Destiny 2 Scourge raid (all for one ,one for all) Challenge

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“Got like 40 of them mortal. I ve got fucking 12. I have 0. So so exactly you got plenty.

I had no legendary shots a week ago so exactly have 45 should use a little boy how many shot you go i have 103. Odd you know have many either go. What no shots. Yeah.

No no i get ripped out for not having any shards and mice to work out cause or anything. I just like thirty thousand shards like yeah like i don t know him. And i don t have none. I just don t like i can just use tokens and shit when i need them.

It s not really are we all good yeah. We re good good you suck more please you both suck you just try to kill me david on my screen. You ain t fucking flying okay. I didn t realize that yeah.


Your triangle tank will let tank. D spawn. No gonna lie. I thought they were connected in this it s fine just just use it david just use it and stop damage trace.

Yeah. Cuz just as image will never rot yeah boy wait how do i where s my muscles are working. Anyway what dude. I think it was already blowing up.

I think it does have a timer because i couldn t you a message or anything it was already yours damage. This is this is fucking shambles gus all right guys we need to preface that s enough damage yeah you have to free three phase. I see okay i ve got i ve got a spear. I ve got nothing yeah.

Yeah. I mean square well these are cowards. I put. My sword away leave me alone.


No do you want us to model. Doesn t have a thing yet hey well i m a man. Maybe you should have kept the other one yeah just just just kind of yeah. Because i think i grabbed the spear and i grabbed squier last time yeah.

And what did you grab last time. I only need triangle. I also only need triangle so we ve ordered it wrong. But how does that work doesn t make any sense okay got square do we have to wide no no we can keep going we re fine.

Did you get triangle lesson. I m leaving down. There. Yeah.

Yeah. Next time. So next. People go down koves and the other guy hi.


All melting points. Now oh. There s something clean it up off. Still now you got a melting point just raise it at once then later one of trips of it tool.

Good that s why i m just gives a build place i need to do a fuck. We can do this moto put her in the top. The top one music. I wasn t even down there just just all women you describe triangle a little sarang.

I need ya. I gotta go back down as well like square by this mic. You came on with gamma screwing that i ve never asked your after you get one okay. I m good i can go back up.

So i can take this one alright. I got mine. I m good okay kill it i need the squid then we can go there you guys have you grabbed. What one of each boss.


I couldn t take anything yeah dude. The whole challenge is everyone get a buff each so more. But if you re doing nothing you re i mean i was down terrible like yeah. But you tell us who you should be grabbing a buff each every time you go down.

He s for grabbing one go down there right now grab over i can t expose which which bust if he grabs it though i need to take a circle. My don t suspended sir maybe keep going trap me false goes. There right there that s one that s one all right yeah good top. It by me this one that was done so i can disclose to disclose face gets put in it put it in any fucking thing okay honor.

But we need we need to do order. We have we do have tank ya shovin and power this challenge so much damage. This is shitty challenge the most like inefficient way to thank you especially when you fuck it up that makes it way more fun didn t get this i m gonna cry. I didn t see challenge it s not cool it s like i saw that coming all right.

” ..

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Everyone in your fireteam cannot have the same buff more than once.
So basically everyone has to go below at some point ,3 times and get each buff.

Destiny, Destiny 2 Raid Scourge (all for one, one for all) Challenge

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