gripping and satisfying in the end once you complete the first thing. We ll notice in the game is the level of customization available to you there are three races human elf and dwarf who can be one of three classes a warrior. A mage or a rogue each race has two different backgrounds that change how the world treat you and each class has four specializations that will grant them special abilities. The impressive part about this is that the backstory of whatever race and background.

You choose can change the game drastically in terms of graphics. The game looks really sharp on the pc. There s little pop inter screen tearing. And there s some really good texture.

Work. Unfortunately. The console versions look. A lot muddier.

And there s a lot more hitches here..

And there now if you have the option and the computer that can support it definitely go for the pc. The music is great. But some of the voice work is hit or miss. It s your typical ceo of british accents with some performers that are quite good and other performers that don t do nearly as well who is that grey wardens well he s not half as dead as he looks is he the game has a unique setup each of the six characters has an origin story that can be played through in about 45 minutes.

Once you get to a main plot point where a giant battle occurs the entire world opens. Up further the combat is as varied as the character customization. Now theoretically you can play it in real time on the pc. But if anyone does i want proof of it in video.

That s simply because given the sheer amount of enemies you fight each one with their own unique tactics and your other party members playing in real time is practically insane my preferred way involves tactical pausing you pause the game is show command and micromanage the whole thing i stress all of this for the pc. Because the console version is really designed around action instead of micromanagement. You have quick slots for skills and a radial wheel to issue commands and auto locking targets whenever you get into combat you should be aware. Though the heightened focus on action makes the gameplay much easier than it is on the pc.

In fact..

It s entirely possible to play large chunks of the game. Without even pausing once one thing to note. However. Is that the console version doesn t have a top down camera view.

Which can limit some of your tactical decisions. The console version isn t broken in any way. But i did feel that there was a greater degree of options on the pc side one great thing and all the versions is how you interact with your party. The decisions that you make during the game will make them like you a little bit more or a little bit less which can lead them attacking you or potentially even leaving if they really start to hate you now if you build a good relationship.

They can teach you abilities or unlock side quests this entire thing is a lot to take in but all of this affects how you lead your troops. It s really great to see that your actions actually have consequences on your entire. Party dragon age is a deep game to say the least. I ve been going on for a while and i still haven t really scratched the surface.

There s a ton to do on the game..

And you ll actually want to replay it as different characters just to see the results of different decisions. You make and seeing how bioware set this game up with expansions and downloadable content. In mind you ll probably be playing this for a really long time i mean seriously like i said at the beginning. I m 150 hours in and i still want to keep playing while the ps3 version has more graphical hitches and issues in the 360.

It s still an enjoyable action focused journey throughout ferelden on the consoles. However. If you want the full tactical experience. You ll definitely want the pc version.

Which is clearly the best one of this tale for the full written review including differences between all three. ” ..

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